{Revamped Sassy Doll Stroller-Tuesday Tip}

My little Abby got this stroller just after she turned one-she is in LOVE with her baby dolls.  Of course with all of the use… walks outside and playtime, this stroller had seen better days.  SO…I decided not to throw it away and revamp it with some sassy material.  I let Abby choose the material and we went to work.  She sat by my side as I made her a new and improved doll stroller.  Here is how I did it.

You will need about a 1/2 yard of some sassy material.

Step 1:  Cut apart the doll stoller back and seat (save this for your pattern).  Cut of the straps and keep them.  If they are worn out, save the buckle and use some ribbon or strap material to make a new one.  (before cutting apart-think about how to sew it back together)

Step 2:  Use the old material as a pattern.  I doubled up my new material to make it more sturdy.  Cut around pattern and pin together right sides in.

Step 3:  Sew around material inside out-leaving a space to turn right side out.  After both pieces are sewn, sew the seat to the back of the stoller.  (Study your doll stroller before you cut apart the old material to see how to sew it back together.)  For my seat, I folded the front part in about 2 inches and sewed down the center to leave pockets to fit on the metal poles that hold the seat in place (does that even make sense-not sure what to call the doll stroller parts:)

Step 4:  Sew back on your straps!

And…Add some sassy ribbon here and there.  I added it instead of the top straps:)

Now we have a new stroller and my little Abby is thrilled!  No more complaining about the broken parts and I think this one should last a bit longer.

xoxo Jamie


  1. says

    DUDE!! I need to do this immediately. Not because our stroller is worn out….but because it’s BUTT UGLY! And I’ve always hated it. Why would my daughter want to stroll her dolls around in an ugly stroller? No wonder she rarely plays with it. I’m blown away. Amazing idea. (I’d say I’m off to do it….but that’s a lie…because I’m crazy busy this week. But it’s FOR SURE going on the list of “to do in the near future!’)

  2. Michelle says

    Oh man, I threw both my kids strollers away because they looked like the first picture you posted! Dang-had I only been this creative.

  3. says

    I have the SAME sad looking stroller that I have been contemplating throwing out since the seat is broken…but not anymore! Wow, thank you. i’ll have to give it a try!

  4. says

    How did you know that I needed this tutorial?
    Thank you sooooo much!!!
    My girls’ strollers are looking crazy and they should be crazy cute.


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