{Homemade Photo Ornaments 2012}


Time for my annual homemade photo ornaments!  I have loved this tradition.  I love looking back on past year ornaments-such a great keepsake.

This year, while shopping at Poppy Seed Projects, I found their mini photo ornaments…and thought how perfect they would be for the 2012 ornaments on my tree!

I love Poppy Seed Projects and all of their creative ideas/crafts you can use with photos.  I could think of many ways to use these mini photo plaques…they are adorable.

I ordered 4×6 photos in black and white of each of my children and our family.  I also made a little digital design for the back sharing our highlights of 2012 and milestones of each kid.

I spray painted each plaque with Kyrlon’s Silver Foil Metallic.  I Love this paint…remember the pumpkins I transformed.

After letting the squares dry, I drilled a hole at the top-to string ribbon through.

I then cut each photo down to the right size (3.25 inch) for the front and about (3.75 inch) for the back)

While holding the photo in place on the square, I used a pen to draw a mark so I would know where to punch holes on the photos.

I then used my trusty mod podge to glue on the photos, back & front, and to give a nice sealed finish on top.

I added 1/2 inch festive ribbon and red painted chipboard letters for monograms to add some color.

I love how they turned out with the silver and bright berry red!

Every year I love seeing the photos on my tree…it makes me happy.  My kids love hanging their “special ornaments” each year.


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  1. kris says

    where did you buy the mini wooden plaques? I looked on the site you linked but couldn’t find them to buy —- these are adorable!!!

  2. Paige says

    I love the ornament and would love to make some for our family. Would you be willing to share the template you used for the individual year in review you included on the back?

    • says

      Yep Jenny, you do a thin layer on the plaque, and set the photo on top of it. Then brush another thin layer on top of the photo to seal it. Thanks for finding that link, too! :)

  3. Darcie says

    I gathered all of the supplies to make these today. I am also wondering about the template on the back. Did you use Photoshop? I’d love to have a little guidance in how to make something similar. Thanks!

  4. Amy says

    Hi thanks so much for sharing the little wooden ornaments. I am super excited to make for christmas. Would you mond sharing the format for the back? I just love it souch.

  5. Terri says

    I love this ornament, I make ornaments each year for my nieces, nephews and grandchildren and was actually able to find the wooden plaque at Michaels and Joanne’s. I have the photos and am now wondering how to make such an adorable design for the back. What program do you use or do you sell your template? Thanks so much!!

  6. Vanessa says

    I’ve tried putting photos on wood before and had the photo white out. I printed the photos from Walmart at their instant prints place. What type of printing paper did you use?

  7. Madison says

    Do you take orders? I am wanting to make some ornaments for my boyfriends aunt and grandmother, my boyfriends mother passed away (their daughter and sister) and think this would be a great idea to hang photos of them on the tree. I, however, am not so talented at arts and crafts and have no time either (I’m a nurse). Would love to hear from you, I’d definitely love to share my idea and see what you think, thank you in advance,

  8. Rachael says

    I love this idea! i had a question though. what type of tile did you use? Also where did you find it?

    Thank you!!!


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