How to Make Elastic Hair Ties


Have you seen these cute elastic hair ties in stores? You can often find them next to the register, begging you to take them home. You can find them at Ulta, Sephora, and even Anthropology, but making them yourself will save you some money and guarantee the colors you want.

SONY DSC You will need 5/8″ elastic. The plain elastic with the line in the middle is called “fold over” elastic. I’ve ordered it from Pick Your Plum, and recently have seen it on the shelves at Michael’s and JoAnn’s. But the cute chevron and glitter I got from Sunshine Shoppe. Psst…the chevron is on clearance right now.

SONY DSC Making them is as easy as cutting and tieing. First, cut the elastic to the length you want. Somewhere between 8-10″ is a good length, depending on how thick your hair is and how big your wrist is. A lot of girl’s like to wear them as bracelets. Not only are they cute on wrist, but when they want to pull their hair up, they always have an elastic handy.

SONY DSC Once they are cut, you’ll want to seal the ends. I ran the ends over the top of a lit candle to singe them, but all the while I wished I had one of these cool gadgets-The Miracle Ribbon Cutter. How slick would that have been?! Then simply fold the elastic in half and tie a knot. It can’t get much easier than that!

**Edit** I’ve received comments that the Miracle Ribbon Cutter does not work on elastic. So please don’t buy one for this project!

SONY DSC Our girl’s camp has a cowgirl theme so I made these fun Pony Up cards for the hair ties to go on. We’ll be giving them out as a tuck in treat, because of bears and raccoons and the need to keep all food out of our tents. Even though they aren’t food I think the girls are going to love them!


You can download the Pony Up cards below!

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  1. Lorinda Childs says

    I love these so much that I got online late tonight and ordered some too! These would make the cutest little gifts. Would you be willing to share the darling tag you created too? Once again, SO STINKIN darling. Well done and thanks for the heads up about the sale. I am a follower now. :)

  2. Lauren says

    Thought I would let you know that I tried to use the Miracle Ribbon Cutter on this type of elastic and it wouldn’t cut it. It ended up only partially cutting the elastic or burned the elastic at the ends. I suggest sticking with scissors and running a candle over it or using clear nail polish.

  3. Rebecca says

    I just got my elastic today in the mail (ordered from Sunshine Shoppe). I have already made two and I can’t wait to make the rest. Instant cute gratification! Thanks for the idea and the hint on where to buy.

  4. Lumos says

    Please don’t recommend that Magic Ribbon Cutter! It’s a terrible tool w/poor design. It works awesome for about 50 (if you’re lucky) cuts of ribbon, after that it will have drained 4 AA batteries & the heating wire will likely start to warp & fall out of its housing (it isn’t soldered on).

    It does have cutting guides, but since you have to close the tool over the ribbon you’re cutting, you can accurately see exactly where it’s cutting and there’s no guide to keep the ribbon steady (you have to hold it down yourself, but if you’re not careful, you can damage the delicate heating wire).

    I bought a 2nd ribbon cutter (like a fool) thinking the first was just a dud. I have 2 broken Imaginisce cutters & cut maybe 75-80 uses of of them combined and 12 wasted AA batteries. Save your $ a candle or lighter works better to heat seal ribbon/elastic.

  5. says

    Thank you so much for the wonderful idea as well as the printable! I just fell in love with the “Pony Up”…

    I made these for my daughter’s dance teacher’s “helpers”….they turned out so cute!!! Merry Christmas! :o)

  6. Crystal says

    Came here to find what length I should use when making these. Thank you! I have quite a bit of fold over elastic scraps on hand, and couldn’t believe when I saw them in stores how much they were going for! These are going to cost me less than a penny each. Cute “Pony Up” cards, too!


  1. […] a class party. If you don’t have the game, I bet you could make elastic headbands, like the elastic hair ties only larger, and they would work just as well. Place the card between your forehead and the elastic […]

  2. […] you don’t have the game, I bet you could make elastic headbands, like the elastic hair ties only larger, and they would work just as well. Place the card between your forehead and the elastic […]

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