Beach Bag

I don’t know about you, but i’m obsessed with bags.  I’m obsessed with totes.  I have so many and I keep making more because they are so easy and fun to make.  This one is especially fun because I used opaque markers from Elmers.  I LOVE opaque markers because you can use lighter colors on darker fabric (below).  Elmer’s Opaque Paint Markers  are awesome because they are PERMANENT and won’t wash off when you launder your item.  I also love that they have so many colors to choose from.  This bag is so easy, here’s how you make it.


-canvas bag (you can purchase these at your local craft store)

-Elmer’s Opaque Paint Markers

-Iron-on vinyl (I got the sparkly gold from Cricut)


Start with your bag and iron it well.


Cut out the heart, I used my Cricut.


Place it on the bag and iron (follow instructions on your vinyl packaging). Peel off the plastic protective layer.


There you have it.



This is where the paint markers come in.  I was surprised at how easily they painted on the bag.  I went over the letters 3 times until the letters reached the thickness/opacity that I was going for.  You can see the difference in the “I” and the “B”, the “B” had one layer of writing and the “I” had 3.  I knew I wanted to write “I (heart) the beach” and knew there were 9 characters.  The “B” was the middle character so I started there and placed the other letters accordingly.  You could even draw the letters with a stencil or with a pencil first.  I like to wing it so I just put on my big girl pants and went for it.


I love the sturdy handles.


I love how it turned out and it took me about 15 minutes.  Time to go to the beach!

_MG_1617 _MG_1619

This post was sponsored by Elmers, but the thoughts and ideas are my own.

Happy Crafting!!



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