Here are one more of the items that were featured on the Channel 2 spot Nik and I did last Monday that you can find HERE. These are SO SO SO SO easy to make.  Really it took me less than 5 seconds to make these babies.  I like these because they are INEXPENSIVE, stylish and very easy to make.

These are the ones WITHOUT thumb holes.  If you want the ones WITH thumb holes, check out the ones I made in Decemeber HERE.


-Find cute socks (mine are from Target…$2)

-Find a cute patch or fabric sticker (Shamrocks are from Roberts)

-cut the bottom of the sock off

-stick the dang sticker on

I like these because when you cut the bottom of the sock off…it rolls up, NO SEWING.  Although

i’m not opposed to sewing, it’s nice to NOT sometimes.

These are fun to give away because they can become someone’s good luck charm….

I would have loved these for my high school sports.  Who doesn’t love a good luck charm.

p.s.  See more ideas for embellishing arm warmers HERE at BRASSY APPLE, a wonderfully darling

site by my new friend Megan.  Also, see easy arm warmers with a thumb hole, HERE.

Do you have a good luck charm???

What is it???





  1. Oh, these are so clever and easy! Great gift idea!

  2. Ah, these look so easy to make! I’m off to find some long socks! Thanks for the idea!

    Playing It Cooley

  3. […] out these simple leg/arm warmers from The Crafty Chicks.  They are very cute for St. Patrick’s Day but just think of what you could make for Spring. […]

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