Giving Dad a tie for Father’s Day is kind of a no brainer–but this year give him one he’ll never forget! fathers_day_tie

A couple year’s ago, we started the tradition of having the kids help me decorate a tie for my husband. They proudly give it to them Father’s Day morning and love that he puts it on and wears it to church. I think he likes being able to wear it once and then hangs it in his closet with the other Father’s Day ties, and there are no questions asked of where it went, or why he doesn’t use it like so many of the other creations they give him.

This one was super easy. We started with a bargain tie. I found this one for $5 (some years Micheal’s sells all white ties just for this), and taped off diagonal stripes using painters tape. The kids painted the lines while I cut out their cute little heads and wording out of iron vinyl on my Silhouette. (Their silhouettes were already done, since that’s what we give Grandma for¬†Mother’s Day.) Once the paint was dry we ironed the silhouettes on and added the teeny little bow to baby girl.

Would the Dad in your life wear a tie like this?


  1. I highly doubt my spouse would wear this, though my kids would LOVE making him one. Very cute though!

  2. Fabulous idea! Something kids would definitely love!

  3. Love this!! For the same reasons ( My Hunny) But are the Silhouettes Easy? I mean how do I make a silhouette to give to my vinyl friend to make?

  4. CCannie Says: June 2, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    when my son was born (30 yrs ago!!!) I made a tie for my husband and the baby’s godfather for FaTHER”S DAY>
    I took SOME FABRIC PAINT oops drew a branch )Not hard andwith the baby’s finger put blossoms all over the branch. The whole thing took about twenty minutes and they became quite the conversation pieces.

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