felt_monsters copy This is a really fun project that I did with my oldest a few years ago. It would be a great summer activity to do together when it is too hot to be outside! It is fun to watch their little minds work as they are planning their creatures, and even more fun to watch the excitement as their drawings come to life!

little_monsters We started with a large piece of paper, and I followed his directions and drew body shapes. Once we had quite a few monster bodies, I let his imagination ran wild as he added faces to the little creatures.

The drawings will be what you use to make your monsters. Be warned, the thicker and chunkier the body shape the easier it will be to cut out and sew.


After he was satisfied with his monsters, we picked out some of our favorites to turn into stuffies and cut them out of the paper. Then I traced them onto felt and cut 2 pieces (front and back). I then sewed them together, leaving a little opening so he could stuff it full of batting. I let him do the stuffing and then sewed the opening up.


I tried to follow the drawings as closely as I could, although a few adjustments did happen. Once they were sewn and stuff he added the faces (I did help with some of the cutting for the mouths and eyes). Pull out whatever you have on hand to use for the embellishments–there’s no right or wrong way to make these guys! little_monsters_finsihed

He was pleased as punch with what he made! And I think they turned out pretty cute too!

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  1. These are so cute! They remind me of the Ugly dolls, only cuter because you can let your kids design them the way they want! (My girls have been asking for a pink Ugly doll and I haven’t found one yet …)

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