This was such a fun project!  I actually made it for Quincie last Christmas…and when I say for Christmas, I mean that I finished it ON CHRISTMAS at about 2am. This was so much fun to make because I knew Quincie would be so excited to add it to her play kitchen set.  I LOVE this version of the high chair because there is enough room for two dolls instead of one.  I got these plans from the AMAZING and ADORABLE and TALENTED ANA WHITE, the girl who gave me confidence to build my first piece of furniture…Quincie’s BLUE PLAY KITCHEN .  The hype that the play kitchen received through Ana’s site instantly brought me to tears.  If you haven’t been to her site, YOU MUST.   Check out the link above to see step by step plans.



  • wood cut to specific lengths (on Ana’s site)
  • 2″ wood screws
  • paint and paint brush
  • band saw
  • mitre saw
  • sandpaper
  • (1) 2″ hinge
  • metal square (this high chair was hard to make square and took a couple people to hold the first couple pieces together)
  • counter sink drill bit & drill
  • wood glue


  • LONGER BOARDS:  Ana’s plans call for 9″ boards on the back of the high chair.  I increased mine to 12″ so it’s not exactly double, but it still fits two dolls nicely.  I knew that Quincie would have little friends over and I didn’t want them to fight…so far, it’s been just perfect.
  • SCALLOP TRAY:  I decided to use a scallop design on the tray to give it a little POP instead of using the straight bar.
  • HINGED TRAY:  This tray opens for easier access to the babies.  I’m pretty sure this was a good idea, but we shall see how the hinge holds up in the next couple years.
  • EXTRAS:  aprons and chair pad


SCALLOP TRAY:  This tray took some time to get right because I have to measure and remeasure the little scallops to make sure they all fit together.  I made a template out of cardboard and then used a spice container to make the circles.  I did it multiple times before it really came together.  This piece was the only piece that I had to get help on because I didn’t have a band saw, the saw that cuts really intricate cuts like the scallops.  My parent’s neighbor GOOD OLD DENNIS helped me with this part.  He has a shop in his house that I drool over completely.  He was a champ and helped me cut that scallop out the week of Christmas.

When you have a little kitchen and high chair, you MUST add the little aprons.  These were very easy to make.  They consist of 3 rows of ruffles and a wide piece of elastic in the back so she can get it on really easily.   TUTORIAL COMING SOON.

ENJOY!  As always thank you ANA WHITE for sharing so freely your talents so that people like me can build awesome things.

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  1. So, SO darling! Great job! I need to get brave and try out some of Ana’s plans.

  2. adorable!!

  3. Holey smack, that is adorable! Definitely gonna need to make one for Rachel when she’s a little older. Love it!

  4. What a great Project !!!! I have a 13 month son but if I ever have a girl next thats it I am making this !! Saving this article !! So talented .
    Been a follower but took my blog in the mommy direction for a new venture and everyday inspiration 🙂

  5. Love it Kirsten!!!! Simply L.O.V.E!!!

  6. holy smack that is too cute!! LOVE it!!

  7. Oh Kirsten, I freaking love it!!! You did such a good job. The chair and the aprons are just the cutest things I have seen in a looooong time. And I saw the kitchen way back when, but I forgot how absolutely perfect that is, too. When Brooklyn gets old enough, can I just bring her to your house to play? 🙂


  8. Wait… you made the kitchen too, right?! You are SO amazing!! I’ve spent hours on Ana’s site but never got up the nerve to try and build something. I love the scallops you did on the tray. The whole darn kitchen is ADORABLE!

  9. Melle E Says: June 22, 2012 at 1:50 am

    Oooh. I love Ana White. My hubbs built me the gigantor farm table. it’s 9 feet of goodness at holiday dinners.

    What I’m looking for tho is that apron pattern. I have a niece with a birthday… and she DEFINITELY needs a ruffled apron!

  10. I featured this at Sinful Sewing & Sweets as part of my 30 Sew-Made Holiday Ideas. Check it out at
    Thanks for the cute idea,

  11. Ahhh.. I am in love. Anyone selling any that are already made?

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