Family Photo Wreath-Valentine’s Day Style

Family Photo Wreath-Valentine's Day Style

As you can tell from most of my posts, I LOVE crafts using photos of my kiddos and family.  It just makes me happy to see their cute faces.

For a little Valentine decor, I thought I would make this family photo wreath.

Supplies you need:

Styrofoam wreath
straight pins or tacks
-black and white photos
decorative brads that match your paper-(my brads were from the same line as my paper-My Mind’s Eye)
ribbon that you love
circle stencil
-both straight and scallop scissors

-cute scrapbook paper

-and a wreath stand for display

First, you will want to cut your photos out in circles.  You can get creative and use other shapes.  I then mounted my black and white photos on cardstock and then I used scallop scissors to give them a fancy edge. 

Next you will use your ribbon to wrap the Styrofoam wreath.  Start by taking the end of your ribbon and attach with a straight pin or tack.  Then begin wrapping the ribbon around the wreath, pulling pretty tight.  You will wrap the whole thing (like you are wrapping a bandage or a mummy) until all the white is covered.

When you are finished wrapping, pin with straight pins.  Now that the whole wreath is wrapped, you are ready to add the photos!

I just played around with my photos until they were in a great place.  I liked the close ups staggard throughout the other photos. 

Now to attach the photos, just use straight pins around the wreath!  Super easy!  I used some fancy brads and ribbon to add a decorative touch.  I think it would be so cute to make these photo wreaths for various occasions or holidays, birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.  If you venture out and make one, we would absolutely LOVE to see it!

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  1. Your photo Valentines wreath is adorable!
    Laura and Michele

  2. Love this! I may have to try this while I’m stuck in my house for the second snow day this week! 🙂

  3. I am very excited to try this – I’m actually going to make it for my neighbor as a gift! I think she’ll love it

  4. Simply breathtaking, I have to try this someday when I have children of my own.

  5. WOW! Love it! So beautiful and yet so simple. Can’t wait to make one of my family photos. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So sweet! Thank you for for creating with STYROFOAM Brand Foam.

  7. I LOVE THIS!! So cute!
    I shared a link to this on my blog’s, A Glimpse Inside, FB page.

  8. Wow, I just love this!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  9. LOVE this idea!! THANKS so much!

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  11. Just like your vintage Valentine chandelier that we shared on our FB page recently, this photo wreath is such a wonderful idea! And your tutorial is so well presented and helpful. I always get “wedding spin-off” ideas from your posts. Thanks!

  12. Love this Jamie!!!

  13. Such a great idea, I am going to make one of these for my parents and MIL>



  14. Emily Johnson Says: January 22, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Which one is easier? This Family Photo Wreath-Valentine’s Day Style or the Vintage Paper Chandelior with the pics dangling? This will be my first craft in a long time! They’re both so pretty and fun!

    • I think the Chandelier is a bit more time consuming (all the folding) but I’m sure you will be able to do either-both were easy and you really can’t mess up! Good luck Emily!

  15. C.U.T.E. as I’ll get out!

    Love, Bree

  16. Wow, this is really, really beautiful! Thanks for the great idea, I’ll be linking.

  17. Thank you everyone for your nice comments-if you end up making one, I would LOVE to see it!
    love, jamie

    • So many people asked where you got the wreath holder and the circle and wreath sizes….I can’t see where you answered.

      • Hi Mindy,
        I believe Jamie got the wreath holder at Tai Pan or Rod Works which are home decor stores in the western US. The wreath can really be any size the creator wants. I believe her’s is a 16″ wreath and the circles are 4′ or so. You can really do what works best for you.


  18. What an adorable photo wreath-love how you combined the scrapbook paper too! Found you through basic stalking and I’m your newest follower-Stop by for a visit sometime!! Claire

  19. I can’t love this more! I am so excited to make one of my fam. Perfect for Valentines Day! I am filing this at Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. What a fabulous idea! I’ve got one of these wreath hangers but it just hasn’t worked for me…I can’t get the right look with anything on it. But this might work! This might work very well! (I’m so happy, lol) Thanks for sharing your idea. I can’t wait to get started on one.

  21. This is adorable!! I love making things with my kiddos photos too, so this is right up my alley. I will be making one soon!! Thanks for sharing!

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  23. Ladies,

    YOU ROCK!! I featured this project today:

    Thank you, thank you!

  24. love this, so so so love it! I need to make one! I too, love that damask paper, I bought several sheets of it some time back at Roberts. Great tutorial too. jen

  25. I absolutely love this! I would love to have one to just keep up all year round! I featured this on my friday favorites!

  26. I love this project! I can’t wait to try it and I’ll post when I do, but I was wondering what is the little hook thing?

  27. What size styrofoam wreath did you use?

  28. Love this, thanks sooooo much for sharing. Definite inspiration, hope you don’t mind I think I have some copying of your project to do … not just for me 🙂

  29. i saw this and feel in love!!! i went shopping for supplies as soon as i saw it! absolutely adorable!! i made one tonight 🙂 it came out pretty cute. i’m going to be posting pictures on blog as soon as i get a chance! thanks for sharing :D!

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  31. Where did you find the stand that you put the wreath on?

  32. I love it and definitely want to make one! What size was the wreath that you made and what size are the pictures?

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  35. Where did you find the wreath hanger? I have not seen one even close to that. Can’t wait to make one of these using pictures of my children for a Christmas gift for my mom.

  36. I love it!!! Just found you from Pinterest. I’m going to have to make one for my parents for Christmas… with all the grandkids =D

  37. Love this! Will be making a few for the grandparents this year. Thanks 🙂

  38. Wonderful idea! Congratulations!
    Hugs, Luciana.

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  42. Laci Jamison Says: November 15, 2011 at 11:05 am

    I saw a few other questions like mine but it didn’t look like they got answered. So here it goes:
    -where did you find the display stand that the wreath is hanging on?
    -what size is the wreath?
    -what size are the photos and thus the paper circles?

  43. Angie Saucedo Says: November 30, 2011 at 8:23 am

    I have never done crafts before & wonder how u attach the photos to the card stock & then to the wreath. Do I push the straight pins through from the front straight into wreath.?? Won’t that damage the photos??

  44. I had come up with an idea to ModgePodge pictures onto glass ornaments and make a wreath from those, but this looks outstanding. I am going to do this as a Christmas present for my in-laws!

  45. Love this.

  46. I just finish making a version of this for my mother-in-law tonight! Thank you for the wonderful idea. I don’t know how to upload photos here, or I’d show you!

  47. Made this for my mom for Christmas using ten pictures from 2011. It looks fantastic!

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  49. What a fantastic project! I will definitely have to give this a try!! Thanks for the great tutorial! 🙂

  50. Pam Crisp Says: January 15, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Please advise on where we can find this wreath holder…….can’t seem to find one anywhere! Thanks!!!

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  52. This is adorable. I can see building a family tree on a wall using more than one wreath.This is a keeper in my book.

  53. Bridget Daniels Says: January 29, 2012 at 6:51 am

    I would love to make this for Christmas with pictures of my boys with Santa through the years. Thanks for a great idea!

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  56. where did you find the wreath hanger? I’m wondering if the ones I’ve seen at hobby lobby are too big for this project. what size are the photo circles?

  57. Where did you get the wreath hanger?

  58. I’m afraid my photos would curl over time. I know my mother likes to keep things forever….how would you keep them from curling? Should I laminate them?

  59. This is adorable! My husband is currently over seas in Afghanistan, I am going to make him one for Christmas of the kids. He is going to LOVE it!

  60. Could you please say what size you cut the picture circles? This is just adorable!! Do you reply to any of the questions or no???

  61. Love this… where did you find the holder??

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  63. I have a few questions that I haven’t seen answered :
    -where did you find the display stand that the wreath is hanging on?
    -what size is the wreath?
    -what size are the photos and thus the paper circles?

  64. This was so cute that I made one right away! It turned out awesome and is a gift for my mother! Thank you for the wonderful idea and inspiration!!! I will definitely be making more 🙂

  65. I LOVE this idea, what a great gift for family members. Also a great way to remember how a little one has changed throughout the year. Thanks!

  66. Lynn Appleby Says: November 11, 2012 at 6:42 am

    Loved your wreath – just made a Christmas one and turned out so good!

  67. I love this. I’ll be making this for my daughters baby shower. I think it will make a beautiful centerpiece.

  68. Love the photos wreath. I’m planning on making one..

  69. I love this and I am making them for our annual “girls gift night.” Can you please tell me where you bought the stand or the wreath holder?
    Thank you

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  71. featuring this on my blog today 😉

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  73. As a diy crafter I have a few answers to some questions that have been asked. So here goes:

    Question: What size wreath did you use?
    Answer: Find a wreath you like to use and work with. Or don’t use one at all.
    What I did was I used a cup that looked like a good size. I traced it and cut it out it ended up being 4 1/2 inches across. I needed 9 circles to complete my circle.

    Question: Where did you find the tabletop wreath holder?
    Answer: The ones that I have been able to find are kind of one the expensive side. $30-$50! So I started thinking, of other things that I would be only to use. My answer: jewelry tree holder. Which you can buy just about anywhere. They cost about $20, AND you can use the jewelry holder throughout the year!

  74. To glue the picture to the scrapbook paper you can either use Modge Podge or a glue runner tape. Use can also use MP as a top coat.

    Question: How do you connect the circles together and to the wreath.
    Answer: Well, I didn’t use a styrofoam wreath. I just put my circles together using pretty brads, which are paper fasteners. The paper is a little bit bigger than the picture, so when using the brads it doesn’t mess up the picture. You could use a really long ribbon and weave it in and out through the pictures and have enough to tie a bow at the top.

  75. So cute, doing this for a Christmas gift for my mom with all the grandkids. For 9 photos what size wreath did u use and what inch setting did u use on Ur circle cutter? Tks so much.

  76. Just made one of these today for my Mom for Christmas with baby pics of my sister and I. Can’t wait to hear how much she loves it. Such a cute and easy thing to make and not time consuming at all, only took up part of my little guys nap. Found this on pinterest.thanks for the great idea!

  77. I love this! I just got done making one for my mother in law . It came out so cute! Thanks for the great idea!

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  79. nancy brown Says: January 20, 2013 at 7:28 am

    this is such a cute idea that i plan on doing but was curious approx how much ribbon it takes it go around the wreath. thank you for any info you can provide

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  83. Kristin Says: June 19, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    Do you know what size wreath and circles you used? Thanks!

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  86. How do you get your pictures printed that small?

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  91. This is so cute.Thank you for sharing.

  92. So very artistic, in other words very darn pretty, I have heaps of photo’s of my grandkids so maybe a nice idea to make one each for the parents and maybe myself! Thank you for sharing:>)

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  101. What size the the wreath, and what size photos did you print out? How big did you cut them? Thanks!

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