Yes….my last babe to potty train…

Check out our Fresh Living TV Segment (under crafting chicks) that Brooke and I did YESTERDAY on incentive charts to motivate the kids!   This segment gives a few more details I think you will enjoy.

DOWNLOAD BELOW….(without the cute little girl pics on it)

Here’s a simple potty chart that my little one will use as we do the dreaded potty training.  Each time she goes potty, she gets to put a sticker on the chart.  When she fills up the chart, depending on how long that takes….she will get to pick a special toy from THE TREASURE BOX.

SIMPLE TIPS FOR POTTY TRAINING IN A NUTSHELL, or at least we hope it works….right :)!  Since it’s my 4th child, you would hope that I have learned a few things :).  These methods come from the ever-so-popular potty training book called, “Potty Training in a Day.”  I haven’t used this exact method with my other three, but I can already tell it’s going to be a more successful approach.  HOW TO (every child is different….YES….but I’m tellin’ ya, this is a great and positive approach):

  • set THE WHOLE DAY aside for this….no other distractions…this is serious business
  • we will be waking up and giving her salty treats to make her thirsty
  • purchase all her favorite drinks and let her drink them so she can go potty MANY times and get a lot of practice in a short period of time
  • in the meantime…I will teach her doll to go potty (with her in the bathroom watching), flush, wash hands, the whole nine yards…the doll will go 3 times
  • this may sound gross…but make it look like the doll is peeing…syringe of water works well for this
  • let the doll have a “pretend” accident and say “how sad”  or “she didn’t listen to her body, I bet she’ll make it next time.” (or something like this)
  • then I will let HER teach the doll to go 3 times
  • THEN….by now she will know the basics.  At this point, SHE gets to try to go.
  • Continue to give her fluids as she wants them and take her every 5 minutes…the whole day.
  • She will have it down in no time
  • expect to have your patience tried….and tried
  • later in the day, slow down the fluid intake and spread out the times further and you see necessary
  • since she is almost 3, we will night train her at the same time
  • for this I will give less fluids at night and go into her room in the night and take her once or twice, eventually they should be able to wake on their own

If you are potty training….good luck!  What are your tried and true methods???




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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Sep. 20, 2011. Thanks again.

  2. Oh, K….I HATE potty training! Seriously, it is the WORST. My little guy is coming up on 3 and he, too, needs to be trained but I am dreading it. Plus, we are moving to a brand spanking new house on Saturday, and now I’m stuck potty training 2 more kiddos on brand new carpet. What was I thinking? So, so sad! 🙁 Good luck with Miss Q!

    • OH BLESS YOUR HEART. I know Q is more ready than my 3 boys were and seriously…..they were a little tricky. I have never used the “teach the doll how to pee” idea, but started this morning….it’s MAGIC!! I know boys are generally harder to train, and I would have paid anyone big bucks to train any of my boys because it was the PITS!!! But, I’m sure they would have done much better had I used this method. Today we did the doll training and then instead of going every 5 minutes, we went every 15 min. I just set a timer and it was awesome. She did great today. We had two accidents, but that’s great for the first day. You will do fine…:)

  3. My daughter did well on the sticker chart too; I used a large blank classroom incentive chart, one with many small sticker-sized boxes across the horizontal. Every 4-5 lines I used a Sharpie to draw a line, and on the left-hand column I wrote what the area was for, along with a simple drawing (think Clip Art). The chart was for several behaviours we wanted to reward (going potty, eating her meal, brushing teeth, help clean up, etc.). As each row gets filled, she gets to go on a special dollar-movie date with mom or dad!

    It really worked in short order. Because of the pictures, she could look at the chart and “read” off what she could earn stickers for, and keep track of how much longer “till movie time.”

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