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Lunch Ideas for School Week 3

We have 5 new lunch ideas as part of our Lunch Ideas for School Week 3. Keeping the lunchbox mixed up is the best way we’ve found to keep kids eating their lunches. If you have ways to keep home lunch exciting, please share them with us!

Lunch Ideas for School Week 3

Day 1

Turkey Pinwheels, mini muffins and fruit kabobs. To create the Turkey Pinwheels we used a spinach tortilla wrap with turkey, cheese and lettuce. Roll it up tight and cut into 1′ pieces. Hold each piece together with a toothpick. The ranch to dip the pinwheels in.

The fruit kabobs are made using small pieces of skewer (cut so it will fit in the space) and adding strawberries and blueberries.

Day 2

Smiley peanut butter and honey sandwich, watermelon, Babybel cheese, chips and a treat.

Use Wilton Sweet Personality Edible Eye kit to create the smiley face on a peanut butter and honey sandwich cut into a circle shape.

Day 3

PB&J and strawberry kabob, carrots and ranch, and cookies.

Disposable condiment cups filled with ranch are much cheaper than sending individual dressing containers in lunches.

Day 4

Turkey sandwich on a mini bagel, clementine, fruit kabobs, mini pickles and a treat.

Mini silicone cup holds the pickles and keeps them from getting pickle juice on the fruit.

Day 5

Dino sandwiches, trail mix, broccoli and ranch. Dino sandwich cutter creates 2 dinosaurs out of 1 sandwich.

Cut hearts out of cheese using cheese mini cookie cutter stamps.

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Lunch Ideas for School Week 3

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