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Merry and Bright Kitchen Spray Gift Tag

My love for Method Grapefruit all purpose cleaner runs deep, so this year I’m giving it as our neighbor gift. The merry and bright kitchen spray gift tag is available at the bottom of this post to make giving easy for you too!Clean Kitchen Neighbor Gift

I love thinking of new ideas for neighbor gifts. In the past I’ve given paper plates with a tag that says “Let us do the dishes“, a fuzzy blanket with a “Fleece Navidad” tag, and my favorite, a pineapple with “Mele Kalikimaka” tag.

This Method cleaner is one of my absolute favorite household items to use and to give as a gift. I give it to teachers with our Periodic Element Teacher appreciation tag cause kids are messy and a little smelly and this helps with both.

Merry and Bright Neighbor Gift Tag

I picked up some kitchen towels to go with it and designed this “May even your kitchen be Merry & Bright” tag to go with them.


Merry and Bright Gift tag

The gift looks so cute with just the tag tied to the bottle with twine. Or you could pick up some dishtowels if you want to add to the gift.

I picked these towels up at a local store, but here they are on Amazon. Ikea always has inexpensive dishtowels if you have one close.

Merry and Bright Kitchen Spray Gift TagDownload Box

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