Oscar Winning Cupcakes

Oscar Winning CupcakesSharing fancy schmancy Oscar Winning Cupcake toppers today! These would make a cute table decoration for your Oscar Night Party spread. We loved this challenge with Michaels Craft Store. Excited to share all of the details today.
sm oscar cupcakes 10 Supplies for the Oscar Winning Cupcake Toppers:

-Gold Cupcake Liners

-Gold Sprinkles (loved the Wilton round gold sprinkle balls)

-Fancy Hat/Mustache/Bowtie stickers found in the sticker aisle

-Gold sequins to use as confetti

-Black cocktail straws

-Mini chalkboard rectangle stickers

-Fine tip white bistro marker
sm oscar cupcakes 9 sm oscar cupcakes 11 Bake any cupcakes you would like! Bake in the gold cupcake liners. We chose vanilla with vanilla frosting. Quickly after frosting, add the Wilton gold ball sprinkles.sm oscar cupcakes 8Cut about 1 inch off each black cocktail straw. Attach the hat, tie, mustache, and glasses stickers to the top of each straw. Try different combos! I love those polka dot neck ties!
sm oscar cupcakes 4 Now, using your fine tipped bistro chalk marker, make a mini clapperboard. Add diagonal stripes to the top and write “best film, best actor etc.” Now attach these to the top of the black cocktail straws. (I added a blank one to the back to cover the sticky part). Now you have a fun mix of Oscar cupcake toppers.sm oscar cupcakes 5 Loving the clapperboard toppers. You can even let guests or family members make their own. They could even add their favorite movie title or actor to the top.sm oscar cupcakes 1 The top hats and glasses are just too cute! Look at those bow ties and mustaches!sm oscar cupcakes 3 Loving the patterned neck ties! These would also be adorable for Father’s Day!sm oscar cupcakes 7 sm oscar cupcakes 12 Put them all together and you have a very cute “Award Winning” cupcake spread! Clever cupcake toppers make any party or get together even better.sm oscar cupcakes 6

Check out these other fun ways to add GOLD to your Oscar night! Or just for any fancy schmancy party!

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