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Safari Party Game Printables…Safari Ranger Certification

sm safari games

Our Safari Ranger Certification Games were so fun as part of my boy/girl twins Safari Birthday Party! Sharing today how it was organized and each detail! See below for the┬áSafari Party Game Printables; The kids loved this. You can find other details and more inspiration in the following links. I have also included the “Safari Ranger Certifications Sheets and Badges” as a free download below.

Safari Party Decor & Inspiration

Safari Party Games, Ranger Certification *Free Printables

Safari Animal Cupcake Toppers *Free Printable

Safari Birthday Party Banner *Free Printable

Safari Party Trading Post


sm safari ranger 1

Each child received a Safari Ranger “Passport.” As they went around to each “animal” station, they received a stamp or sticker. I found these Adorable Animal Stickers at Oriental Trading.


sm safari ranger badge

After their sheet was filled up, and they had been to each station, they received the “Certified Safari Ranger” Badge


sm safari ranger badgessm safari party 37

The Lions Den…

At this station, we had a few relay races…including a tunnel or “den” to crawl through. We also had some Lion masks that we played “stop” and “go” with! The kids loved it.

sm safari sign tiger

Tiger Toss…

The kids played with the Animal Toss Game in this station.

sm safari party 40 sm safari party 21

Zebra Zone…

Pin the Tail on the Zebra! Always a party favorite for little ones!

sm safari party 39 sm safari party 20

Elephant Art…

The kids used dot paints and these Animal Dot Painting Sheets. It was great to have this calmer station between the crazy ones!

sm safari party 19sm safari party 38

Monkey Maze…

This station was our backyard playset…we just added a few fun balls, and toys for the kids to play with.

sm safari party 41
Giraffe Jumping…

The kids jumped over various things in this station, including these long snakes!

sm safari party 36

It was so fun! The kids loved earning their “Safari Ranger” badges. The next stop was the Safari Trading Post, after they had earned all of their stickers!



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