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Space Scavenger Hunt

Get your space loving kids out of the house with this space scavenger hunt.

Space Out Scavenger Hunt

Hi again! Tiffany from Making the World Cuter here! I am a mom of 4 awesome kiddo’s, my 3 youngest are boys…and they are OBSESSED with anything space related. Star Wars might have something to do with that. We have an annual pass to our local observatory…which is really just a few giant telescopes, but those boys just eat it up! That’s why I had to be a part of science week, so I could make a fun space printable for all the rest of your space loving children. 🙂

Space Out Scavenger Hunt

Space Scavenger Hunt

My kids are on screens so much that sometimes it can be quite tricky to get them outside and interested in something. It’s always easier though when we do it together as a family. Sometimes after dinner, I declare a “space out” night, and we all grab a blanket and a pillow and head out to the trampoline. We lay down all super cozy and cuddled up and we look up at the sky. We point out what we know and then they all start asking us “what’s that one?” and “what’s that over there?” to which I have to pull out my phone.

In the app store you should download SkyView on your phone or tablet. We have loved this app, and I’m sure there are similar ones, this is just the one we’ve used. You can point your phone up to the sky and line it up with the stars and other things in the sky. It is seriously addicting, and the kids LOVE it.

Space Scavenger Hunt Printable

You can print out this fun space scavenger hunt to do with your kids, or give each of them their own individual boards, and their own devices and make a game of it to see who can find them all first. You don’t need to use the app to see any of the things on the scavenger hunt, but it will make it lots easier! Everything on the hunt should be able to be seen with just your eyes in the summer sky…should being the keyword there. 😉

Space Themed Scavenger HuntSpace Scavenger Hunt Printable

Good luck and have so much fun searching the night skies together! And be sure to come over to Making the World Cuter for more printables and gift ideas!

Printable Space Scavenger Hunt

Individual Space Scavenger Hunt Cards

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