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Stamp Valentine Printables

Check out these adorable FREE Stamp Valentine Printables! All you need to do is print and add a cute Valentine stamp with washi tape. It’s the perfect idea for a non-candy class Valentine!

Stamp Valentine Printables - A fun non candy class Valentine! Stamp Valentine Printables

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We are HUGE fans of non-candy Valentine printables. I honestly don’t think kids need more sweets during the holidays. Unless, they are handing over all the chocolate to me. ha!

It is so much fun to scroll through the Oriental Trainding site. I feel like I always find ideas for valentine ideas that have nothing to do with candy, but my kids can give classmates a fun little gift.

I came upon these adorable heart stamps and the idea hit me. So I created some printable Valentines to go with these cute mini Valentine stamps. Say “hello,” to these Sweet Stamp Valentine Printables!

I love the variety of cute stamps at Oriental Trading. I love the bright colors: blue, purple, pink, red, green and yellow.Stamp Valentine PrintablesTwo sayings make up these cute printables.

“Valentine…you have STAMPED my Heart!” and “Valentine…you know how to leave a MARK on my heart!”

Fun sayings that go along with the “Valentine Stamp” theme.
Stamp Valentine Printables

What You’ll Need to Make Stamp Valentines:

Stamp Valentines

Steps to Make Stamp Valentines:

1) Print out the Stamp Valentines.

2) Using a paper cutter, cut out the 6 Valentines.

3) Attach a colorful Valentine Stamp with washi tape.

4) Write names next to TO and FROM.

Stamp Valentine Printables - A fun non candy class Valentine!

Stamp Valentine Printables - A fun non candy class Valentine!

Download Stamp Valentine Printables Here. Personal Use Only Please. All downloads and printables belong to The Crafting Chicks, LLP.

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  1. Hi! I love this an would like to use it for my son’s Valentines this year. How can I get them to print so that they take up the entire page?

    1. If you click on the download link, it will open the printable up in a new page in your web browser. If you use control “P” it should print as a full page.
      You can also save to your computer from that new page and follow the directions to print. Sorry you’re having issues.

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