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Summer Tent

Summer tent
I saw this idea in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and thought, “I’m sure I could do that and my girls would LOVE it!” Seems like ever since summer started they have been dragging blankets and pillows outside to relax and play on. This tent would be the perfect place for them to hang out and have a special spot (without roasting in the hot summer sun. 🙂

Now I probably could have taken a few months to figure out the measurements and all, but lucky for me I knew right where to look for the instructions…Ana White. These plans were written by Anna of Lawrence Girls (which is another really fun site). I was amazed at the simplicity of this tent and since the plans are right there for all of you, I will skip the tutorial and just show you what I did.

E in reading tent

The only difference is that I got about 5 yards of fabric to cover the tent instead of using tab top curtains. To be honest, I couldn’t find any curtains that I loved for any cheaper then choosing some cute fabric. You may be able to find a great deal on curtains, but it seemed like slim pickin’s for me. 🙂

Girls in summer tent

It didn’t take long for my girls to jump right into the tent and drag their books and pillows out.

Poppie in summer tent

We even got Poppie in on the reading action!

What fun things have you made this summer?

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  2. I’m planning on making this but was wondering how you attached the fabric since you just have one big piece!

    1. I used a staple gun and just stapled down the sides and across the bottom. I didn’t do it too tight since I wanted to be able to take it down without the fabric ripping.

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