Tile Fire Art

If you are looking for a summer craft that will grab your kids attention, this is the one! Fire Tile Art is a favorite at our house, even with our older boys who are sometimes hard to capture with an art project. This is 100% guaranteed to keep their attention.

FIRE. I haven’t met a kid that doesn’t love to play with fire, so please use caution when doing this project. I used an old baking pan, to both protect my table and as a non-flammable surface. The fire burns quickly and is very hot. Use your best judgement on how much your kids will be able to do. Maybe you’ll want to be the one in control of the lighter.

These art pieces won’t hang on the fridge very well, but make great coasters. You can gift them, or use them to protect your tables this summer.


4×4″ White Ceramic Tiles

Sharpie Markers

91% Isopropyl Alcohol (you’ll need the high percentage so it will spread the marker)



How to Make Tile Fire Art

I grabbed some inexpensive 4×4″ white ceramic tiles from the hardware store to use with this project. You’ll probably have everything else you need in your house.

First, pick the colors you want to have on your tile. I like to use colors that will blend well together so the tile doesn’t end up a muddy brown color. With a Sharpie draw on your tile. We prefer using the brush tipped markers because they cover the tile quickly. And the sooner we get the coloring done, the sooner we can move onto the fire part. The design will change once you add the rubbing alcohol and then more when the flame does it’s thing.

After you’ve added the colors, use a dropper or a spray bottle to add the rubbing alcohol to the tile. They sell rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, so if you can find one of those they work great. Both the dropper and the spray bottle add a different texture in the markers.

Ignite the flame with a lighter. We used a bbq lighter with a long handle. This is when things get exciting! Kids love to see the quick burning flame. You can repeatedly add rubbing alcohol and fire until you get a design you are happy with.

When you’re finished you’ll have a whole collection of coasters.


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  1. This looks neat but do you have pictures of how the tiles look when they’re done? Without a flame on them. Thanks!

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