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Valentine…You A”MAZE” Me! & Free Printable


sm maze valentine 1My little boy will be giving these to his friends this year.

I found these little maze games in the party section and then made the circle “amaze” Valentine to go with it. I thought the saying was pretty darn cute:)


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sm maze valentine 2


sm maze valentine 3

Pair it with a little treat sack, some conversation hearts and tie it up with twine…and you have a very cute Valentine.

Ps…I left space at the bottom of the circle for you to add the name. I love it when my kids sign their own name, rather than having it typed.

sm maze valentine 4


sm maze valentine 5


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  1. This is such a neat idea! We won’t have time for it this year (my girls decorated their own cards with stickers, glitter glue, and stamps), but I will keep it in mind for next year! The lacing cards are also cute!

    Which actually leads me to a question: How do you get your kids on board with your crafty ideas? My kids are 8, 5, and 2. The only kid who would let me come up with an idea would be my 2-year-old. The girls just want to do their own thing so I let them have at it. Do you think it is an age thing? Maybe I’ll just have to make my own and hand them out at work! Ha.

  2. These are super ‘cool’! Thanks for the download and superb idea!

    Can’t wait to pick up the mazes this weekend and get the kids to work on them!

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