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Wooden Peg Doll Nativity Craft

Wooden Peg Doll Nativity Craft

We can’t wait to celebrate the Christmas Season at our home! Each Christmas, we try and bring the true meaning of Christmas into our home.

My kids loved creating a DIY Wooden Peg Doll Nativity Craft to kick off the season. We will be also having a special candlelit Nativity dinner soon and displaying our sweet mini nativities.

I’m excited to share how we created this mini Nativity using wooden peg dolls and wood stars! We found all of our supplies at Oriental Trading. They have the best supplies for holiday crafting!

What you’ll need to create a Wooden Peg Doll Nativity:

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Steps to create a Wooden Peg Doll Nativity:

1- Using gold acrylic paint, paint the wooden star cut out.

2- Paint Joseph white and light brown. Add dark brown hair and a beard using a thin paintbrush.

3- Paint Mary with cream and tan acrylic paint. Add brown hair and a white head piece.

4- Paint Jesus by adding white to the lower part of the mini peg doll.

You really can use any colors and customize your own. Kids can use their creativity to create an adorable mini nativity!

Using hot glue, glue Joseph and Mary to the front of the gold star. You can then glue Jesus in Mary’s arms. It is able to stand and looks so cute to add to holiday decor that celebrates the true meaning of Christmas!

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  1. oooh they are adorable! thank you for the clear instructions, gonna try them as soon as i get to go to the craft store. can these dolls not be made of wood, but some other material instead? just wondering!

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