DIY Quiet Book

This is the second DIY Quiet Book I made. It is an adorable way to occupy tots and babies – see how to do it below!

Page 1- Zip up Lady bug (dots attach with velcro)

Page 2 & 3- Shape match, and build a snowman (I had too much fun making clothes and accessories for this little guy-notice how the felt pockets are overflowing!)

Page 4 & 5- Go Fish( I still haven’t finished making the fishing pole-still not sure how to make a good one) & hang up the laundry (good for fine motor skills-grasping and pinching the little clothes pins)

Page 6 & 7-Alphabet

Page 8 & 9- Stop Light & Cars-road and garages (My little man loves this page!)

Page 10- Notes-pocket for notepad and pencil


  1. says

    Thanks Guys-I don’t think I could possibly make them again-it was a ton of work and took a couple of months (it would take much less time if I didn’t have toddlers!) I might make a pattern though-we will seel!

  2. Kara Beth says

    Hey! Do you make these? I realize this post is older, but I was wondering if you ever make quiet books to sell?

  3. ann herrington says

    I am joining the “Please can you make one for me” team! How can I order one? I hope that is an option. Can you let me know either way. Thanks.


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