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Retro Camping Trailer Remodel

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!! Retro Trailer Remodel

Retro Trailer Remodel

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

I’m Amy. I work with The Crafting Chicks on the back side of their blog. Years ago my cousins and I had a little blog to share all of our crafty projects. We got busy and the blog disappeared. But I still love to craft. And I still get to work with the wonderful Crafting Chicks!

My parents have a piece of property that they stay at over the summers. The grand kids just LOVE to go camping out there too. Think…. 4 wheelers, zipline and archery range… yep. The kids (and adults) LOVE it!

Last summer my parents were given a 1972 Rancho el Rae Camper Trailer. The idea was to slap some paint on it and turn it into a guest house for their property. As soon as I saw this trailer, I knew it needed to become a Glamper! Let me show you what we did… (with links to tutorials that will help you to do the same!)

Retro Camping Trailer Remodel


The base of the trailer was in fairly good condition. But boy oh boy, was it dated. (Don’t you just love that carpet?! Yikes!)  We liked the aqua trim. But the dark paneling, carpet and floral print just had to go.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!



What a difference! Oh it turned out SO cute! The color. The light. The retro feel.

Love. Love. Love!

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Vintage camper trailer

Vintage Camper Trailer

Retro Camper Trailer

Patching Holes

If you’ve got an old trailer, you know that you’ve got to do some repairs. We had some water damage. So my amazing Dad jumped in and started patching holes. Here is a great tutorial to walk you through the process:  Patching Holes.

Camper Trailer Remodel - Patching holes


A little bit of paint makes a HUGE difference. The white opened up the space and gave it a completely different feel. The red drawers gave it that pop of color we were looking for.

Painting a Camper Trailer


The first thing to come out was that carpet. Yikes!

We just fell in love with the black and white checkered tiles! So much easier to clean and so fun!

Here is a great tutorial for installing new flooring:  Trailer Flooring.

Camper Trailer Remodel - Flooring

Reupholstering Cushions

Our polka dot cushions turned out beautiful! We used Riley Blake Fabric. The cushions are a Home Decor fabric called Medium White Dot on Black. If you haven’t used their fabric before, you are missing out! Oh my! It’s like sewing with clouds. Truly. (I just did another project without Riley Blake Fabric… it was like working with sand paper. Awful! I’ll be sticking with Riley Blake.)

Luckily, the kitchen table cushions were in great condition once we flipped them over. Now the Aqua color shows beautifully.

My Mom tackled the bedroom cushions. And they were a beast. But she’s a miracle worker and they turned out adorable!! The couch that folds into a bed was super complicated.

Here is a tutorial to help you with cushions:  Cushion Tutorial.

Camper Trailer Cushion Remodel


The curtains are Riley Blake fabric as well. We needed to double the material on the curtains, since the windows don’t have blinds. We wanted the trailer to be light and bright during the day, have privacy at night, and keep the sun from peaking in during the early morning hours. We made curtains ties to hold the curtains open during the day. We attached the ties to the curtain on one side (so they don’t get lost) and they just velcro together in the back.

In the bedroom part of the trailer we used Four Corners Teal, Medium Dots Black, and White Swiss Dot on Black.

In the kitchen part of the trailer we used: Small Red Gingham, Medium Dots Black, and White Swiss Dot on Black.

We also made some accents pillows with Medium Dots Aqua/Red.

Camper Trailer How To Curtains

Before and After

What a difference!

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Painting the outside of a trailer

At first we had visions of a bright white trailer with a red stripe down the side. Maybe a few polka dots here and there. Then we decided NOT to paint the outside of the trailer. Let me tell you why… This trailer is, right now, sitting on mountain property surrounded by 5 feet of snow. We can’t access the trailer for a good portion of the year. That means that we can’t check on it to make sure that it hasn’t been broken into or being lived in (yikes!) as often as we would like to. So we decided that it would be best to keep the outside of the trailer looking a little run down. We don’t want the whole mountain to know what a darling trailer it has become!

If you want to paint the outside of your trailer, here is a great tutorial:  Painting the outside of a trailer.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

The circle stick-on mirrors are from Amazon.

The adorable red teapot is from  Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The plates, table runner and vase are from IKEA.

The furry animal friends were added by the grand kids and are from KOHLS.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Do you have a trailer that is just begging for a little TLC? What are you waiting for? It isn’t as hard as you think and it’s so rewarding to transform an entire space!

Happy Glamping!

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!! Retro Trailer Remodel




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  1. Lovely! I really like the colors you put together – so cheerful and fresh. I would love to know how you painted the interior cabinets. Did you do a primer or use a primer/paint? Did you do any pre-treating like sanding or anything else? And how it is standing up? I used a popular big-hardware store brand of acrylic paint/primer without any prepping on a bathroom cabinet and it seems to be showing wear more easily. I’m hoping to avoid that with my camper remodel!

    1. We used Behr paint from Home Depot. I bought paint last night, for another project. All Behr paint has primer in it now. We didn’t do any pre-treating. Just painted the cabinets. It’s been almost a year now. The cabinets have seen freezing temperatures and scorching hot temperatures. The paint looks great! Good luck on your project Lori!

    1. We did not paint the stove. The table chairs are original to the trailer. We just flipped them over and discovered that the back side was in great condition with the solid Aqua color. So we used that side!

  2. How great! Wonderful ideas! I have been remodeling a small camper. 7 feet by 15 feet It’s probably not quite old enough to be vintage, but I pretty much removed the entire insides and read it. My husband and I and two dogs live in it for two months at a time. I just added a washer! Yay! If you’re interested in how we did it, I have made a post on my blog. It’s also got other ideas for living in a very small space. You guys did beautiful work! Let me know what you think of mine. https://wackypup.blogspot.com


  3. How did you make the curtains? I’m not very crafty and making a first attempt. They are super cute!!

  4. Awesome! Those are the colors I’m going to use for my 66 Shasta if I can get my hubby to restore mine for me. LOL
    I do have a question for you. The teal color that you have on the edge of you bunk, What is that? Is it paint? is it a bumper, fabric…? I have two bunks in mine and I just told my hubby that we need to put extra support up there because the kiddos are going to weaken that piece.

  5. I see old classic trailers redone in colors like this one, and nothing personal, but I hate em! Go ahead and Glamp Up the newer ones, but I’ve seen it done to vintage trailers with curved birchwood interiors. Please don’t ruin any more of them with paint. Restore them to their natural beauty. Oh yeah, if you are glamping them up to sell for spare cash, they will bring you far less than one restored to the vintage wood interior. Would you cover the natural Teak in a vintage sailboat? Think about it!

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