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Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt

Hello Crafting Chicks Readers!

We are so excited to be here today sharing a super simple “Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt” Tutorial. Recently my little girls are into anything with rainbows so, with St. Patrick’s Day coming I thought it was a great excuse to make them a rainbow skirt.

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Tutorial

Plus it will be fun to wear through out the spring and then again for Cinco de Mayo! And it’s sooooooo easy to  make.

Let’s get started.

All you need to make this skirt is an adult size white t-shirt, some 1″ elastic, a variety of ric rac colors, and matching thread.

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Step 1

Then to make the actual skirt just follow this simple T-shirt to Skirt tutorial.

Tshirt-Skirt-Tutorial 725

BUT….before you add the elastic into the waistband STOP and complete the following steps first!

Starting at the bottom hem of your skirt add your first row of ric rac. Fold under your ric rac at the beginning and ending of the row so that the raw edges will be tucked away. Also over lap the ending of your ric rac row over the beginning. (When you do this it will look like the photograph below. I usually start and end my rows on the back or side of my skirt rather than the front.)

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Step 2

With this skirt I used the skirts bottom hem stitching as my guide for placing the bottom row of ric rac. Sewing it directly on top of that hem.

Next I pinned my next row up in place and stitched it to the skirt.

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Step 3

I continued sewing on one row at a time from the bottom to the top (making sure to match my thread to my ric rac) until my rainbow was complete.

Then I returned to the steps in the T-shirt to Skirt tutorial, added my elastic to the waistband and was finished!

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Finished

This really is such an easy afternoon project and my girls love it.

*NoTe:  I know, this isn’t a true rainbow…my 4 year old wanted “a big pink stripe” instead of a purple one…and then I wanted to add a silver lining to the bottom. 🙂

*NoTe AgAiN:  Don’t have ric rac? Use grosgrain ribbon! (You can usually find the entire rainbow of colors at the Dollar Store!)

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