{Felt Squares for Baby}

I made these felt squares for my babies. I’ve read that babies love black and white, bright colors and bright contrasts-as well as looking at different shapes and patterns. Even when they were just a few weeks old, I could tell they loved to look at these squares. My babies are almost 6 months now and still love to look at and hold these squares.

-Felt: black, white, and some colors
-Hot glue gun
-Sharp fabric scissors
-Paper to make square pattern

This project was so easy-It is easy to cut shapes out of felt (especially with a good pair of fabric scissors). You can even use the stiff felt for easier and more exact cutting. I wasn’t too worried about having the straightest lines, shapes, etc. And hot gluing the shapes and patterns was quick and easy.

I just cut a 6×6 inch square out of a piece of card stock and then used it as a pattern to cut squares out of black and white felt-then, I just went crazy cutting out felt shapes and patterns to glue on the felt squares-remember, they don’t have to be perfect. For circles you can use a small plate, canister lid or jar lid.

When my babies were really little, I would hang them with Velcro on their crib bumpers for them to look at when they were falling asleep. Now that they are older and moving around I do not (for safety reasons) have these in their cribs at all. You can even just pin the felt squares up while your baby is laying awake and remove them while napping and especially at night. (I do not recommend putting anything in your baby’s crib while your baby is sleeping)

I especially love to lay the squares out on the floor during tummy time. This is a fun activity for my babes!


  1. says

    I love these. What a great idea! My mom had this toy that was plastic that had these same shapes, b/w and stuff and I wanted the same for my kids! I’ll have to try this out!

  2. Sara says

    Hye! I am new at crafting and want to make this kind of project for my baby but was thinking of using black and white cotton until I found your blog. I like the idea of using felt, but I’m wondering, how does the felt fabric react if the baby tugs and pops it in their mouth? The felt I have will be stretchy and “wooly” even with a light tug. I don’t want the baby to swallow any bits of it. Or is there a different kind of felt I don’t know about? Hope to get some feedback. Thank you! ūüėÄ


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