{Paper Lantern Kid’s Craft***4th of July Style}

Here is a fun Kid’s Craft for your upcoming 4th of July Festivities-Summer Paper Lanterns, 4th of July Style.

Supplies You will need to make the Paper Lanterns:

-Cardstock in Red, White and Blue

-A ruler


-Star punch or Star Stickers

-A pencil

-Glue Sticks

-Festive Ribbon


Step One:

Fold your cardstock in Half Lengthwise.  Then take your ruler and draw lines from the fold, leaving an inch from the end of your line and the edge.  Leave about .75 inch on each side. Step 2: Have the kids cut on the line, stopping when the line ends, not through to the edge:)  (This is great cutting practice)

*Little brother had to join…this photo is so funny because he has been wearing that monster hat (we have a green and pink one) for days…he refuses to take it off, even during nap time!

Step 3:  Unfold your paper and then with the folded bumps on the outside, tun inward and attach at the top and bottom.  Then staple both the top and bottom a couple of times. You should now have a paper lantern to decorate!  I was thinking you could make these look Hawaiian by using bright colors and adding flowers, or if you are throwing a birthday party you could easily match these lanterns to your theme. We added stars by using punched out star shapes in red, white, blue, and silver.  The kids just glued on the stars with gluesticks, but you could even purchase some star stickers.

We also added some festive ribbon on the top and bottom with a stapler and attached a 1 inch strip of cardstock for the handle.

And there you have it, a very easy kid’s craft for the summer…that you can even display in your home:)

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  1. says

    Love the ideas! Come summer time I am always looking for things to keep the little ones busy. I know we will be making some 4th of July lanterns in the near future.

  2. Heidi says

    We are going to have the kids make paper lanterns for our panda theme bible school one night in our cradt station and these laneterns are perfect. I found some asian themed scrapbook paper for the kids to use. They are adorable and very simple with minimal supplies. Great for our Kindergarten through 5th graders. Thanks so much!

  3. says

    They are so cute!!!! If you wanna make something from recycled items, try lanterns that are made from used milk tins (or any other type of tins). Just puncture some holes, decorate them on the outside and you are set! My mum thought this to us when we were younger :)

  4. Bettie says

    We made these tonight for our 4th of July decorations. My children loved making them….as did I. Thanks for a fun and easy craft.

  5. Cindy says

    I love these! We are going up north to our cottage for the 4th of July. Perfect craft for my Granddaughter.


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