Christmas Class Party Ideas

I have a printable post all scheduled and ready for today, but our download manager is not working right. Maybe you’ve noticed? We’re working on it and hope all of our downloads will be working ASAP. But since that wasn’t going to work for this morning, and I realized we only have 5 days until class parties, I thought I’d share some ideas for class activities, just in case.


Okay…..I might be the only one…but, just in case there are other’s of you out there that have fallen behind on your carefully planned December to-do list, this is for you! Class party ideas that you can quickly throw together!


Mitten Mayhem

DIY-crayon-ornaments-opener Crayon Ornaments


Don’t Eat Pete

project-snowman-game-playtime-winter-photo-420x420-ff0212partay_a01 Build a Snowman

snow_ball_toss Snowball Toss grinch Pin the Heart on the Grinch minute-to-win-it-christmas-games-300x300 Minute to Win It Holiday Style ChristmasGamesforKids_zps56ef0c75 Santa Says, Snowman Freezes, etc. holiday_hedbanz Holiday Hedbanz game_kit Memory and Tic Tac Toe christmas-mad-lib-tree-231x300 Christmas Mad Libs christmas_charades Christmas Charades

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