Easy (One Hour) Serving Tray

Easy 1x10 Serving Tray (31)

Hello Crafting Chicks readers! Amanda here – from The Contractor Chronicles – again to share another fun project and some expertise about using your tools! Today we are going to use 2 tools – our miter box and drill – to make an easy one hour 1×10 serving tray. Supplies Needed: 1×10 Stain Spray Paint Sand Paper 2 3” Cabinet Pulls (for handles) Paint Tape Glass Jar Head on over to Home Depot and pick up a 1×10 – it doesn’t need to be very long because we are going to use our miter box and cut it to about 18” long. I just sort of eyed how long I wanted it and cut it. If your board is too wide for your miter box you can use this trick to cut it. After I cut the wood, I stained it “cherry” by Minwax. After the stain was dry, I used painters tape and tapped off the edges. I did one strip down the side and did [Read More...]

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DIY Easy One Hour Rustic Crate


Hello Crafting Chicks Readers! My name is Amanda and my husband and I blog over at The Contractor Chronicles. We bought a home seven years ago and have started telling our story about our home remodel and sharing our love of tools. We believe that anyone can use tools and build beautiful things for their homes. We like to share big home projects as well as sharing small projects that you can do in a hour – with the right tools! Today I am sharing how to build an easy 1-hour rustic crate. This project is a great project if you are just learning to build or learning to use tools. Materials Needed: 1 1×4 1 1×10 Gorilla Glue 1” staples (or nails) Paint/Stain Handles Tools Needed: Miter Box Staple Gun or Hammer Tape Measure Use your miter box and cut the 1×10 for your bottom and your ends. The length of the bottom is 16” and the ends are [Read More...]

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