Personalized Memory Game::Bloggers Best 12 Days of Christmas


Hello Crafting Chick readers! I’m so happy to be a part of this fun series for 3 reasons…1-I love sharing idea’s with people. 2-It makes me take time to craft. 3-I have a Christmas gift finished! Many of you have seen my previous Crafting Chick photography posts…how to make eyes sparkle, 10 tips to awesome phone photos, the 2 biggest mistakes in product photography, and 3 secrets to better family photos but here’s a little recap of me…I love rice crispy treats, The Property Brothers, photography (duh!) and I really really love to help people de-mystify their cameras so they can turn into awesome photographers! I even have a an entire website created to do just that. It’s called the Key to Pictures Academy. Right now I’m giving away a free ebook on how to pose kids naturally. No fake smiles here! Here’s a link: Because I am all about photography I really wanted to think of a gift [Read More…]

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10 Tips to Awesome PHONE Photos (PLUS a free ebook!)


I know, I know…here I am, a professional photographer, encouraging you how to use your phone camera. Let me explain myself…I love using my digital SLR camera to capture stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking images. SLR cameras are an amazing tool and I get mine out at least weekly, if not daily. However, if I’m being truthful I find my SLR to be big, clunky, and kind of a pain to carry around with me everywhere I go. I use to carry my cumbersome SLR with me at all times capturing almost every single moment of our lives. Until about a year and a half ago. Until I got an iPhone 5. All of a sudden my life changed. I had a super portable camera that I carried with me at all times AND I could edit my photos AND I could publish them pretty much instantaneously. Wow. Do I think my phone camera can completely replace my SLR camera? Heavens no. [Read More…]

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Product Photography: The 2 Biggest Mistakes


Let’s talk product photography, shall we? If you’re a crafter/creater then you also kind of need to be a photographer. Especially if your want to sell your creations! Having the ability to create beautiful photographs of carefully designed products is almost as important as creating the product itself!  If you’re anything like me I find that I’m slightly turned off by a product that is being represented with poor quality photos and typically don’t end up purchasing the product. So with that said it’s understandable how important it is to know how to take stunning photos of your products and creations! If you don’t know anything about photography, no need to worry! You just need some basic (yet vital) information. That’s where I come in. Let’s dive in and learn the 2 biggest mistakes in product photography… Mistake #1: Not using NATURAL light. First and foremost…use natural light. I really can’t stress this enough. Taking a picture using a flash [Read More…]

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Photography Training Giveaway!


Are you ready to FINALLY master your camera and take your photography skills to a whole new level? There is NO BETTER time than now. You can have access to every single tool you need to go from knowing nothing about photography to being a true professional photographer. It’s all in the Key to Pictures Academy. Over 70 photography tutorial videos PLUS a personalized monthly Q&A and photo critique session just for you. Click here to see exactly what you will be getting. —> 3 OF YOU WILL WIN AN ENTIRE YEAR OF LEARNING! <— Key to Pictures Academy is the most comprehensive photography training you will ever experience. And what’s even better…I have been able to break down those difficult and sometimes hard to understand photography concepts into SIMPLE and EASY TO UNDERSTAND chunks. It’s like I’m sitting on your sofa teaching you step by step ON YOUR TIME. Like I said, you have a chance of winning an [Read More…]

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3 Secrets to Better Family Photos


Hey there! It’s Katie, from Key to Pictures, and I’m excited to share my 3 juicy secrets to better family photography with you. But first I need to share some equally juicy and exciting…. Here it is: I was a terrible photographer. Really. If all of my early photos were not in a storage unit in Denver, I would post them so you could see that I’m indeed telling the truth. However, I’m not ashamed of my unsightly pictures because we ALL have to start somewhere. Every single one of us has to start at the beginning. I used to get terribly frustrated because I knew what I wanted my pictures to look like but I JUST COULDN’T MANIPULATE MY CAMERA TO CREATE IT. So the question is… if I had to start all over again would I change anything? My answer is simply “no”. Because of my struggle and my frustration I learned on my own how to take [Read More…]

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