3 Secrets to Better Family Photos


Hey there! It’s Katie, from Key to Pictures, and I’m excited to share my 3 juicy secrets to better family photography with you. But first I need to share some equally juicy and exciting….

Here it is: I was a terrible photographer. Really. If all of my early photos were not in a storage unit in Denver, I would post them so you could see that I’m indeed telling the truth. However, I’m not ashamed of my unsightly pictures because we ALL have to start somewhere. Every single one of us has to start at the beginning. I used to get terribly frustrated because I knew what I wanted my pictures to look like but I JUST COULDN’T MANIPULATE MY CAMERA TO CREATE IT.

So the question is… if I had to start all over again would I change anything? My answer is simply “no”. Because of my struggle and my frustration I learned on my own how to take pictures in a simple and effective way that I can now share with you.

My passion is guiding people to pursue their dreams of being an amazing photographer and giving them the skills to do so. The joy that comes to me in seeing someone finally learn how to master their camera thus giving them the ability to create beautiful precious photos is nothing less than thrilling.

I’ve casually promoted and extended the invitation to join my Academy but I’ve had a strong feeling that NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK OUT and share this treasure I have and finally connect with people who are searching for it.

I’m not one to toot my own horn but I’ve been given a special gift in the way that I’m able to teach plainly and in a way that others can finally understand and apply the sometimes ambiguous photography concepts. My invitation, if this resonates with you, is to watch this presentation and if you love it, share it with others. Click here.


Watch The Presentation Here.

Okay, on the 3 Secrets to Better Family Photos…

1-Get everyone in a good mood. 
I know, I know…WAY easier said than done. Believe me, I know. Some key points to remember is to RELAX. If you are stressed or anxious about about getting that perfect picture, it will surely spread to the rest of your family and show up in the photo. So take a couple deep breaths and keep things light, easy and fun. No threatening or mumblings curse words under your breath because your kids won’t act normal. (been there, done that. But it doesn’t work!)
Get the kids on board and have them help you create special family moments by asking for their input and idea’s on what you can do to make the experience fun. Play a game of ring around the rosies, sneak up on Dad and tickle him, or see how high everyone can jump on the count of 3. The trick is to involve the kids in the planning and ideas instead of forcing them to be happy and act natural.
2- Have everyone touching in some way.
One of the simplest and most effective ways to show closeness and togetherness is to have everyone touching. For example, hold hands, put an arm around the waist, hold little kiddos, give hugs, etc. This will drastically help you capture the unity that you share within your family.

3- Not everyone has to be looking at the camera. 

I believe it’s a myth that everyone has to be looking at the camera in order to get a great picture. Letting your family be natural is a sure way to capture great family photos. If you are taking pictures of another family (besides your own) give them cues and coach them a bit. Say something like, “Okay, let’s have everyone look at Mom!” Or “Let’s all make silly faces at Dad now!’
Getting a great pictures is a combination of many things buy one of the most important aspects is being able to capture true love and emotion within your family. So sit back, relax and see beautiful things come from it…
Please let me know what I can do to support your photography dreams and goals.

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