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Holiday Pajamas Tutorial {Christmas Traditions Series}

We got to meet the darling Liz and Elizabeth of Simple Simon and Company a few years ago at SNAP. I am in love with all they do. They not only run Simple Simon and Company, but also Project Run And Play. They are incredibly talented and super duper nice and fun. Hop over and see what they’re up to after you check out this great tutorial.


Hi everyone! I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters’-in-law that blog at Simple Simon and Company.  One thing we love at Simple Simon are quick and easy projects that can be completed in an afternoon nap time and today’s holiday tradition is no exception to that rule. The other thing we love is sewing….so we have combined simple and sewing together for some darling Christmas pajamas.

One of my favorite traditions growing up was being able to open one present on Christmas Eve and every year we would find a new set of pajamas. I think the tradition started when my mom looked at Christmas pictures one year and found my oldest brother wearing some old, ratty pajamas…and took it upon herself that for one morning every year we all had nice, new pajamas to wear, instead of footsies with the feet cut off (anyone else’s parents do that too?).

And it’s a tradition that I have carried out into my own family. When my kiddos were really little I always did “exact matching sets” for pajamas (which was so cute) but with kiddos of all ages now (11, 8, and 3) I usually pick a color scheme and stick with it. This year’s colors are red and gray and I love the combination of polka dots and stripes so that is what I went with! Both of the fabrics are from Riley Blake Designs. The red dots are part of their basics line and the gray bias stripe is part of the Little Red line.

The boy’s pajama pants (lounging pants) are a simple, straight-forward pajama pants that I made from tracing existing ones that already fit well—I just had to lengthen the legs. We do have an easy pajama pant tutorial on our blog (that you make from tracing a pair of jeans!!!) if you need one.

The nightgown I made for my 8-year old is a simple peasant dress pattern…..which I love to make. Peasant dresses are always a fun sew and they fit and look so cute on.

And that’s where we are headed today!!!! To make some darling peasant dresses for lounge wear!

If you want to make one too, here is what you will need.


1/2-1 1/2 yards of fabric (depending on the size). I made a size 8 and used 1 yard.

1/4 inch elastic for neckline and arm holes

matching thread

ribbon or bias tape for neckline bow (optional)

If you have a great peasant dress pattern you are ready to begin…..but if you don’t I have put how I make mine on the blog today. So head HERE if you need a tutorial on how to make the peasant dress pattern.  (It’s free!)

And now you are ready to start:


Step1:  Cut out 2 dress patterns and 2 sleeve patterns.
Step 2:  Pin one sleeve to the dress front and sew. Repeat joining the sleeve to dress back.
Step 3:  Repeat sewing the sleeve step for other side of dress.
Step 4:  Putting sleeves together, sew up the side seams of the dress starting under the arm and ending at the hemline of the dress.


Step 5:  Turn the top seam of dress over 1/2 inch and press and sew. (This will become your neck casing for your elastic.)  Make sure to leave a one-inch opening to thread your elastic through.


Step 6: Measure ONE SIDE the top of your neckline of your dress. Mine is 20.5. Cut your elastic two inches smaller than this measurement. I cut mine 18.5 inches. Repeat for the sleeves. My sleeve elastic ended up being 9 inches long.



Step 7:  Using a large safety pin or a bodkin, thread your neck elastic through the casing to form neck line.
Step 8:  Sew up the ends of your elastic to form a circle.
Step 9:  Stitch up your 1-inch opening to compete your neckline.
You will need to repeat steps 7-9 for each of the sleeves as well.


Step 10:  Hem the bottom of your dress.



I did add a bit of gray bias ribbon to the top for cuteness factor and stitched it right to the front neckline.
Get ready for some darling Holiday pictures!
And I made a matching set for my daughter’s tiny friend, Rebecca. Because matching pajamas are always a fun twist.
Thanks to all the Crafting Chicks for having us here today. We think you are some of the cutest and funniest girls around.
Have a wonderful holiday season,
~Elizabeth and liZ

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  1. Hi Guys, I’m getting ready to make this for my niece and I popped in to check the directions. One tip, there are no directions for cutting on the fold. I thought I’d mention it because beginning sewers probably won’t know to do that, especially for the sleeve, which can be so tricky if you’ve never done it before.

    Thanks for the tute!

  2. This pattern was great! The only thing I would add as an edit is to have the fabric folded when you cut it. I might have missed it but didn’t see it when I was going through the pattern. (Almost cut it without the folded material. XD) Made one for my oldest daughter and she wore it the whole day.

  3. I made a dress for myself with your directions and now about to make for my daughter (I was the guinea pig). Thanks for the great tutorial!

  4. Hi, this is the best tutorial for the little peasant dress with the sleeves I have found. Thank you. I will try it.

  5. Thank you so much! I used this to make a darling nightgown for my daughter for Christmas a few years ago. It’s been her favorite. This year I am going to make her a new one and a matching one for her baby sister. I’m so excited to give it to them!

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