Darling Zombie Apocalypse Throw Pillows

Zombie Apocalypse Pillows

I’m so super excited to be posting this project today and i’m even more excited to talk about this awesome fabric from Riley Blake!!! Yes, it’s ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE fabric created by Emily Taylor Design for Riley Blake Designs, who would have thought!!!  When I first saw this fabric when their yearly catalogue came out a handful of months ago, I knew I had to get my hands on some.  I love it so much because it’s stylish and goes with my decor and it’s actually cute!  You can see below, how fun it is.  I also love this design because it’s Halloween-ish, but doesn’t look cheesy like most Halloween fabric.  SCORE. There are a million and one pillow tutorials out there so I will spare you those details.  I just wanted to share this fabric…isn’t it cute.  I love the quotes on this one. Here’s the simple pocket on the back of the pillow.  I purchased pillows on the clearance rack at Marshalls. [Read More…]

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10 Things that REALLY Surprised Me About A Commercial Pig Farm I Visited

Piggy Piggy-2

So you may be thinking this post is random…why is she talking about pig farming on a blog about “CREATING”.  I have no farming background, or animal raising background for that matter.  The answer is simple.  Most of us eat pork and need to know where it comes from as well as how it’s produced and processed.  Last week I was able to go to North Carolina and visit 3 commercial pig farms and one pig processing plant.  It was the most awesome/eye-opening experience I have had in a very long time.  I learned some things about our food that will have a profound affect on me forever.  I was able to see first-hand, how pigs grow, what they are fed, what conditions they live in, how they are processed, etc etc.  Here are the 10 great things I have learned, things that have opened my eyes to the industry and what’s involved with it! The Pork Council invited myself and [Read More…]

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10+ Amazing Pork Recipes


Here are 10+ great pork recipes for your enjoyment!! Later today I am sharing the experiences I had at a HUGE commercial pig farm.  It was not only eye-opening, but it made me like pork even more if you can believe it.  Enjoy these recipes and stay tuned for some interesting info about how our pork is produced here in the United States.  ENJOY!! PORK CARNITAS by My Kitchen Escapades SKINNY PINEAPPLE TERIYAKI PORK CHOPS by Skinny Mom Applesauce Pork Tenderloin by the Six Sister’s Stuff  Honey Mustard Pork Chops by the Sugar ‘n Spice Gals Rosemary Balsamic Pork Loin by Little Leopard Book Sweet Potatoe Pulled Pork Sliders by Lauren’s Latest Pulled Pork Nachos by Premeditated Leftovers Roast Pork Loin with Apples and Onions by Culinaria Bacon Corn Dip by Damn Delicious Vietnamese Style Grilled Lemongrass Pork by Ang Sarap Bacon-Wrapped Grilled Chicken Skewers by the Baker Mama     Pin It

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Glitter “Spooky” Halloween Banner

Glitter Spooky Banner1

It’s always fun to get a jump start on Halloween since it IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY.  This banner is super easy. SUPPLIES: Krylon Glitter Blast (Golden Glow) 4 pieces of 12×12 chipboard 8′ of ribbon of choice…mine at Hairbow Supplies the 1″ size and “Black Candy” color cutting machine-I use the amazing Cricut Explore Clothes pins (mine were already spray glittered with silver glitter spray)  If yours aren’t yet, add them to the spray glitter list in Step 2. STEP 1:  Choose your font and cut out all your letters on your cutting machine.  I used the font “Coluna” from one of the free font sites.  I also cut them out at about 10.5″ tall.  You could also cut them out with good scissors if you had to and also make them any size. DONE! STEP 2:  Spray Glitter those suckers!  The trick to getting a nice sheen on letters like this is to hold the glitter spray about 24″ away from the [Read More…]

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#1 Best Thing About Wooden Shutters

Wood Shutter #2 Post-2

I’m excited to share this one thing with you.  I posted in June about the whole installation process and about Shutter 101 and all the things you should know before you do wooden shutter.  I won’t go into that all here, because you can read all about it on that post…details of the install, things to watch for, things to ask your salesperson, etc etc.  You can find that post HERE.  I experienced these shutters this whole summer and found my #1 very favorite things about these wooden shutters that I found while working with Wasatch Shutters. Wooden shutters can almost completely seal off your window when they are shut.  I say almost only because when you shut them, there’s no actual seal, but there might as well be.  These babies really do shut out light and heat!! They also let all the light in when you want to.  I was most impressed with the ability that these puppies have to [Read More…]

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HTML Coding for KIDS and Animal Jam


I’m really excited to talk about this subject today!  My two boys were lucky enough to join the Animal Jam Code Camp a couple weeks ago and learn some HTML coding, CSS coding and were also able to program a little robot with an app called Sphero! What??? Yes, it’s true.  Many of you already know that I have a family iphone app called Kid Chatteroo, it’s my baby.  Through the whole process of making the app, which was very extensive, I would explain to my kids that there are series of letter and numbers that make each part of the app work and do what it needs to do.  They always found that fascinating.  When I heard that there were camps like this and that they could attend one, I jumped out of my chair at the opportunity.  KID WOULD PICK RIGHT UP ON THIS IF TAUGHT. They learned to use this little robot Sphero.  You use an IOS app and coding [Read More…]

Easy Iron-On Glitter Heart Leotard

Glitter Heart Leotard-2

  I’m so excited to share this project because it’s so incredibly EASY PEASY!!!  Dance, soccer, school, etc. etc. is starting up all over again and we thought it would be fun to jazz up Q’s leotard by adding a darling silver iron-on heart….a glittery one.  If you haven’t used the Cricut Explore yet, it’s amazing.  It has opened up a whole new world of crafting in my life, furreals!  (totally a non-sponsored post 😉 Supplies: Cricut silver glitter iron-on Cricut Explore or if you want a more freehand heart, you can cut it yourself 😉 leotard or other shirt iron STEP 1:  If you are using the Cricut, pull up the design space and pull a heart of choice out of the “insert image” section on the left hand side of the screen.  Make the heart the size you want and let the machine cut out the perfect heart.  As you can see below, my heart turned out to [Read More…]

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Best Birthday Party For Kids Ages 7-14+ (Girl/Boy) and **12 TIPS**


If you are looking for a party that boys and girls will both LOOOOOOVE, then look no further.  This party was so much fun!!!  I have a sweet 9 year-old boy who wanted a birthday party but didn’t want anything traditional.  Me as his mom wanted to take full advantage of the remaining days of summer and wanted to entertain all these crazy kiddos outdoors.  I knew we had to find a party that didn’t cost a lot, and plan something where they would all be entertained with out too much headache.  We looked on Pinterest, thought long and hard and then it hit us…a night games party, oh and why don’t we throw in a whole bunch of glow in the dark awesomeness to top it off.  It really did turn out perfect.  I was able to order a whole bunch of awesome glow in the dark stuff from Oriental Trading Company because they have not only the regular stuff like [Read More…]

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Derby Ice Cream Party & $75 Target Giveaway


There’s nothing more fun and yummy than ice cream on a hot summer day!  Even better, ice cream on a hot day!  We had the best time at this derby ice cream party.  It’s easy to throw a party that is focused on one theme, ice cream.  Who doesn’t like ice cream?  I’m not sure if I know anyone that doesn’t like ice cream.  There’s always an excuse to have it, right!  There are a hundred different occasions to celebrate before the end of the summer…birthdays, bbqs, end of summer parties, ect etc.  This post is sponsored post by Lunchbox, all opinions are 100% my own.  The other awesome thing is that Target is having a SALE that started on August 1st and runs through August 30th, on participating Klondike, Magnum and Fruttare boxes.  If you buy 3 boxes of participating items, you get 1 free.  Awesome.  This sale makes it VERY EASY to throw an ice cream party on [Read More…]

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DIY Wooden Quote Board

_MG_1236 copy

In celebration of the “Muppets Most Wanted” movie, I created a craft with my favorite quote from the ever-so-wise and sweet Muppets_Most_Wanted=Print=Title_Treatment===Worldwide=4CKermet The Frog!!! There is a new movie coming out with Kermet and the rest of the awesome Muppets crew.   “Muppets Most Wanted is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD August 12th at Disney.com.” “Two Frogs! One Pig! Intrigue! Music! Mayhem! Muppets! (Although this post is sponsored, but my thoughts are entirely my own.) About the movie: There’s plenty of fun for the whole family as Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal and the entire Muppets gang head out on a world tour. But mayhem follows the Muppets, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper. Now Kermit is behind bars at the mercy of prison warden Nadya (Tina Fey), and the World’s Number One Criminal, Constantine—a dead ringer for Kermit—has taken his place. As Constantine and his dastardly sidekick Dominic (Ricky Gervais) plot the [Read More…]

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{EASY Mini Cheesecakes}


Hey friends!  Many months ago I started working on a cookbook compiled of my grandmother’s fantastic and amazing recipes.  My grandmother is 94 and she really is an amazing cook and has taught all of her four daughters to also be amazing cooks.  I didn’t really realize how lucky I was until I got older and realized that even though I didn’t grow up cooking a lot, I was able to catch on quickly as an adult.  I really have a few people to thank for that…my mother, her mother and all my aunts for all the good cooking i’ve experienced in my life.  I know what good food is supposed to taste like.  I guess you could say, i’ve been trained.  This recipe book is unique and very special and dear to my heart.  It’s all of our favorite recipes compiled as well as the stories to go along with them.  It’s an undertaking, but so rewarding.  For this project, we have been [Read More…]

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LADIES LADIES….I’m so thrilled to share with you these awesome back to school printable from this AMAZING group of ladies!!!  I can’t believe it’s time to think about school already….eeek.  Summer has been so much fun, but with school being right around the corner, we have just the right jump start for you!!! Here are some darling notes to give your child’s teacher throughout the year.  Each one is different, so check them out.  Every teacher deserves a sweet notes from the parents of the kids they teach.  So I challenge you to send your teacher each of these notes throughout the year, can you do it?  ENJOY. And here are the rest that won’t disappoint …   1. Paging Supermom: Print and frame this Alphabet Art for your wall or to give to teacher. 2. Kiki & Company: Send this fun toy in their lunch, sure to spark some giggles with friends. 3. Eighteen25: Share this pep talk print [Read More…]

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Summer Fun List-Family Hike in Utah

_MG_0377Mary's Lake

No you did not accidentally get to the site, HIKING CHICKS……HA….remember the SUMMER FUN LIST IDEAS, well this has definitely been on our Summer Fun List, and I thought I would share our experience.  As the author of the iphone app KID CHATTEROO, I get to go on a local station in Utah and talk about 5 fun things to do around the state every month, many of which are on our Summer Fun List.  You can watch that segment HERE.  This time though I HAD TO SHARE this fun family hike her on Crafting Chicks.  It’s definitely a great time and worth a look if you live in Utah or if you are ever visiting during the Summer months and it’s FREE.  Some of the best things in life are FREE and this is no exception.  When we have crafted all the crafts my kids can handle, we need to get out into nature.  It’s a 2 1/2 mile hike [Read More…]

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Nobody can argue with the fact that wooden shutters are absolutely stunning from the inside and outside of your home.  They are an instant curb appeal upgrade as well as a dramatic indoor upgrade.  With a purchase this large, you need to know ALL the details about what to make sure you know and ask from start to finish.  Wooden shutters are an investment of heart and money and definitely a long-term relationship.  You want to ask all the questions and make sure the company and shutter you choose is a great fit for what you want and need. If you know me, you know that making a large purchase and oftentimes small purchase warrants a CRAZY research process.  I want to know that I am getting the best shutter for the best value.  I have been so lucky to work with Wasatch Shutters on the project of installing shutters on the back windows of our home.  We have A HUGE [Read More…]

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No-Fail Summer Job Charts

job chart thumb

This is one of my favorite Summer things.  I LOVE structure in the Summer and our motto every Summer is “Work Hard, Play Hard.”  I believe it’s so important to work hard and play hard so families can really live life to the fullest.  One without the other just won’t work and will result in less happiness for all members of the family.  I print these out and put them on a mini clipboard for each child. So here is the description of the chart: Name:  (self explanatory) Personal jobs:  (self explanatory)  I love to check things off lists so I like to include some of the obvious things. Learning:  This is just me, but I think kids are much happier when they continue to learn through the Summer.  There are statistics that give a percentage of information that the kids lose during Summer and I think it’s important to keep those neurons firing even if it’s in simple ways.  We [Read More…]

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EASIEST No-Sew Summer Shorts from Leggings

horizontal summer shorts

I’m so excited to share this post!!!  I have been wanting to BUY summer shorts for Q, my 5 year-old daughter and have also wanted to MAKE some.  It dawned on me a couple of days ago that I already had all the materials I needed and that there was a WAY easy way to remedy that.  I made 8 pair in about 10 minutes. STEP 1:  Find all the leggings you have that are either DIRTY or that have HOLES in them.  Most of Q’s were in one or both of those categories.  I was about to throw them out until I had this idea. STEP 2: Start cutting!  I used my sharp material scissors and matched up the two legs and went to town cutting each leg off right above where the stain or rip was. STEP 3:  Feel so happy that you are getting rid of all those stained and ripped parts of the legging.  Q had [Read More…]

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Easy Summer Beach Bag


I don’t know about you, but i’m obsessed with bags.  I’m obsessed with totes.  I have so many and I keep making more because they are so easy and fun to make.  This one is especially fun because I used opaque markers from Elmers.  I LOVE opaque markers because you can use lighter colors on darker fabric (below).  Elmer’s Opaque Paint Markers  are awesome because they are PERMANENT and won’t wash off when you launder your item.  I also love that they have so many colors to choose from.  This bag is so easy, here’s how you make it. SUPPLIES: -canvas bag (you can purchase these at your local craft store) -Elmer’s Opaque Paint Markers -Iron-on vinyl (I got the sparkly gold from Cricut) -Iron Start with your bag and iron it well. Cut out the heart, I used my Cricut. Place it on the bag and iron (follow instructions on your vinyl packaging). Peel off the plastic protective layer. There you [Read More…]

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160 Summer Fun List IDEAS

160 Summer Fun List IdeasAQUA

Hey friends,  this post today is brought to you by the popular family app KID CHATTEROO.  You may be thinking…wait, this is Kirsten writing this post. Right you are.  This is another thing i’m involved with and I can’t wait to share more of it with you.  I posted about this during the release and now we have HUGE updates with more featurers.  I’ll be doing some fun posts each month about parenting and the joys of creating and capturing awesome moments with our children here on Crafting Chicks. It’s my other passion next to CREATING projects here at Crafting Chicks.   If you want to get into your kiddos minds and explore and spark awesome conversations and fun teaching moments, this is perfect for YOU. I created this so app so you and I could have a fun list of questions to ask our kids and have a way to easily record what they say within the app…brilliant right! You can even share the recordings right from the [Read More…]

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Pinterest Party TONIGHT!!!!


Pin, Win, & Let the Pinspiration Begin… TONIGHT! The Spring Fling Party on Pinterest is Finally Here! {*Pssst!* There’s a GIVEAWAY too! Keep scrolling….} [pinit count=”horizontal” always-show-count=”1″ url=”http://www.thedatingdivas.com/giveaways/spring-fling-giveaway-tonight/” image_url=”http://www.thedatingdivas.com/wp-content/uploads/Spring-Fling-ItsHereUPDATED.jpg” description=”The Spring Fling Party on Pinterest is TONIGHT! All our FAV bloggers will be there! #springflingonpinterest #giveaway”]Just hearing about this for the first time? Check out all the deets HERE! Trust us! With these 12 fantastic bloggers pinning up a storm with us tonight you are not going to want to miss this! Stretch your clickers cause you’re about to start a 1-hour Repin-a-thon of a lifetime! Haven’t registered yet? Hurry and enter your info below for your invite and free digital party favors! Cause its TONIGHT! First Name * Last Name * Email * What Website Are You On Now? * The Dating Divas36th AvenueSomewhat SimpleLil’ LunaI Heart Nap TimeMaskcaraOne Good ThingHowDoesSheTwist Me PrettyThe Crafting ChicksLiving LocurtoLiving Well Spending LessKids Activities Blog Here’s a PEEK at what you’ll get just [Read More…]

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Spring Fling- Save the Date1

Mark your calendars for APRIL 29th! Spring Has Sprung! It’s that time of year… time for some Spring Pinning! We are SO pleased to announce the FIRST EVER Spring Fling Party ON Pinterest with some of your Favorite Bloggers! Remember that MUST-FOLLOW Pinterest Group Board filled with extreme craftiness, beauty & fashion tips galore, genius organizational & DIY ideas, plenty of kid-entertaining and hubby-lovin’ suggestions, and ways to SAVE more moo-lah? Basically EYE-candy at it’s finest! (Following this board ensures your Pinterest feed will be on a balanced diet of daily inspiration!) Well, we have all gotten together again {with 6 FANTASTIC new guest bloggers} to throw another LIVE PARTY on PINTEREST! OH! And… We should mention, there is also a HUGE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY, of course… with TWO winners!! {Keep scrolling down to enter!} So, mark your calendars for APRIL 29th! …and check out all of bloggers involved in the meantime! You are gonna fall in LOVE with them! [Read More…]

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Easiest & Tastiest Grape Lime Punch

_MG_0330fresca punch copy

OK…this is the easiest and tastiest drink for any Spring or Summer BBQ or party and it helps that it’s pretty!!!  This is a variation of another recipe that does not use any lime, but I think this really gives it a tangy kick that you will LOVE. This recipe is from my Aunt Marianne’s archives! We are compiling family recipes for a family cookbook.  ENJOY. Supplies: -Grape juice concentrate from the can (1 can) -2-liter bottle of Fresca -pebble ice from Sonic (available for purchase by the bag) -juice from 1 lime All you do is mix the ingredients and serve!!! No more no less.  ENJOY!       Pin It

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Stenciled Baseball Bag from All Things Thrifty {Spring Fever Series}


We are really thrilled to introduce Brooke from All Things Thrifty.  I will never forget when her and her husband taught an awesome reupholstering class at SNAP and they were hilarious and darling, definitely fun and enormously creative folk.  Welcome Brooke! Hello Crafting Chicks’ Readers! I am so honored to be guest posting here today. I’m Brooke from All Things Thrifty, and I am a HUUUGE fan of the Crafting Chicks. In fact, my husband Dan went to good ‘ol Murray High School with Brooke! So, we go waaaay back. The rest of the Chicks and I have met several times in person at bloggy events too, and I just have to tell you that they are just as awesome in person as they are online. So, THANK YOU for having me. Let’s get right to it… I am a Mom of four kiddos, and during the Spring, we basically live at the baseball fields. We are usually at baseball [Read More…]

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Spring Cleaning Tips from FunCheapOrFree {Spring Fever Series}


Hi all! Jordan from FunCheapOrFree here. Does anyone have the Spring Cleaning itch yet?? I have 3 kids, and my oldest just turned 4. Yes, you heard that right. And yes, my house can be a real disaster. Spring comes around and I am a cleaning machine! The rest of the year? Not so much…UNTIL NOW! Here are 3 simple techniques to help get you spring cleaning in no time, and keep your house clean all year long! 1. BLITZ CLEAN. If you’re anything like me, you tend to look at your messy house and have a hard time imagining when you’ll find a full day to get it clean again. My solution for getting, and keeping your house clean? Blitz clean! We might not have all day to clean our house top to bottom, but everyone can find 10 minutes in their day. Here’s how this works: Find 5-10 minutes in your day, but no more than 10! (Why? [Read More…]

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Gold Glitter Sign from Girl Loves Glam {Spring Fever Series}


I am so excited to be partying with all of you Crafting Chicks readers today! I am McKenzie, a lifestyle/beauty blogger from Girl Loves Glam. I can’t even tell you how excited I am that it is finally Spring! Even though the weather in Idaho isn’t as happy and springlike as I would hope, I still enjoy adding some springtime charm to my house to make it feel bright and fresh. I knew I wanted to create a sign that also had some sort of natural element in it. I absolutely love wood grain so I chose to create a super cute Spring sign on a wood slice. Of course I needed to add some gold glam to it too! I am kind of obsessed with how it turned out. It is modern and fun! It was so easy to make too. Here is what you need to make your very own… *Wood slice *Vinyl (Just a scrap of vinyl [Read More…]

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Potted Grass from Pink Parlor Designs {Spring Fever Series}


YES, it’s our friend Amy from Pink Parlor Designs.  You may recognize the name from the popular tents she sells.  She is awesome.  Welcome Amy! Let’s admit it, Spring is the best! The anticipation of spring blooms, summer picnics, and flip flops!  In our home we basically live outdoors beginning in the spring and don’t want to come inside until the new school year starts up again.  While being outside we love to do our fair share of gardening. The first signs of spring however start with our family tradition of planting our own Easter grass.  It’s a quick, easy, fun, project that your little ones can help with. Yes it makes a mess for about 12 minutes, yes you will want to sweep up immediately and think you could have done this in about 4 minutes by yourself but that’s not the point.  The fun in this is watching them learn and test their patience over the next few weeks [Read More…]

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Giant Easter Printables from the Caravan Shoppe {Spring Fever Series}


We are so thrilled to have the CARAVAN SHOPPE here on our site today.  You will DIE over their darling printables.  They are unlike any other.  I used their Thanksgiving set and everyone had so much fun with it.  WELCOME! Happy Spring everyone! We are Caravan Shoppe, and are so happy to be sharing a printable Easter craft today! After spending hours cooking a ham, potatoes, and countless pies, decorating is the last thing on your mind. We have the easiest solution for you (seriously). Your guests will actually do the decorating for you! Kids and adults alike will love being able to color their tablecloth, placemat, or wall art and you won’t have to stress about cleanup. Use the tablecloth to distract the kids with coloring while the Easter Bunny is hiding their eggs for the hunt. And use the “dipping station” and “drying station” placemats to protect your table from the dyes and help your little ones learn the [Read More…]

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Well, it’s time people.  We are sending out an OFFICIAL CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS!!!  We are so excited about this and can’t wait to see your talents and abilities shine. Here’s what we are looking for: smart, competent, fun-loving ladies (or gentlemen) that are interested in our motto and mission to “Create Your Life” and are willing to create one post per month for thecraftingchicks.com must have a blog already, it doesn’t matter the size must have basic blogging & social media experience must be able to take CLEAR, CRISP PHOTOS, this is crucial and one of the most important factors in choosing new contributors we are looking for tutorial-type posts in the areas of DIY/CRAFTING…paper crafting, printables, digital crafting, kids crafts, family ideas, holiday crafts/ideas, simple and tasty RECIPES of all kids, SEWING tutorials, etc. WE ARE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR 2 WEEKS until April 15th at 11:59PM If you are interested please fill out THIS FORM before 11:59pm on APRIL 15th!!  When the [Read More…]

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Simple Moss Wreath from Entirely Eventful {Spring Fever Series}


We are so excited to present ALY who is talented, sweet and hilarious.  Welcome Aly!  Hi Friends! I’m Aly. I blog over at Entirely Eventful Day. I blog about stuff like DIY Projects, Interior Design, and even Parenting Advise. I am so happy to be back on The Crafting Chicks to share a fun, springy tutorial with you! I love wreaths. I love moss. What could be better for Spring than a simple moss wreath? I am going to show how to make one. It’s so easy and so cute, fresh, and Springy! What you need: A foam form. (I paid about $6 for this one at Hobby Lobby. It was with the foam stuff, not the wreath forms.) A hot glue gun Moss (find it in the floral department at the craft store) Simply glue sections of the moss to the form. I put the glue on the moss first and then carefully pressed it to the form. Be careful of your fingers, [Read More…]

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10 April Fools Pranks for KIDS


April Fools is coming up very quick! I came from a family where jokes were played all year long so this post is right up my ally.  Most of these tricks have to do with food, which is always fun.  I can’t wait to try some of these with the kiddos this year!  Thanks to all our highlighted blogs for such great projects! 1.  Fake juice from Jell-O from ivillage.com 2.  Faux KFC from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons 3.  Fake French Fries by Parenting 4.  April Fools Day Cookies by MunchkinMunchies.com 5.  Faux Buffalo Wings from PartyPinching.com 6.  Toothpaste Oreos by Prankked.com 7.  Doughnut Seeds 8.  Marshmallow Creepers by Think Geek 9.  Burger Bite Cookies by Sue from Munchkin Munchies 10.  Food with Eyeballs by Mique from 30 Handmade Days Which one is your favorite???     Pin It

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20 Simple Spring & Easter Ideas


Welcome Spring!!! Welcome Easter!!!  It’s getting warmer and warmer outside and i’m excited to finally share Spring and Easter projects for all your friends and family to enjoy.  ENJOY. Bed Springs Flower Holder by Angie from Knick of Time Painted Vases by Jo Jo and Deloise Bunny Tails by Pizzazzerie Burlap Bunny Banner by Eclectically Vintage Paper Stripe Easter Egg Art Peeps on a Stick from Your Homebased Mom Mini Bunny Cookies from Just Crumbs Washi Tape & Glitter Easter Eggs by Centsational Girl Feel free to enjoy some of our Easter & Spring Projects from the archives: Vintage Window & Spring Wreath Peeps Bunny Bouquet–Free Printable Mini Pinkalicious Pies Easy Easter Treats 12 Spring Printables Easter Egg Place-cards –FREE Printable Easter Garland Easter Treats–FREE Printable Easter Cone Treat Holders–Free Printable Easter Cake Pops Foiled Eggs Easter Art & Free Printable Which one is your favorite??           Pin It

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Washi Tape Headbands


This is the most simple project….and it’s actually an idea that Q my 5 year-old came up with.  She is the best and so creative.  She did this one day and I thought, “what a great idea that is!”  She even staged a lot of this shoot which  I think is so awesome.  I love when she joins me in my shenanigans.  This is a fun project you can use for any age of girl. SUPPLIES:  All you need is blank headbands.  They have a great supply over at Hairbow Supplies Etc.  The only other thing is washi tape.  Easy enough. HAVE I TOLD YOU I LOVE WASHI TAPE!!!!  I do…that’s all.   You can use any type of washi tape for this projects.  I noticed that when Q and I were making these, that patterned tapes look different when they are on the headband.  Ones I thought would be cute, didn’t necessarily look cute and visa versa.  So try out [Read More…]

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Ok, I don’t know if you understand how cool this giveaway is.  This is the event of the year and we are lucky enough to throw the kick-off party opening night with the one and only CRICUT team! We LOOOOOOOOOOVE Cricut and their whole team.  I don’t know if you remember THIS POST where I almost hyperventilated from the new Cricut Explore excitement.  Well, needless to say, it’s going to be THE BEST and YOU are going to help us plan it!!!  WE have the theme, and YOU have the ideas.  Read on if you dare. SNAP the Conference is April 24th-26th in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you haven’t heard about SNAP before, then hop on over to their page and check it out.  It’s the ULTIMATE in creative conferences, trust me.  We are super excited to share the excitement and we want YOU, one of our readers to be able to join us.   If you have a ticket and you win, [Read More…]

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Headband of the Easiest Kind!


Ok, so i’m usually long-winded here and my goal today is to make it short and sweet for your sake ;). I love these headbands so much!  I’ve always loved the classic look of a simple striped bow. Here’s my quick version.  If you want darling ribbon to work with, you can go to HairBowSuppliesEtc. 1.  Start with a foot and a half of ribbon and fold like so (with snake tongues cute out of each end).  Hot glue ribbon in the middle of the bow where everything comes together and on all layers. 2.  Wrap and glue one piece around the center. Done!!! 3. Glue along the metal headband and attach bow. 4.  Use one last piece of ribbon to glue onto the bottom side of the ribbon and over underside of the headband. DONE.  Enjoy. Pin It

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DIY Interchangeable Belts


I’m so excited to share with you today the online shop Hair Bow Supplies Etc!  Why you might ask?  Check out the awesomeness below.  I don’t know about you, but when I get my hands on ribbon, especially ribbon with stripes, trinkets, jewels, fabric flowers, stretchy elastic and glittery stretchy elastic, I get extremely giddy.  This is what I came up with when I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the very best stuff from Hair Bow Supplies Etc. Keep going… So there are a thousand things you could make with these awesome supplies.  I wanted to come up with something unique, something my little 5 year-old Q would adore. Oh and check out their Valentine ribbon… So we came up with Interchangeable belts, with interchangeable things to put on them.  Easy enough right?!. Here’s an example: Supplies: -Flowers -1 yard of elastic -alligator clips -glue gun and glue -felt Glue the flowers onto a circle [Read More…]

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TOP 10 Favorite Things about the NEW Cricut Explore


  We are so super excited to introduce to you…..drum roll please…..i’m not sure if you know how big of a deal this is….it’s a big deal…the NEW CRICUT EXPLORE machine!!!!  This lovely baby was unveiled in Salt Lake City, Utah Monday evening at an event hosted by Cricut.  We were lucky enough to be in attendance and were able to see and USE this beauty first-hand.  It’s everything other cutter machines are NOT and we are so excited to tell you about it so here it goes….. ***IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER*** 10.  It’s the FIRST machine that CUTS, SCORES, and PRINTS all in the same simple machine. YES, it’s TRUE!!!  This is truly groundbreaking and when we heard about it just last night, we couldn’t believe what we were hearing.  We got to see it in action and it’s AAAAHHHmazing!  Down below, you see a picture of this in action…at least the cutting and printing part.  As you can [Read More…]

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**Ultimate Valentines Printable Pack…MUST SEE!!**


Oh BOY, have we got some exciting news! Hang onto your hats ladies, because we have the DEAL of all DEALS for you today! Not even kidding. We seriously cannot wait to introduce you to… Yep, that’s right! 22 popular bloggers & designers created 22 of the most DARLING printable packs to make this the most successful & memorable Valentine’s Day you’ve EVER had!! This baby seriously has EVERYTHING you could EVER want or need to pull off the BEST V-Day EVER! Valentine’s for the kids’ classmates? Done! A cute gift for the teachers? Included! Your date night? Completely planned! V-day decor? Just print! Party planning? Covered! Gift idea? We’ve got several! AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!! {See EVERYTHING below!} All together – it’s a collection of 121 PAGES that aren’t offered ANYWHERE else… only in this exclusive Valentine’s Day Printable Bundle! And it’s ON SALE for ONLY $14.97!!! Yea, not even kidding. Talk about a CRAZY, KILLER DEAL! The price [Read More…]

2013 BEST Sewing Projects at Crafting Chicks

holiday pajamas tutorial--simplesimonandcompany

Here are our sewing projects for 2013!!! Have you tried any?  Which one is your favorite? ENJOY! DARLING PJS from Simple Simon & Company Stripe Quilted Dish Mat by Becky Easiest Stripe Quilt for Dolls Part 1 by Kirsten Block Assembly for the Doll Quilt Part 2 by Kirsten Knit Maxi Skirt by Brooke Summer Dresses by Becky Doll Bedding by Becky Arrow Fringe Tribal Wallet by Kirsten 10 Minute Super Hero Costume by Nikkala   Tooth Fairy Pillow, Free Pattern by Jamie Santa Bag Tutorial Girl Bedroom Design Pillow Tutorial by Jamie Which one is your favorite??

Scripture Reading Habit Made SUPER EASY…2014 Scripture Chart!!!!

scripture low res

Ok….so this is the 3nd year I have posted this Scripture Reading Chart.  Some of you may remember the post we did recently where we talked about the fact that all 5 Crafting Chicks and many other creative bloggers are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormons, the post can be found HERE.  If you read this post, you can see the importance for us to read from The Book of Mormon in the lives of members of our church.  So you can imagine that it’s also important for us to read this book with our families to draw nearer to Jesus Christ and God the Father.  Until 3 years ago, it was merely a dream to make this a daily habit with our family.  This has really really become easy and we’ve learned that “consistency is the key”.  This is dedicated to our friends that showed us this trick….and we are so grateful for their [Read More…]

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{Chicks Picks} Quick Gifts Under $15


Hey friends!  Here are a couple of Chicks Picks, Gift Under $15!!!! 😛 ——————- DIRTY DIET COKE KIT:  2 liters of Diet Coke + a bottle of coconut syrup + a lime and this cute tag from Mique at THIRTY HANDMADE DAYS and you are set! E.L.F. Lip Gloss Set…these are the kinds of things that are fun to get as a present. E.L.F. Party Nail Cube…gotta love some new nail polish Willow Tree Figurines:  I love giving these as gifts. Each has a meaning and convey a nice message to the receiver. SLIPPERS:  I love a great fuzzy pair of slippers!!!!!! CUTE HAT: DARLING Gloves:  I can’t say enough about these gloves…. WET BRUSH:  I’ve heard they are amazing!!!!  I need one ;)!!! What are some of YOUR favorites???   Pin It

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Best Tips for An Easy Faucet Install!


This post is sponsored by MOEN, but the thoughts and feelings about the product are my own. I’m really really excited to share this post with all of you today, REALLY EXCITED.  I learned how to do something that was totally out of my regular realm of whipping up things on Photoshop or sewing on my Bernina…I was able to learn how to install a FAUCET!  A new kitchen faucet, something we have needed for over a year!  Even better, I got to work with MOEN on this project.  It wasn’t hard at all and the instructions made it really easy and doable. When it comes to great design and great functionality in the faucet department, leave up to MOEN to totally nail it.  On this particular occasion, I got to work with the  Indi Pulldown Kitchen Faucet that features: Features a sleek aesthetic and clean lines (AWESOME) Features Microban® antimicrobial protection and Spot ResistTM finish (AWESOME) The pulldown wand features Moen’s [Read More…]

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12 FREE Printables for Christmas

December Grid

YAY YAHOO YIPEE!!! December is finally here and were are ready to bring you some Christmas printable awesomeness!!!   We are ready to share these FREE CHRISTMAS PRINTABLES with YOU!  This is the last blog-hop of the year, and we are going to miss this.  We definitely saved the best for last!!!  So here for you today are…. TWELVE FREE ADORABLE CHRISTMAS PRINTABLES all gathered together right here! Just take a peek! Here is OUR donation to the printable list for December:  CUTE CHRISTMAS LISTS.  I don’t know about you, but I have thing written down here and there and lose track of what i’ve purchased for who.  This way, I can keep track of it all in one place and it’s way cute!!  In the download below there are two different sheets that are jpegs in the size, 8.5″x11″.  ENJOY!!! PAGE 1: [wpdm_file id=84] PAGE 2: [wpdm_file id=85] MERRY M #1) {The Dating Divas} – Festive and FLIRTY cards just for [Read More…]

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Dutch Babies from Jen at Tatertots & Jell-O {Bloggers Best Christmas Series}


AND…..Drum Roll Please……the famous and amazing Jen from Tatertots & Jello!  There isn’t any nicer than Jen.  Every since the first time I met her, i’ve been impressed with how kind, generous, and TALENTED she is.  She is so sweet and ALWAYS up on the trends in the DIY and crafting world.  WELCOME JEN!!! ————————————————————————— Hi Crafting Chick readers!! I’m Jen from Tatertots & Jello. I am so excited to be here sharing one of our favorite Christmas morning Traditions — Dutch Babies, and a free printable too!   We love celebrating our heritage through food. We make Finnan Haddie from my Danish ancestors and we also make Dutch Babies from my husband’s side of the family. If you aren’t familiar with Dutch Babies, they are also called German Pancakes and are a mix between crepes and pancakes — light and fluffy and delicious. We love to serve them with wedges of lemon, fresh berries, warm syrup and powdered sugar. (My [Read More…]

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Christmas Tree Tradition {Christmas Tradition Series}


I’m so delighted to be visiting The Chicks space today, I think they are all fabulous ladies, whom I’m blessed to know. I’m Kristen Duke, and I like to Capture Joy in all aspects of life, over on my site. It started with photography, and now I love to share so much more! Not only do I share photo tips such as what camera to buy, I also share home DIY projects such as the treehouse we just built, recipes my kids gobble down like Chicken Curry Broccoli, as well as parties like my daughters’ Pretty Purple Party. If you need some light reading over the holidays, look for my love story written chapter by chapter (it’s a doozy!) I’m also the author of Say NO to Auto, a beginner photography book and video workshop. I am a sucker for a any kind of tradition all year long. I am a big believer that traditions of any kind whether it [Read More…]

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Mini Pecan Tarts {Christmas Tradition Series}

Welcome Kelly from  The Moon and Me!!  I’ve always wanted to know how to make little tarts and this is the perfect recipe!  My husband is obsessed with Pecan Pie and i’m SURE, he would go crazy over these.  MUST TRY! Welcome. ————————— Hi! I’m Kelly and I blog over at The Moon and Me where much randomness occurs, including DIY, crafts, and recipes. I’m thrilled to be here today sharing some family Christmas traditions! Ta da! Pecan Tarts. Such a simple name for something so truly scrumptious! My mom got this recipe from my dad’s mom… unfortunately I never really knew her. But if she made yummies like this, she must have been pretty wonderful! I don’t believe a year has gone by when these tasty little treats were not present in our house at Christmastime. Baking is a huge tradition in our family… we do these tarts, these little snowball looking cookies called Russian Tea Cakes, and an old [Read More…]

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Family Christmas Activity Tree {Christmas Tradition Series}

Today we welcome MIRANDA from SOMEDAY CRAFTS.  I love her activity tree and list of activities.  It’s always great to be prepared before we get buried in Christmas To-dos, the not so fun ones.  Welcome Miranda! ——————————— Hey Crafting Chicks Readers! This is Miranda from Someday Crafts and I’m thrilled to be guest posting here today!  The tradition I’m sharing with you today is a relatively new tradition for our family. This is something we just started doing as a family with our son last year (who is only 5), but it’s something we will do again this year and plan to do in the future too. One of my goals as a mom is to help my child (and our future children) understand that Christmas is more about presents and Santa. My husband and I want them to know that Christmas is about giving, spending time with family, and remembering Christ. I struggled with how to do this for a few years, but then [Read More…]

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A Happy Christmas Tradition {Christmas Tradition Series}

We are so excited to have Jessica from Two Shades of Pink.  Are those reindeer boxes to die for or what?!  Ok, if you go to her site, she has so many cute things to look at.  My newest favorite are her yarn tassel trees, what a clever idea!  Thanks for being here Jessica. Merry Christmas friends!  I am so happy to be here today to share one of our most favorite Christmas traditions with you!  My name is Jessica and I blog over at Two Shades of Pink. Pop on over where you will find diy ideas for holidays, packaging and all that’s in between. Our favorite Christmas tradition is probably something a lot of people do.  But because I love to celebrate even the little things, we do some things to make it even more special.  All year long, my two girls constantly talk about the first night during the Christmas season when we all dress in our Christmas PJ’s [Read More…]

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Neighborhood Gifts! {Christmas Tradition Series}


Welcome Melissa from Polka Dot Chair Blog!  She talks about being busy and last-minute around the holidays…girl you are in good company.  I love your new tradition!  Welcome Melissa! Hello there! My name is Melissa and I’m the girl behind the Polka Dot Chair Blog. My goal at the Polka Dot Chair is to inspire you to want to make something! Whether it’s a sewing project, a craft or a yummy recipe I want you to leave feeling inspired to create! Today I’m excited to be here sharing one of my favorite family Christmas traditions with you. It actually is a funny story, it started out first as an accident, then moved onto poor planning on my part. After that it became and annual event, so now we call it a tradition *wink* In my family we love to deliver treats to our friends and neighbors at Christmas-time. It’s not always something home baked or handmade but it always has a [Read More…]

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Doughnut Reindeer {Christmas Tradition Series}

We are excited to share MEL from THE LARSEN LINGO today!  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I could eat a dozen of these doughnut reindeer myself.  I love this idea because they look tasty, very easy and kids can easily make them.  ENJOY!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hi! I’m Mel from The Larson Lingo. I am so excited to be posting here! I am a middle school math teacher & mom to 3 young kids. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Since having kids, my love of Christmas has magnified and over the past 7 years of having kids, we have incorporated many Christmas traditions into our home. Some of my favorite traditions are how we introduce Elf on the Shelf, Wrapping up Christmas books to open up each night of Advent, having a My Favorite Things Party with friends, making the BEST Christmas cookies, and making fun Christmas themed snacks with my girls! One of our [Read More…]

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The Secret Society of Bubblers & CANON CAMERA GIVEAWAY


I’m really excited to share this NEW CHRISTMAS TRADITION!  What a great idea it is.  As far as good deeds at Christmas and children, it seems that there are the common thing like:  “Hey kids, Santa and his elves are watching, etc etc.” There’s also the traditional Elf on the Shelf who does silly things and watches what the kids do and reports back to Santa.  This tradition is NEW and MORE POWERFUL and elicits specific kind acts and harnesses the power of KINDNESS.  Secret Society of Bubblers teaches kids that being “good” is not about “not being naughty” — it’s about being KIND.  Today we even have an awesome 30% off an adventure set (code: KINDMOMS ), so i’ll explain what it is. HOW DOES IT WORK? What is the Secret Society of Bubblers?  It’s simple.  It’s a kids’ Christmas Adventure that teaches kids about the power, importance and magic of kindness and you do this with the special adventure kit, shown [Read More…]

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Chicks Picks: A Couple Fun Girl Toys


Hey friends!  Here are a couple of Chicks Picks, Girl Toys for your day.  ENOY!  What are your favorites???? NIK:  Little People Princess Palace Love it! BECKY:  Friendship Bracelet Maker:  My oldest has started making these for her friends. She loves it and it keeps her busy. She gets excited when she sees her friends wearing them. KIRSTEN:  Skywalker Medium Trampoline:  OK. This is my other favorite toy for boys and girls. It’s small enough to fit in a basement and big enough for a whole bunch of fun. This has saved us during cold winter day when we would send our kids downstairs to get their energy out. What are some of YOUR favorites???  

30 Best Christmas Ideas


Hey friends!  We love to put together these fun lists here at thecraftingchicks.com so you can see a bunch of fun ideas in one place.  Here are some of our favorite Christmas ideas that include free printables, Christmas card ideas, Christmas decorating ideas, letters to Santa and other fun crap!  Tell us what your favorite ideas is! Also check out our Bloggers Best Christmas Traditions posts going on all through November, they are TO. DIE. FOR.  ENJOY! CHRISTMAS BINGO: Jamie’s Christmas Tree Sunburst Ornaments Christmas Frames Ornaments CHRISTMAS CARD IDEAS Hammered Nickel Tile Wreath Iphone & Ipad Christmas Wallpapers 11 Free Christmas Printables  Homemade Gift Tags POLAR EXPRESS PRINTABLES Free Printable Chalkboard Mini Art Reindeer Handprint Ornaments Christmas Morning Breakfast + Felt Reindeer Napkin Rings Reindeer Noses Letters to Santa & Cookies Tags for Santa Homemade Photo Ornaments Fancy Bangle Homemade Ornaments What is your favorite??     Pin It

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Chicks Picks: Toys For BOYS


It’s time for another day of The Crafting Chicks Picks {twice a month we share some favorite tips, products, foods, traditions, etc. with you so you can get to know us better and maybe get some fun ideas in the process}! Today is all about our favorite toys for boys! We are excited to share the tricks we use to entertain our kiddos, and just in time for Christmas.  This is a completely unsponsored post too     BECKY:  The Ultra Stomp Rocket:  I don’t have any boys but my nephews sure love to play with these Stomp Rockets. They keep them entertained for hours and the girls even dig it. NIK:  Magformers:  “I love these for my boys.  They spark creativity and are easy to use.  They are many different things you can make with them as well.  They are our favorite boy toy.” KIRSTEN:  Imaginext PLay Sets-I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sets. These have been hands down my favorite toys for [Read More…]

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12 FREE Printables for THANKSGIVING & Thanksgiving Planning Sheet

Thanksgiving Grid

OK FRIENDS, are you ready for this?! This is one of my favorite posts of the month as we come together with 11 other blogs to present printables for the season!  I LOVE seeing what everyone else comes up with and we all love sharing them with YOU, our readers!  These are nothing short of clever and awesome! ENJOY!!!  Which one is your favorite?? As a quick recap, here are some of our past themes: 12 Back to School Printables,  12 FREE Spring Themed Printables, 12 FREE Cinco de Mayo Printables, 12 FREE 4th of July Themed Printables. This time, mine was the THANKSGIVING DAY PLANNING SHEETS!!! Ok folks, this is the first time I have hosted Thanksgiving at my house, YIKES, where do I start?  To get my thoughts organized, I created these two planning sheets: The first one is all about the food and activities because you’ve gotta have those, we all know that! The second one is all about the meaning [Read More…]

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For YOU, the Pinners Conference, COME!!!

Pinners Conference Crafting Chicks

You’ve pinned lots of cool stuff on all those Pinterest boards, haven’t you? Now come to Pinners Conference where Pinterest comes to life! PREREGISTRATION CLOSED, ARRIVE AT THE DOOR WITH “CHICKS13″ DISCOUNT CODE AND YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO GET THE DISCOUNT.   This show is mainly about two cool things: fun classes and plentiful shopping. It will feature nearly 80 top classes from the coolest presenters in the nation. Check out the “Presenters” tab to learn more. You’ll also enjoy nearly 200 exhibiting businesses providing beautiful shopping options in the worlds of DIY, crafts, wedding, baby, cooking, photography, party planning, nails, scrapbooking, holiday decor, clothing, jewelry and all sorts of other things! Pinners was designed just for you. It’s new and always changing to accomodate what’s hot right now. So say “goodbye” to the same old boring things and “hello” to an awesome weekend filled with what’s fresh!  It’s destined to become one of your favorite events. COME [Read More…]

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Festive Halloween Porch Tricks

1-command hooks

This is a sponsored post for Command™ Brand. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m excited to share this post for Command™ Brand.  I received a set of their outdoor hooks and created this Halloween Porch complete with fabric cobwebs and paper bats.  I was excited to try these out on my stone arch because it’s hard to hang things on an arch made of stone but these hooks worked great. Materials Needed: 3 yards of burlap or Tulle in gray 3 yards of burlap or Tulle in white 15 sheets of black cardstock (12 inches by 12 inches each) Pencil Scissors Stapler Assorted Halloween decorations: pumpkins, wreaths, banners, etc. Command™ Brand Large Outdoor Graphite Hooks – quantity varies based on weight of fabric used (this project uses four) One Command ™ Brand Large Outdoor Forever Classic Metal Hook   Note: Follow all Command™ Brand package instructions for proper surface cleaning and prep, adhesive strip placement and recommended weight claims.   Step-by-Step Instructions: (archway before) Mounting the [Read More…]

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Fun Happy Halloween Printable.


Here’s a cute printable for you on this lovely October 3rd! Happy October Happy Halloween!!! Available in a 5×7. HERE All printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to link back to www.thecraftingchicks.com if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download.  This file is zipped.  To extract and use, right click on the file after download, and select extract all.   xoxo, KIRSTEN Pin It

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Foam Crafts on a Whole New Level from Pom Tree Kids

Pom Tree Kids Crafts4 copy

I’m so excited to share these DARLING kits with you!  These are the Pom Tree Kids Kits and they are TO DIE FOR.  I have a four year-old little girl and we love to make things together.  These sets got us both very excited. As a mom, I love them because they are mess-free, no glue, etc.  All the pieces are there, they are 3D and the end result is very impressive.  My cute little girl was so proud of what we created together.  Her little friends even came over and were wishing that they could also build one. I also love that you can customize each set to make them just how you like them.  I love that the puzzle pieces fit together and you have to use problem-solving skills, which is an added bonus. I also love that you can take them apart and since there is no glue involved, they aren’t ruined.  They are almost like Legos that [Read More…]

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Craft Happy Class GIVEAWAY from Big Picture Classes!!! ($400 Value)


CRAFT ALONGSIDE THE CHICKS!  I’m SOOOOOO excited to tell you about this fun class and about this amazing giveaway…Craft Happy Classes with Amy Powers.  She provides 12 weeks of cheerful projects to celebrate the holidays (and life in general). Class description:  Spend your holiday months with Amy creating a little something for Halloween and Thanksgiving, plus a whole lot of somethings for Christmas: gifts, wreaths, glitter houses, ornaments, games, and a hip, handmade advent calendar.  Introducing Craft Happy, a 12-week crafting adventure that will have you creating beautiful things just for the fun of it, learning new skills, connecting with cheerful crafters worldwide, and generally smiling from ear to ear.  Each month from October to December you’ll complete one major project, three sidekick projects, and four quick creativity exercises. Each project will be introduced in a fun video from Amy along with a colorful handout that will outline the necessary supplies and steps. * DATES:  Starts 10/3/2013 *   ENTER THE GIVEAWAY below and win a spot [Read More…]

BUILD A Children’s Arbor Bench-ANA WHITE


This was such a fun project.  It’s always fun building projects from Ana White’s website, plans for the bench found HERE on Ana’s site.  Until I found her, building stuff with wood was just a dream of mine that I would think about frequently.  I would look at furniture and wonder how it was done, or wondered what tools I would use.  When I found here site, I built Q’s Blue Play Kitchen, and Q’s Doll High Chair and a handful of other fun projects that I will share in the future.  Today I will be sharing how I cut the arch, and if you are lucky you will hop on over to Ana’s site and see the building plans.  ANA YOU ARE A GENIUS MY DEAR!! So I KNOW you will want to know where I got this LOVELY fabric….because I was DYING over it when I found it.  I purchased this fabric at Quilter’s Haven in Woods Cross, UT during [Read More…]

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Icelandic Pancakes…My Very Favorite Pancake


This recipe is simple.  It’s my favorite type of pancake out of crepes, waffles, pancakes, and German Pancakes.  I love them because they are sweet, thin, and delicious.  I got this recipe from my dear friend Celeste who got it from her brother in-law Lance, who got it from his mission to Finland.  I had them first when I was in high school and I have not loved any other pancake more since. ICELANDIC PANCAKES 1 1/2 cup flour 1/2t baking soda 1/2t salt 2T Sugar 3 eggs 3 cups of milk 1/4 cup melted butter (YUM) Toppings:  syrup, ice cream, berries, whipped cream, etc, let your mind wander Sift all dry ingredients, stir in the rest of the ingredients, and stir until combines.  I usually add a little more milk so they are a little bit thinner.  Pour in round pan or do what I do, pour over a whole rectangular skillet and make a giant pancake.  After cooked [Read More…]

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7 Elements of a Magazine-Worthy MASTER BEDROOM


Some items were provided by Pottery Barn. Who doesn’t want a magazine-worthy bedroom?  I’m so excited to share this post.  There are definitely elements that create a finished look and I’m excited to share these tips and tricks.  We have been in our house for about 7 years and we haven’t done much with our Master Bedroom.  I once heard that when you move, you should ALWAYS set up the master bedroom first, since the relationship of the parents is the center of the family.  I thought this was interesting since I usually think of this backwards and want to take care of everyone else first.  Well, I was so excited to use some of the Pottery Barn items since they are CLASSIC and WELL-MADE.  I love that I can DIY around the CLASSIC Pottery Barn pieces and mix handmade and thrift finds with them. BEFORE: AFTER: ELEMENTS OF A MAGAZINE-WORTHY MASTER BEDROOM: ELEMENT 1:  BED.  The bed is the centerpiece [Read More…]

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Sunshine Shoppe Giveaway


  We are so excited to present to you the SUNSHINE SHOPPE!  They are a supplier of so many fun things like necklace kits, hair accessories, and so much more. The thing we love about them is that you buy your pieces individually and then you can make unique pieces of children’s jewelry as well as darling hair accessories.  As you know, we are lovers of all things DIY and this is the place to buy your stuff, i’m tellin’ you.  Right now they have the chevron elastic for $.40 per yard, CRAZY!!! Nikkala took advantage of that killer deal and made up this fun printable. Becky got some shabby flowers and some 5/8″ elastic and made these cute headbands. Jamie ordered some necklace kits and made these!  Her little “Fancy Nancy” was in heaven with her new chunky bead necklace.  You can even allow those little hands to help with these necklaces.  I love the adorable clasps, and fancy [Read More…]

“Loving Life” INSTAGRAM Project, Join Us!!!


Hello, lovers of life and Instagram! Today, myself and some fellow bloggers, are kicking off something super-duper cool. You know how you’re always snapping pictures for Instagram?? Well, now you can actually win prizes for doing it! If you haven’t joined the Instagram world yet, it’s time! To read about why it’s so great and some Instagram tips, check out this post: All About Instagram.  Here is our BLOG HOP post from Friday, called “10 ideas for GUARANTEED Instagram Awesomeness” and other posts you will love. Now, without further ado, let’s get this party started! Let me introduce you to… ‘Loving Life…’. July’s theme: Relaxation Hashtag: #relaxationLL (LL, for ‘loving life’) Directions: Take pictures all month long of anything that signifies ‘relaxation’. Add the hashtag #relaxationLL in the description. Check back on the blog, the first Monday of the next month, to see if your picture was chosen as a favorite (there will be two favorites chosen.) If so, you win!! [Read More…]

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10 Ideas for Guaranteed Instagram Awesomeness! Blog Hop


I’m so excited to share this post for so many reasons.  This is the first post of an awesome INSTAGRAM series that we are doing with a handful of other bloggers and today is the BLOG HOP where you will find so many fun ideas to ignite your Instagram account while capturing a well-rounded snap shop of your life.  Not only that, we are taking this action right to Instragram and we are having fun contests and the full launch of the contest is MONDAY so stay tuned and more info is at the bottom of this post. Below are ten ideas for guaranteed Instagram Awesomeness, for a well-rounded and interesting Instagram feed.  ENJOY.   1.  PEOPLE YOU LOVE:  For well-rounded and interesting Instagram pics, it’s important to have pics of people you love.  When you are with people you love, you are more beautiful and it tells a story about who you are and what you care about.  Instagram [Read More…]

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Riley Blake Blog Hop #18

Riley Blake Frames-web

I’m so excited to tell you about the Riley Blake Fabric Fest in Vegas in September!!!  WE, meaning ALL the Crafting Chicks are speaking and we are so very excited.  I grew up in a household where my mother was a seamstress and my father worked for Bernina, what a killer combo.  I’ve always heard about some of the speakers that will be there from my mom, and now WE get to speak with them.  We will be teaching a couple classes.  One will be on the frames below. We will be sharing simple tricks to using Riley Blake Fabric in your DIY-ing and we will also be on a social media panel. If you remember Q’s Little Doll Quilt, you will remember how I was swooning over the amazing selection.  It made me giddy when I got my fabric in the mail….giddy.  Go check out the other sites participating in the blog hop, their classes that they are teaching are [Read More…]

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Summer Fun Chart!


I’m excited to share my SUMMER FUN CHART again this year.  This is the 4th year i’ve been doing this with my kids and it’s really a tool my me AND the kids.  I love that it reminds us of the things we might want to do this summer and it also gives us so many options so nobody can EVER say that they are board.  I start the list in early Spring and anytime I think of a new idea, I add it to my Summer Google Doc and eventually I have a full list.  I also look at the list from last year and pull in a bunch of things we want to try again. This is the list I came up with for our family:       1. Go Camping 2. Summer Vacation 3. Girl’s Camp 4. Youth Conference 5. Orange Leaf 6. Snow Shack 7. Favorite Water Park 8. Favorite Swimming Pool 9. Michelle & Jake’s House 10. Music in the Park 11. [Read More…]

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Power of Moms Retreat Recap

photo edited

Hey friends!  I am so excited to tell you about the POWER OF MOMS  retreat that Brooke and I had the privilege of attending a couple of weeks ago.  If you’ve never been to the Power of Moms website, YOU MUST.  It’s always been one of our favorites here at Crafting Chicks and it’s the most amazing parenting site.  Saren and April and their 300 authors are REAL, HONEST, EMPOWERING and so very RESOURCEFUL.  I love it also because they talk so much about “Deliberate” in your parenting.  THIS CONCEPT IS POWERFUL and I love that they remind all of us that we can plan, prepare, and make our families and parenting experiences wonderful and purposeful. Retreat Description:  Power of Moms Retreats are uniquely powerful opportunities for learning, sharing, reflecting and relaxing. Part “professional development” in the field of motherhood and part get-away, Power of Moms Retreats can entail a day-long or weekend get-away or simply a two or three-hour gathering where a group of [Read More…]

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Easiest Strip Quilt-Part 2-Block & Quilt Assembly


PART 1 of this post RIGHT HERE: If you are just coming upon this post, now, look for the link above and see PART 1 of this post where I explained: quilt basics fabrics to use and amount where to find the patterns shown (RILEY BLAKE OF COURSE) below is the fabric chart if you missed it on the last post   Quilt Block Assembly:  Even though the pictures have great explanations, there are a couple tips you can use. YES that is glue stick.  It’s Elmer’s Washable WHITE glue stick.  I got this tip from NUBBIN the true professional that wins all sorts of quilting competitions.  When putting on your first strip, lightly dab glue down the middle of the strip.  You don’t want it to go all the way to the edges as to avoid sewing through the glue and making the needle sticky.  When that’s done, iron it and that will make it stick.  For this pattern, you [Read More…]

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Easiest Strip Quilt for DOLLS-Part 1-Prep


I’m so excited to share this post mainly since I have wanted to make a quilt of sorts for a long time.  I finally had the excuse to make one with RILEY BLAKE FABRICS  and for even more fun, check out the Riley Blake Fabric Fest in Las Vegas, NV in September where we will be teaching a class. Anyhow, Riley Blake has THE CUTEST selection of fabrics so it was hard to pick.  It’s a good thing I picked the quilt that requires many colors and patterns because I got to use most of my very favorites. One of my dear friends has a quilting professional friend named NUBBIN that so kindly, sat down with me for almost a whole day and taught me the basics of quilting.  I’ve tried quilting before and to be honest, you really have to know the tricks or your sunk.  There are a lot of things you can fudge in the DIY world, [Read More…]

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DIY: Vase to Leather Side Table


Hey Crafty Cats!!!  So I have had this vase for a LONG TIME.  This vase has been behind my couch hiding… ALSO FOR A LONG TIME.  I have been gathering things around my house, stashed them in my basement for a hoard sale one of these days, and was walking this beauty downstairs when the idea popped into my head:  I thought that this would be the perfect height for a side table in our front room.  Since i’m slightly compulsive (you kind of have to be if you are a DIY-er), I immediately took a trip down to Lowe’s to see if they had a wood circle that would fit nicely on top to create a side table.  I could have cut my own wood, but a pre-cut piece sounded really enticing. So off I went.  The thing about DIY-ing is that you just have to start and have faith that it will turn out, otherwise you would never [Read More…]

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**WASHI TAPE GIVEAWAY*** from Plaid Barn


We are always excited to tell you about something fun and new and today it happens to be PLAID BARN .  They are a daily deal website with some great things to offer.  Below are some of the things they have sold on their site in the past.

“OH SNAP” Camera **Printable**


In honor of SNAP the Conference that we will be teaching the ADOBE LIGHTROOM class at this weekend (more tips on that coming soon), I thought I would create a fun printable to share with you…taking pictures and creativity are such a huge part of a good life, in my opinion.  I hope you enjoy this one (personal use only please). DOWNLOAD BELOW. FOLLOW the CRAFTING CHICKS #SNAPCONF HAPPENINGS IN REAL TIME ON INSTAGRAM: Kirsten: @craftykirsten @chatterooapps Nikkala:  @nikkala Brooke:  @brookekemp Becky:  @bljam Jamie:  @craftyjamie Thanks so much to BLACK RIVER IMAGING for being so amazing about printing our business cards!  They are awesome and they are printed on pearl paper and they are a part of their “specialty shaped” business cards.  We each have our cards that look like this but they are personalized.  We ALWAYS get compliments on our business cards.  THANK YOU BLACK RIVER. They also print the business cards for my iphone app KID CHATTEROO (shamless plug), SHARE [Read More…]

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**AMAZING** Parenting Retreat in PARK CITY, UT


OK friends!  Ok so we all know that we love a little DIY, and HOW-TO, well here’s a little treasure of HOW-TO Parenting awesomeness.  A parenting retreat by the amazing April and Saren of POWER OF MOMS.  I personally have followed this blog for A LONG TIME and they have REAL advice for REAL moms like you and I and every time I read an article from their site, it resonates completely with who I am and who I want to be.  There will even be some CRAFTING CHICK representation there, we would love to meet you as well!! Here is the information: Would you like an amazing little get-away that will help you become the mother and person you really want to be? Please join NYTimes Bestselling Authors and internationally renowned speakers, Richard and Linda Eyre, as well as Power of Moms Founders and acclaimed trainers, Saren Eyre Loosli and April Perry, for an exclusive life-changing Retreat.  

Lemon Tarragon Pasta Salad with Chicken


  This is the tastiest recipe!!  I can’t claim it though.  I was at a luncheon this last Saturday and this was on the menu and I had to find the recipe.  I finally tracked it down and had to make it on Sunday and the origon of this recipe is unknown.  I had never purchased shallots or tarragon but it was a new experience and I will be making this again.  I modified it a little bit, added more tarragon, more lemon and took our an ingredient and here it is: Salad: 3 cups uncooked bow tie pasta (cook as directed) 2 cups cubed cooked chicken breasts 1 cup chopped celery 2/3 cup chopped green onions Dressing: 1 cup Mayo zest, juice and pulp from 1.5 lemons 1 T. minced shallot 1-2 T+ fresh tarragon leaves chopped dash of salt 1/2 to 1 tsp sugar Mix all together.  Pour over salad and let marinate 30 min to 2 hours. [Read More…]

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Marjorie Pay Hinckley MOTHERHOOD Printable


 A little food for thought…this is one of my very favorite quotes and helps me remember the things that matter most.  I love this and I love the dear and amazing woman that wrote it, Marjorie Pay Hinckley. Lime Green & Aqua 5×7 Printable push DL button below:  [wpdm_file id=17] Salmon and Aqua 5×7 Printable, push DL button below: [wpdm_file id=18] Yellow & Aqua 5×7 Printable: push DL button below: [wpdm_file id=19] What inspires YOU to be the best mother you can be? {Remember, all printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to send your friends and link back to www.thecraftingchicks.com if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download.}   Pin It

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30 min Arrow Fringe TRIBAL Leather Wallet


Hey friends, today i’m posting a leather fringe tribal wallet.  I was headed off to Vegas to visit some friends and discovered that my gigantor wallet just wasn’t going to make my traveling easy, so I made a quick wallet.  This is a great wallet because it’s simple, has character, and it’s a great conversation piece because it’s a little different.  You could even tell people it’s a Hunger Games survival wallet and just watch when they look at you like you’ve gone crazy, bwahaa, yes i’m a total nerd. TIPS: Check out the supply list and gather supplies. Wallet Size:  You can really make your wallet any size.  I chose to do a 7″x4.5″.  I figured out this size by placing my check book over the leather and measuring a fair space around the check book.  I figured if I could fit my check book, I could fit my cash and other things nicely with a little room to spare. Leather [Read More…]

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HOT New Online App **FREE**: The Inspiration Board


I’m so excited to share this with YOU!  The amazing JAMIELYN NYE who created this new online app is the Creator of I HEART NAPTIME, a blog we love.  She has been working for 2 years on this, and she has been one of the biggest supporters of KID CHATTEROO, the iphone app that I launched in October ’12 and i’m so excited that she is launching this amazing tool.  It’s always nice to have friends to encourage and to be encouraged from.  Check it out HERE. JOIN US FOR A WONDERFUL Girl’s Night Out #GNO Twitter Party and lean about ways to become inspired!  I will be in on it and it should be amazing and she is giving away an ipad mini!  COOL! Here’s one of the inspiration boards that I created!  This is a conglomeration of various Valentine’s projects that I have done on Crafting Chicks.  There are frames and washi tape, tags and backgrounds to pull into your [Read More…]

Printable “Put a Ring on It” Valentines in Capsules

Printable Valentines "Put a ring on it"

    “If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it…whoa oh oh!” OK a while back I had a friend that made these Valentines with the whole saying on it and I laughed and laughed and vowed that I would make some of those myself one day…ok and let’s be honest, this one’s to make the parents laugh and the kids will just be excited about the cute ring.  The download of the strips is available in 8.5″x11″ size: DOWNLOAD HERE (8.5×11″) Where did the cute supplies come from???  Please tell me you have been to the site BAKE IT PRETTY?  They have the cutest things including these beauties: BAKE IT PRETTY RINGS BAKE IT PRETTY PLASTIC CAPSULES Valentine’s will be here before you know it, so “if you like it you should put a PIN in it….”  wahaaa, i’m a total nerd, have a wonderful MONDAY!!! xoxo, KIRSTEN Pin It

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**NEW SERIES**: Crafting Chicks Picks: {Favorite Cleaning Supplies}


***UNPAID*** ADVERTISEMENTS OF OUR FAVORITE CLEANING PRODUCTS! We are SOOOO excited to announce this new series that we are doing about our FAVORITES or the “CRAFTING CHICKS PICKS”.  Two times a month we will be sharing some our favorite products, traditions, food, vacation spots, and much more with you.  Hopefully you will walk away with some new/fun/helpful/nerdy things that you will be able to try and love too. SO…ENJOY, and PLEASE tell us your favorite cleaning supplies in the comments, we want to know ALL of the SECRETS from YOU, our awesome readers! HERE GOES:  Why cleaning supplies?  I don’t know about you, but this time of year, i’m always looking for cleaning/organizing inspiration after the cluttery/crazy holiday season so here goes. METHOD: Multi-Surface Spray-Grapfruit: “Smells so good, you’ll want to clean!” FINISH: POWER UP:  “The best thing to happens to my glasses! Sparkling dishes every time!” BAR KEEPERS FRIEND:  “The only thing that keeps my porcelain kitchen sink shining!” [Read More…]

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25 FUN Crafting Chicks Valentine’s Projects


  #1 Valentine Bingo Printables     #2 Printable BOUNCY BALL Valentines (Fixed download link)   #3 Valentine’s Day LOVE TREE Centerpiece   #4 CHEVRON Paper Valentines   #5 Paper DOILLE & Candy HEART Garlands   #6 Valentine’s CAKE walk    #7 Valentine Mini DOUGHNUTS    #8 Candy HEART Necklace   #9 Valentine CHOCOLATE TIC TAC TOE   #10  VALENTINE Photo Shoot Ideas   #11 Read My LIPS Valentines-Chocolate Lip Suckers   #12 Ruffled Valentine’s Cupcakes   #13 Valentine CHOCOLATE Sucker How-to   #14 DIY FELT Valentine Envelopes-Pottery Barn Style     #15 Felt HEART Valentine Holder     #16 Super Star Valentines     #17 Evil Treats for the Sweetest SWEET     #18 Valentine’s Plaques     #19 ROSE HEART Shadow Box           #20 Monograms & Framed Art using Crushed Rose Petals             #21 Photo WREATH             #22 Digital VDAY Goodness           #24 Chocolate Covered OREOS     [Read More…]

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30 minute DIY Vintage Notebook


I know this has been done before, but thought it would be tragic if this ideas was overlooked this holiday season.  The great thing about a personalized notebooks from old storybooks is that there are endless possibilities of old books that with their old titles, can be very nostalgic, funny and personal. I love notebooks, I have MANY notebooks that serve many purposes.  I write my to-do lists in them, grocery lists, ideas and I LOVE them.  With my absolute obsession with journals and notebooks, it seemed fitting. SUPPLIES scissors Cinch binding machine or other binding machine Cinch binding coil either plastic or metal (for this I used the .75″ copper coil) vintage children’s storybook or other book or choice additional paper (I used a 40lb cream colored paper) This Christmas record notebook was given to me last year by my dear friend Tanna!  I would pay so much to have a vintage record cover like that! STEP 1:  Take the [Read More…]

{Giveaway} Downtown Tape


OK.  I might have an obsession. It might just be with washi tape.  I’m not going to lie, it took me awhile to jump on the washi bangwagon and i’m pretty sure my life will never be the same.  Downtown Tape is THE MECCA of washi tape goodness with SOOO many patterns to choose from and all for $1.99 per role.  Yes please. I LOVE these simple bookmarks.

Scripture Reading Habit Made SOOO Easy-{free printables-2013 Scripture Chart}


Ok….so this is the 2nd year I have posted this Scripture Reading Chart.  Some of you may remember the post we did recently where we talked about the fact that all 5 Crafting Chicks and many other creative bloggers are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormons, the post can be found HERE.  If you read this post, you can see the importance for us to read from The Book of Mormon in the lives of members of our church.  So you can imagine that it’s also important for us to read this book with our families to draw nearer to Jesus Christ and God the Father.  Until 2 years ago, it was merely a dream to make this a daily habit with our family.  This has really really become easy and we’ve learned that “consistency is the key”.  This is dedicated to our friends that showed us this trick….and we are so grateful for [Read More…]

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MyJobChart.com where kids, work and reward click


I’m so excited to share today’s post with you. Today I’m talking about a problem and solution that EVERY parent has to deal with or should deal with. JOBS. As a mom, I want to be able to teach my kids today so they can be functional well-rounded adults eventually. I know that as a mother, if i’m not willing to teach them, they sure are going to learn the hard way and maybe never learn certain things at all. ENTER… My Job Chart is the free, easy to use, online chore chart and reward system for organizing and motivating your kids to learn first hand how to Save, Share and Spend.  It’s soooo amazing.  As much as I like to be able to make up my own job charts on Photoshop, the convenience and upkeep sometimes isn’t super realistic or sustainable.  As my job as a mother seems to get busier and busier, I’ve noticed that streamlined tools are worth its weight [Read More…]

The **MOST** Amazing No-Fail CUPCAKES & FROSTING!


There are so many great cupcake recipes out there, but this one is my FAVORITE because it’s the easiest and tastiest recipe I have used when making my own cupcakes.  It’s so easy it’s almost creepy, if baking can be creepy. It’s a cheater recipe because you start with a cake mix.  I got this recipe from my dear friend Teresa and about DIED when I found out that it was only a few ingredients. EASIEST NO-FAIL CUPCAKE RECIPE 1 cake mix (I use yellow cake mix or white cake mix) 3 eggs 1/2 cup butter, melted (DON’T substitute margarine) 1 cup of water 1 tsp almond flavoring All you do is mix the ingredients together and fill cupcake liners halfway.  Bake in a 350 degree oven for 14 minutes, remove and let cool. Voila! Now onto the frosting… I modified this buttercream recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook.  I love this recipe because it’s buttery, and have a very [Read More…]

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it’s here it’s here Kirsten’s KID CHATTEROO app!


I’m so thrilled to announce the official launch day of my new iphone app called KID CHATTEROO downloadable HERE!!  Yes, I’m a Crafting Chick for life and now I get to add this to my list of fun things to be a part of. This is what it’s all about:  CONNECTING WITH OUR KIDS!  Let’s be honest as parents we ALL are looking for fun and easy ways to feel that closeness with our kids so we can be better parents.  This new app does just that and my wish this whole time for the two years i’ve worked on this with my small Kid Chatteroo team is that this will be just one more tool in your bag of parenting tricks that helps to strengthen these important relationships, and laugh while doing it.  Please please help us spread the word. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Create your “PEEPS” with the faces in your family * Pick your category to pull your [Read More…]

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Thanksgiving/Autumn Thankful Cards “Free Printables”

Thankful Cards-page 2

As it says, “we are thankful for YOU our readers.  To say just that is an understatement. Thank you so much for supporting us, for being here with us, for spending your time here at thecraftingchicks.com THANK YOU!!! Here are 4 different thankful cards for you to enjoy! DOWNLOAD PAGE 1 by clicking HERE.  Right click on the image and then “save document as…” and choose the location. DOWNLOAD PAGE 2 by clicking  HERE  Right click on the image and then “save document as…” and choose the location. {All printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to link back to www.thecraftingchicks.com if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download.} XO, BECKY, BROOKE, JAMIE, KIRSTEN & NIKAALA

Why Are Your Favorite Bloggers MORMON?


-Christ in a Red Robe, by Minerva Teichert- Happy Sunday! We usually don’t post on Sunday, but today is different. As you know, we usually share crafts, tutorials, how-to projects, DIY fun, parenting tips, recipes, etc. but today really hits close to home for all of us. This will forever mark the day that we shared our most prized how-to’s on life, happiness, and the very thing that governs who we are and why we do what we do. We hope that you will understand that this is a subject that is very near and dear to our hearts and respect our thoughts. With all the talk in the media today about our religion, much of it false, we would like to provide you with information from people that know and live our religion. Just like anything else, it’s good to go straight to the source so let us be yours if you have ANY questions. So in a place [Read More…]

Chevron Paper Sack Garland, 3 minutes, 3 supplies


OK.  There’s nothing better than a cute project that takes 3 minutes because let’s be honest, easy, CHEAP, and QUICK seasonal decor rocks! SUPPLIES: 5′ of lace 5 binder clips (I got 12 for $1.00 at Office Depot) 5 paper chevron sacks (I got mine at PICKYOURPLUM.COM) …instructions go as follows….clip them on and wait for it…..DONE! easy! Did I say that I love Halloween, well I SOOO do.  Here is a list of WHY?? HOT WASSAIL, PICKING PUMPKINS, SWEATSHIRT WEATHER, COLLEGE FOOTBALL (THAT MIGHT BE THE FIRST TIME I HAVE SAID “FOOTBALL” ON OUR SITE), COSTUMES, CRAFTY DECOR, MY ORANGE LIGHTS ON MY MANTLE, THE SPOOKY BANNER, CHOOSING COSTUMES WITH THE KIDS, TAKING PICTURES, THE FALL LEAVES….I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS….OH AND THIS YEAR…AN APP COMING OUT 😉  WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT FALL? XOXO, KIRSTEN Pin It

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Decor Steals Giveaway, YEA!


I’m so excited to share this giveaway with you today, it’s such a great idea.  There are many deal of the day websites out there, but this one is extra cool.  It’s called Décor Steals and it’s a deal of the day décor site. They offer one new deal every day at an incredible price (up to 85% off retail). Their goal is to bring joy and excitement to YOU, their customers. They want you to be able to live the good life even if you don’t have a fortune to spend on beautifying your environments. Pretty cool, huh!

FUN ABC Practicing Board for Writing!


HELLO!  If you are like me, I’m always looking for ways to help my little ones learn.  This is a really easy project I made with a frame I already had, and some new scrapbooking materials from Scrapbooking Attitude, a fun new product.  SO FUN!  Supplies listed below: Supplies 1 sheet of SCRAPBOOKING ATTITUDE, a new scrapbooking film that you can laminate (I didn’t laminate this one, but there are many options here) Frame with glass in it-mine was an 11×14 frame from LOWE’S bistro chalk markers-(I got mine at HOBBY LOBBY) I like these best because they are opaque when you write, I also like dry-erase markers 2′ of lace 1′ of pom pom trim (I got mine at PICK YOUR PLUM) 1 patterned paper sack (I got mine at PICK YOUR PLUM) 2 pieces of patterned paper Hot glue gun Scrapbooking Attitude is cool because you can personalize it and then use an iron or laminator to bond it [Read More…]

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Quick Girly Glittered Soccer Shoes


This was so fast.  I think I started this project 1 hour before Q’s first soccer game, a game I had much anticipated.  I played soccer all through school and couldn’t wait until I had a daughter to watch on the soccer field.  Let me first start by saying that when I was playing, I had a hard time with the thought of girly cleats, or course I was older, but stil.  These just seemed to fit little Q though without question.  She is super girly and I wasn’t quite sure she would even put on the uniform, I thought these would help.  She loves them. DIRECTIONS: Take out laces and clean the surface of the shoes really well with a damp clothe, let dry. Tape off the parts of the shoe that you don’t want glitter on. Spray shoes 12″ away with Krylon Glitter Blast to your desired glitteryness (not a word, :). Before the glitter dries, take the tape [Read More…]

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The Handbuilt Home-book contributor


OK fellow crafters and DIY’ers!  This post comes to you with much excitement and anticipation from our neck of the woods.  Ana White from the AMAZING ANA-WHITE.COM  is finally gracing shelves across AMERICA with her much anticipated 1st book called THE HANDBUILT HOME….and Q’s Vintage Blue Play Kitchen is a part of it!  I have been involved with the project for over a year and a half now and it’s finally coming close to the release date which is October 9th, 2012.  I can’t wait to  have this book in my hands and see all the other plans and ideas and be amazed at ANA’S talent and the talent of many others. This book won’t just be ANY book, but a book FULL of 34 detailed, step-by-step building projects that ANYONE can do.  In fact this blue play kitchen WAS MY FIRST BUILDING PROJECT, and if I can handle a saw and a nail gun then so can YOU.   Read the [Read More…]

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EASY Paracord Bracelet aka Safety Bracelets


I’ve been so excited to share this tutorial since I shared on INSTAGRAM (@craftykirsten) that I was making a whole host of these with my kids.  My 6-year old can weave these, and they are EASY & FUN.  If you ask me, it’s the perfect thing to do during this little bit of summer that’s left (if your kiddos haven’t started school yet).  My kids have made a little extra CASH from making these and selling them to their friends. SUPPLIES (above): each bracelet takes about 8′ of paracord if you are using two colors you would need 4′ of each color lighter paracord buckles (you can purchase these online or in your local craft store) scissors CAREFULLY FOLLOW THE PICS, they are better than my word description… **TIP:  Burn the ends with a lighter.  Make sure you burn the colored part of the cord and it will stick better. **TIP:  to get the right length, go to step 12 [Read More…]

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**Free Printables** GRAPHIC & QR Code for the “ARISE” Youth Video


“ARISE, ARISE, ARISE…”  If you have seen the youth video from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the 2012 Youth Theme Song, you will recognize this graphic of a mountain below, with an arrow.  Each year, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chooses a Youth theme.  ———-*——— and the 2012 youth theme is… 2012:  ARISE AND SHINE FORTH…  “Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations.” (D&C 115:5).  (You can find a LOVELY printable by BROOKE HERE.) ———-*——— Since this was the youth theme for 2012, they created a VIDEO for the theme song with these graphics in it (below). Also….drum roll please…with a QR code on the graphic that takes you right to the video link.  I love this video because it reminds us and our teens to “arise” and be their best selves that we can be.  With so much crap in the world today, it’s a much-needed [Read More…]

A Special Thanks to Our EVO SPONSORS!!!!


This last weekend we went to the EVO CONFERENCE (Evolution of Women in Social Media) in Park City Utah.  We go to this amazing conference every year and always walk away with so many amazing new friends, new info that makes us better bloggers, and a major lack of sleep ;0!  If you can imagine, it’s hard to go to bed when you are with friends that you have so much fun with.  The 5 chicks were all there, and we stayed together in a two-bedroom suite right there at the Canyons Resort.  IT WAS AMAZING.  We want to thank all of our sponsors that supported us at EVO… SHABBY APPLE-our dresses for FRIDAY  The first sponsor, SHABBY APPLE was generous to let us each pick a dress to wear while we were there. Their dresses are AMAZING! Did you know that Brookie and I are cousins????  If you didn’t know that, now you know ;).  Brooke is so cute, and smart, [Read More…]

GroopDealz giveaway $100 Target Gift Card


Happy Thursday my friends! We have a really fun giveaway for you all today!  Today we are talking about Groop Dealz, a deal of the day site that has so many fun things, and OH WHAT DEALS THEY HAVE!  I love this site because it has multiple deals at one time, and you can ALWAYS find something appealing and gentle on the pocketbook.    It works like this…all the fun things on their site are 30-90% off all of the time and they have multiple deals running at once. This site was started by a group of moms that wanted to bring daily deals to the front doors of other moms just like themselves.  The things they sell are unique and fun.  I LOVE these little chalkboard tags.  If you don’t want to miss out on these great deals, then sign up for their e-mails HERE and they will send you alerts and fill you in on all the details.  You [Read More…]



We hope your 4th was FAB! Here are some of the pics from MY 4th…. I hope you got to go to a parade…if you did, I hope you got a lot of candy…I love candy a little too much. Maybe you had a dance party…if so, I hope you did an interpretive dance…just sayin’. I hope you had some pretty fireworks to watch… I hope you were able to spend time with loved ones…loved ones that made you laugh. We hope you were able to watch some of these… I hope your watched some of these too… I hope you had a safe & fun night….even though these were flying around. Or maybe you gathered with friends… I hope is was fun…. and that at the end of the day….you could SMILE & be grateful for such a wonderful free country, because I know I did!  What a day! XOXO, KIRSTEN

Summer Fun Chart {Kirsten Edition} ***free printable***

Summer Fun List 2012web

This is one of my favorite things we do all year as a family, our SUMMER FUN CHART!  This is a great tool to keep things fun and fresh all summer.  Along with chores, and learning activities, we try and do most of these fun things by the end of the SUMMER.  Print out your own below, and look at this list for ideas.  You will see that it will liven up your summer and you won’t ever wonder “what are we going to do today?”  There’s always something fun to do.  ENJOY! DOWNLOAD THIS ONE BELOW!!!  This can be printed at costco on a 12’x36″ and hung on a wall.  We would love to be able to honor requests to personalize these, but can’t at this time.  We hope you love this!! DOWNLOAD HERE WHAT WOULD YOU PUT ON YOUR LIST??? XOXO,  KIRSTEN

Tie Dye Rosette Shirt

_MG_0721tie dye

I’m excited to share this project with you, made with the TUPLIP TIE DYE KIT.  So I think the last time I did tie dye was when I was in 4th grade and made shirts for field day.  i think mine was green and white, and why I remember that, who knows.  This was so fun because tie dye seems to be gaining some momentum in the craft realm and my kids were SOOOOO excited to try it out.  We are looking forward to making summer t-shirts for each of the kids, I can’t wait to see what colors and design they come up with. Here are some great techniques you can use with the Tulip Tie Dye kit.  I had no idea, before I used this kit, that you could do things like ombre designs, stripes, or even spirals with a kit.  The instructions in this kit give you great detail as to how you go about doing these fun techniques. [Read More…]


_MG_0439movie & popcorn party-2

POPCORN & A MOVIE ON THE HOUSE{summer edition}:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE unique ways to have family time.  This is something we have done as a family for a couple years now and it turns out to be so much fun.  It’s the summer memory that our kids talk about frequently.  They always wonder when we are going to do it again.   I have posted about this before, but this time it is with little inexpensive embellishments from the dollar store.  Studio 5 asked me to come up with a party for $30 (with a handful of things I had at home) and under so here it is. MOVIE NIGHT with all of our neighbors. The dollar stores have so many themed items for parties, there were definitely enough things to there to have parties with different themes like: a luau, graduation party, bug collecting party, baby showers, 4th of July, water party and much more, but I wanted [Read More…]

Stenciled wrapping paper & Giveaway

stenciled wrapping paper 1

(GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED) There are so many things you can do with stencils, and for this project I wanted to try something that I hadn’t seen before.  This is when I thought of a simple project using a stencil from istencils.  It’s perfect with Mother’s Day coming up…stenciled wrapping paper. istencils has so many different stencils.  istencils has one of the largest online selections of stencils for home decor, custom clothing and more, including many different wall stencils. To make the stenciled wrapping paper, I used heavy duty butcher paper and seriously it was SOOOO easy.  I used blue painter’s tape and taped the wrapping paper to a large picture frame, then taped the stencil down and used Glitter Blast and went to town.  I chose to use Glitter Blast because I knew it would cover well and show up through the stencil.  I used the 24×24 stencil and it worked really well. Do you want to try a stencil from istencils now?  I’m sure there are projects just [Read More…]

Modified ANA WHITE Doll High Chair & matching Aprons


This was such a fun project!  I actually made it for Quincie last Christmas…and when I say for Christmas, I mean that I finished it ON CHRISTMAS at about 2am. This was so much fun to make because I knew Quincie would be so excited to add it to her play kitchen set.  I LOVE this version of the high chair because there is enough room for two dolls instead of one.  I got these plans from the AMAZING and ADORABLE and TALENTED ANA WHITE, the girl who gave me confidence to build my first piece of furniture…Quincie’s BLUE PLAY KITCHEN .  The hype that the play kitchen received through Ana’s site instantly brought me to tears.  If you haven’t been to her site, YOU MUST.   Check out the link above to see step by step plans. SUPPLIES & MODIFICATIONS (BELOW): SUPPLIES: wood cut to specific lengths (on Ana’s site) 2″ wood screws paint and paint brush band saw mitre [Read More…]

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival {Utah Giveaway}


AHHH…I HAVE WANTED TO GO TO THIS FOR YEARS!  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GO…..HERE’S THE INFO AND MAYBE I’LL SEE YA THERE! WHERE: The Thanksgiving Point Gardens at Thanksgiving Point (in Lehi, Utah) WHEN: Saturday, April 13-28th, 2012 from 10 a.m.-8 p.m (closed Sundays) WHAT:  Here is some more info about this fun family event! Welcome spring this April and enjoy all the colors of the rainbow spread throughout nearly 100 different varieties of tulips during the annual Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. Featuring 250,000 tulips spread throughout the 55-acre Thanksgiving Point Gardens, the Tulip Festival is an awe-inspiring sight that is redesigned each year to create a new display. In addition to the spectacular tulips, on Fridays and Saturdays the Tulip Festival includes music, vendors, and food. Garden tours and demonstrations run every day. And though there are hundreds of volunteers and staff working behind the scenes to create the festival, make no mistake about it: Mother Nature is [Read More…]

Vintage Window & Spring Wreath Updates :)


Ok, so a little glitter never hurt any project, especially ones needing updates or a little sparkle.  So I have been so in love with stripes….especially the aqua stripes.  There’s just something about aqua stripes that scream summer to me….ok so I’m jumping ahead to summer but mixing it a bit with Spring.  I made this wreath last year out of a pair of pants HERE and it needed a little love…what do YOU think? This is super easy.  I have had a bunch of windows like this and my dear, sweet husband has wanted to throw them away for YEARS…..yes, years.  I knew I would do something with them sometime and when I did, of course I had to LOVINGLY point out that I finally had used them :). SUPPLIES:  Windows or surface to make stripes on (frames, windows, wreaths, etc), GLITTER BLAST spray paint from KRYLON in the color, Sparkling Waters, and painter’s tape. 1.  ADD THE TAPE WHERE YOU [Read More…]

Pinkalicious Mini Pies :)


These are fun little desserts to make for any occasion.  I made delicious little Pinkalicious Mini Pies for Q’s 3rd birthday party that we celebrated at my grandma’s old school cabin….hence the awesome worn chair that’s my favorite.  They were super fun to make and SUPER easy and what little girl doesn’t like the book PINKALICIOUS, and what little girl wouldn’t love to eat Pinkalicious Mini Pies for her birthday?  Since Q knows almost every word to that book, I thought it would be a fun addition to her party. Supplies: Muffin tin & 2.5-3″ circle cookie cutter (this can vary) 2-unroll and bake pie crusts 1 cup homemade raspberry jam 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1/2 cup butter pink sugar sprinkles Instead of making pie crust, which you could totally do, I bought the “Unroll & Bake” Pie Crists and cut circles two 2.5″-3″ circles out of the dough, one for the top and one for the bottom of each mini [Read More…]

Get Air Party Giveaway


The Crafting Chicks were able to host a blogger family event a couple weeks ago at the fabulous Get Air Sportsplex in Kaysville, UT. It was a ton of fun! Our kids had a blast, we had a great time, and our husbands even seemed to enjoy it! Get Air is the largest indoor trampoline park in Utah with all sorts of cool stuff to play on–trampoline slides, foam pits, trampoline basketball and dodge ball courts. It’s every bouncers dream! Okay, there were a few of us motherly ones who had to take it easy with the jumping…if you know what I mean. We had the chance to hang out with some of our favorites! Nikkala, Brooke, and Jamie with Char from Crap I’ve Made It got a little crazy! Along with Get Air, other sponsors were  Gibbs-Smith, Orson-Gygi, Lyke Watches, and Pick Your Plum  who sent us home with all sorts of goodies! Back Row: Lara of Less Cake [Read More…]

Gumdrop Questions Game & ***Free Printable***

Sweet Shop Gumdrop & Game (1)

Today is NATIONAL GUMDROP DAY!!  I’ll be sharing this fun creation on STUDIO 5  at 11am MST along with a handful of other bloggers who took the same challenge to make something out of gumdrops.  SO TUNE IN!!!  This segment will also be available online after the show :). These are the supplies I used to make the Sweet Shop Gumdrop game (to make three jars full): 3 Mason Jars Mason jar lids with a cutout striped twine 2 bags of gumdrops Tags that are available on hole punch This is the easiest project.  All you do is fill the jar to the top and screw the lid on.  Then you take the twine and make about 10-15 strips of 15″ twine and tie a knot around the neck of the Mason jar.  Then you go below and print out the tags and simply use a  hole punch and small piece of twine to fasten all the tags to the knotted [Read More…]

Easy Valentine Party Ideas: Part 3/3 Chevron Valentines, Paper Doily Heart Garland, Candy Heart Garland & VDAY PHOTO SHOOT!

_MG_0491-2rounded corners

HELLO HELLO…here are the rest of our ideas from the neighborhood Valentines Party. I honestly wouldn’t recommend putting ALL of these things into one party; however, there is enough here to use these ideas for VALENTINE HOME DECOR, CLASS VALENTINES, & VALENTINES TREATS & a VALENTINE PARTY! VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 1 VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 2 VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 3 (below) PART 4 BONUS:  rest of the vday photo shoot coming this weekend VALENTINES (for the grandparents or anyone):  using already made Martha Stewart tags (from Michaels) & the Orson Gygi CHEVRON STRIPE LITTLE BITTY BAGS…swoon. I just want to la la la LOVE these little bags!  The sky is the limit.  I thought it would be fun to do an advent calendar with these….easy and cute. CANDY HEART GARLAND….so easy….both twine and LARGE bags of candy hearts can be found at ORSON GYGI Grab yourself some twine, candy hearts and a hot glue gun….and glue the larger hearts [Read More…]

Valentine Party Ideas 2/3: Ruffle Cupcakes, Cake Walk, Fun Drinks, Bobbing for Doughnuts!

chocolate 8-1

If you didn’t yet see the 1st post in this Valentine Party series, you can find the other posts here: VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 1 VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 2 (below) VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 3 The first post is HERE that features the proper way to melt chocolate and use them in the Orson Gygi sucker molds.  This post too is sponsored by Orson Gygi and oh how we LOVE THEM.  There are many more things to share in this fun series so to make it short and sweet, I am going to go through each of the other segments of the party and hopefully you can gain some inspiration….quick and easy inspiration, that’s what we love right?! I had help on this party, the help of my darling neighbors Brittney & Daina, and I am still kicking myself for not taking a picture of the three of us, but boy do we have some of our kiddos, and they are much [Read More…]


Chocolate suckers 1

(VALENTINE POST 1 out of 3) OTHERS ARE POSTED HERE: VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 1 (below) VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 2 VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS PART 3 PART 4 BONUS:  rest of the vday photo shoot coming this weekend Valentine’s Day is coming so soon!  It’s a fun holiday and I can’t wait to share these fun ideas with you over the next 3 days.  This is a Valentines party with the kids in my neighborhood, put on by moms in the neighborhood and sponsored by Orson Gygi, the most amazing baking, cooking, entertaining, tasty candy store I have ever been in.  If you have been in their store that is located in Salt Lake City, Utah at 3500 South 300 West, you will know what I’m talking about.  They even have an online presence that has a growing amount of darling things every day (my favorite is their new Mosser cake stands and a darling blog….swoon.) For our party we used the colors [Read More…]

{ONE WORD ONE GOAL SERIES @ Less Cake More Frosting}


WHICH WORD??? Thanks to the sweetest girl Lara from the lovely blog LESS CAKE MORE FROSTING, who invited one of us along with many other bloggers to choose one word to focus on in the year 2012.  This ended up being me, KIRSTEN….oh no, not the word to focus on, but the one that got to choose a word :), what a cool experience that has been as I have thought about what might be the best thing to focus on this year…. FIND OUT HERE! p.s.  LARA is one of the coolest girls I know.  She is amazing, and genuine, and real.  You’ll see more of what I said about here in the post :).  She is also a part of the creative team for the SNAP CONFERENCE coming up here in April.  We will be there!!! Which word would you choose for your one word goal???

What is a Gratitude Challenge? Mixed with ***FREE PRINTABLES***!


Hey friends it’s me, Kirsten again :).  Recently on the LDS.ORG website, there was a talk by President Henry B. Eyring where he talked about “The Choice to Be Grateful.”   There’s never been a better time than to talk about being grateful for the blessings we have.  On and off throughout my life, I have kept a gratitude journal (that I have recently started again).  It’s a journal that stays by my bedside and each night or every couple nights, I write the date, then write 5-10 things in it that I am thankful for.  It’s so much fun, and always amazes me when I look back at what I wrote in times past.  In that journal you can find anything from, “I’m thankful for Jesus” to “I’m thankful that my Dad called me today and cheered me up.”  Feeling entitled and ungrateful is a slippery slope for me, and it really helps me focus more on all the [Read More…]

New Habit Made EASY with **FREE PRINTABLES 8.5X11″- 20X24″ POSTERS**….Family Scripture Study

Scripture Chart BABY

Ok….so this post is dedicated to our friends that showed us this trick….and we are so grateful for their great idea.  It worked for us (I’m still surprised myself), and I hope it works for you too!  Thanks Wood Family Ok so last year at this time we embarked with a new year’s resolution that honestly I didn’t think we would be able to keep up….how’s that for a resolution!  This resolution was to read scriptures every day as a family….not a whole chapter, not even a whole ten verses, just at least one verse.  We just wanted to make family scripture study a habit, whether it was one verse or 20.  We had tried in the past to make this a habit with no real success or consistency.  BUT WE DID IT THIS YEAR!  We missed only 2 days!  That’s not to say that there wasn’t fighting and wrestling and rough housing and crying on some or all of [Read More…]

Stationery Market & Chicks’ Christmas Cards Sneak Peak- {Feature & Giveaway}

RANDOM.ORG - True Random Number Service_1322937241486

Congrats Stacy Hansen you’re the winner of 100 Christmas Cards from Stationery Market!! We are so excited to talk about STATIONERY MARKET today!  They are the official printers of ALL the Crafting Chicks’ 2011 Christmas Cards.  Look below to see what WE thought of their product, they DID NOT disappoint! About Stationery Market – Stationery Market specializes in custom photo cards as well as stationery and invitations for many other special events in your life. Our holiday cards, wedding announcements and save-the-dates, birth announcements, personalized stationery, and more, all feature unrivaled artistic beauty sure to impress. Their  Platinum Printing Option (which we were honored to try out) offers print quality so good, you’ll flip.  They Guarantee it.  Utilizing Fine Art Paper and specialty printers, your finished card will pop to a degree not previously seen….anywhere. Perfect for Christmas this year is their line up of Personalized Children’s Gifts.  Add your child’s name to a wide range of products including Lunch Boxes, Story Books, [Read More…]


tb 8

Hey friends! First off….I’ve wanted to say this for A LONG TIME on behalf of all the gals here at The Crafting Chicks…WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR YOU, OUR FAITHFUL READERS!  We have had such an amazing year because of YOUR SUPPORT!  There’s nothing more fun for us than to know that the time we spend here INSPIRES you & makes you have that urge to CREATE!  So this post is dedicated to YOU, our WONDERFUL READERS, we are “THANKFUL” for YOU! The thing I love about these banners is that you could really have them up in your house all year. I think I will move mine to one of the bedrooms or a hallway when Thanksgiving is over. There’s nothing wrong with a little “BE THANKFUL” reminder right! SUPPLIES INCLUDE:  lighter and darker shade of burlap, lace, stretchy ruffle fabric, glittery letters & sparkly gold tulle. With a couple rosettes here and there, some burlap triangles, some glitter-sprayed [Read More…]

**FREE Halloween Tag Printables**

halloween signs

AHHHH I love these little tin signs that I got over at PICK YOUR PLUM, which is a daily deal craft site.  If you haven’t been there yet, you will LOVE IT!  When I got these I knew I had to make some little printables with a little Chevron love mixed with Crystal Wilkerson’s cute borders and Halloween graphics.  YES, and you get to download them for FREE!  These are fun for little treat bags as well as tin signs or really whatever the crap you feel like using them for. HERE ARE THE INDIVIDUAL SIGNS: (DOWNLOAD BELOW) HAPPY HALLOWEEN FRIENDS! DOWNLOAD HERE! xoxo,  KIRSTEN & THE CHICKS Pin It

Pin It

Paint Chip Candy Corn Garland…3 minutes to make

paint chip banner

This is by far the easiest decoration I have ever made, and we’re all about easy right?! So I have seen all the paint chip crafts around Pinterest, so I guess I would say that this is a “Pinspired” craft! All you need is a handful of Behr paint chips from Home Depot, a stapler and a some ribbon or lace. I chose a variety of different shades, but you could use any of them that you like. If you look in the picture below, you can see the exact numbers I chose. Just cut them out into a triangle shape with rounded corners and staple them to a piece of lace or ribbon :). DONE! MAKE A WHOLE BUNCH! I think I will make some Christmas tree garlands for the holidays and maybe add some glitter :). Happy Halloween! xoxo, KIRSTEN


Frightmares Collage 1

I’m so excited to talk about the CRAFTING CHICK’S, LAGOON, FRIGHTMARES adventure.  That was a mouthful!  We were all really excited to take all the Crafting Chicks families to Frightmares at Lagoon last Saturday.  For those of you who don’t know about Lagoon, it’s located in Farmington, Utah and it’s pretty much the place where most Utahans have spent their hot summer days growing up.  Awhile back, they added the Frightmares option and started opening on the weekends in the Fall.  What a great decision that was.  We all had a total blast! THINGS WE LOVED RIGHT OFF THE BAT:  the darling Halloween decor, spooky and non-spooky,  the cool and crisp Fall air & getting there right when it opened at 11am so we could hop on all our favorite rides like….Wicked, Wild Mouse, Colossus, and the fun kiddy rides.  I’ve noticed that Lagoon has really added a whole slew of rides for kids and families, which is a giant plus, [Read More…]

Ric Rac & Lace Spiders

_MG_0036Lace Spiders

Happy Halloween friends!!!  Since Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, I have seriously been crafting up a storm.  I shared these last week at the FABULOUS BLOG EIGHTEEN25!!  We have loved their blog for so long as I’m sure ALL of you have, and we have always enjoyed the fresh ideas that come from these fellow crafters.  We have LOVED looking at all the other Halloween ideas for their Spooktacular September….SO FUN!! Today I will be sharing my LACE & RIC RAC SPIDERS.  I wanted to make some spiders this year.  I immediately knew I wanted to use Martha Stewart Fine Glitter, spray glitter, lace, liquid starch, patterned fabric, and some sparkly beads for the eyes.  As I went along, I added the pipe cleaners to stiffen the spider legs. SUPPLIES: 4′ ric rac or lace for each spider Sta-Flo Liquid Starch matching pipe cleaners glitter spray loose glitter sewing machine ribbon patterned fabric sparkly beads for eyes glue and glue gun [Read More…]

Stylish Potty Training Chart & SIMPLE methods **Free Printable**

my potty chart copy

Yes….my last babe to potty train… Check out our Fresh Living TV Segment (under crafting chicks) that Brooke and I did YESTERDAY on incentive charts to motivate the kids!   This segment gives a few more details I think you will enjoy. DOWNLOAD BELOW….(without the cute little girl pics on it) http://www.4shared.com/photo/zX08Ab7k/my_potty_chart_downloadable_fo.html Here’s a simple potty chart that my little one will use as we do the dreaded potty training.  Each time she goes potty, she gets to put a sticker on the chart.  When she fills up the chart, depending on how long that takes….she will get to pick a special toy from THE TREASURE BOX. SIMPLE TIPS FOR POTTY TRAINING IN A NUTSHELL, or at least we hope it works….right :)!  Since it’s my 4th child, you would hope that I have learned a few things :).  These methods come from the ever-so-popular potty training book called, “Potty Training in a Day.”  I haven’t used this exact method with [Read More…]

Gretchen’s LOVELY Hutch Makeover

Hey we have such a fun makeover today….it’s Gretchen from the blog, “LANDSCAPES OF OUR LIFE.”  Do you remember Brooke’s AMAZING hutch makeover???  Well this is yet ANOTHER amazing makeover from Gretchen.  And I love the red and the globes…I also collect globes and they look SOO stinkin’ cute with the red hutch.  It makes me want to go and buy one right now and do the same thing to it.  So welcome Gretchen!!! * I came across a piece of furniture at a garage sale a few weeks back.  While I didn’t have a need for it, I really wanted to get it.  So, there I stood, staring at it – trying to think of a place in my house where I could put it.  I left, went home, looked in my house, and went back to buy it.  If anything, I wanted to try to redo it, like this beautiful dining room hutch makeover.  This is what I bought for $20: [Read More…]

Simple Home Organization for SCHOOL EDITION

_MG_0030organization copy

When is comes to systems, there is definitely a need for good systems in dealing with the onslaught of paperwork, homework, STUFF, event reminders, all the schedules and everything else.  Moms have to be TASK & ORGANIZED WONDERWOMEN to keep up with life’s fast pace.  I’m here today to talk about simple systems that help me keep track of my kids’ schedules, homework, activities, car pools, and the other 5o million things on our plates. At our house…organization (I’m not even sure I would call it that) starts with our FAMILY CALENDAR.  I LOVE MY FAMILY CALENDAR.  I have to see things in my own handwriting or I’ll forget….must be the visual side of me.  To buy this, I went against my rule that I can’t buy something I can make…well after trying to figure this baby out for the whole year, I ended up buying it at Swiss Days and I have loved it ever since.  This ALA BOARD was $115 at Swiss [Read More…]

uprinting.com {giveaway}


Hey friends!  This is a great time of year to talk about printing things like CHRISTMAS CARDS, holiday invites, fall soiree announcements, ect.  Enter uprinting.com!  Uprinting.com is an economical route to take for your card printing needs.  You are going to LOVE this giveaway because WHO DOESN’T WANT A SET OF FREE POSTCARDS. Prize Details for 2 WINNERS: 100 Postcards for each Crafting Chick winner front only printing on a 5″ x 7″ size (great size), 14pt Gloss Cardstock, non-folded 2 Business Days Print Turnaround Time (Restriction: Limited to US residents 18 years old and above only) Here are the links to check out their services:  Postcard Printing services, Standard Postcard Sizes, Design Services. To enter, just leave a comment and tell us what you would print with these 100 lovely prints.  (you must be a public follower of The Crafting Chicks to be eligible to win).  The Giveaway ends at midnight on Monday 9/12/11, MST.  Winners will be announced on Monday [Read More…]

18″ Doll Clothes by Kirsten’s Mom (my Mother Hen)

IMG_0339Doll Clothes

I am so pleased to introduce MY MOM…..the CREATIVE GENIUS.  This is her official debut on Crafting Chicks and it’s about time ;). I grew up watching her sew ALL MY CLOTHES, yes even down to the underwear.  I can fully admit that I didn’t appreciate the darling outfits she made for me, but like all girls that grow up, we realize how amazing our mothers are as we grow ourselves and realize that our mothers are full-out warrior ROCK STARS.  She is one of the most humble people I know, always thinks of others, and is the official “KID WHISPERER”.  As for her crafty side, WATCH OUT PEOPLE.  She is always making something amazing.  She is always coming up with the most creative solutions, she is DA BOMB.  Pardon my sweet reminiscings, I swear I can’t help it when I am talking about people I adore so just look at the pics if you don’t want to read all [Read More…]

Grandma’s Luncheon: A Family Tradition

Grandma and Grandpa TUTU have 61 great-grandchildren AND THEY ALL LIVE IN UTAH.  She always tell all her friends about our luncheons and they are always wishing all THEIR great-grandkids lived close by....oh the things you brag about when you are 91.

Happy Summer!  This Summer has really flown by like none other.  I just got back from Girl’s Camp and that preoccupied my brain for the last little bit.  I’m excited to share with you today, one of my favorite family traditions…Grandma’s Luncheon.  On the same Tuesday every month, my girl cousins and our moms gather together at Grandma’s house or the park and have a luncheon.  This has been going on for about 8 years now.  We started it because all the girl cousins wanted OUR kids to able to spend more time with grandma TUTU, which means “Grandma” in Hawaiian.

Summer Walking Sticks

_MG_0039walking sticks

Hello everyone!!  Happy Summer.  It’s the perfect time to make a walking stick.  I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but in Utah there are SO many places to hike, most of which I’ve never been to, sadly.  But, I think it’s time to get into the mountains a little more, especially since I don’t have a baby to lug around :). I have always loved being in the outdoors and it’s so fun to experience new things with the kids.  So our goal this summer is to go on three different hikes.  This may not seem like a lot, but it’s a start for us :).  There’s something very thrilling and fun about being in the outdoors with the kids and yes, there’s always a way to add flair to something for CHEAP…..enter the walking sticks, Oh…..and let’s not forget COUSIN BROOKIE.  We are SILLY when we get together, we dance, sing, make weird faces, totally make fools [Read More…]


DownEast Basics Logo_Hi Res

Thanks to Downeast Basics, the 5 CRAFTING CHICKS will be attending EVO ’11 this weekend in style. We are so excited to attend EVO, the Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference in Park City, Utah. LAST YEAR we had a wonderful time and learned so many things that have helped our site work more efficiently and grow in the last year. Meeting friends from the blogosphere in person is so much fun.  So we are so excited to learn and meet up with old and new friends there this weekend. So at this time, we are giving a HUGE and we mean HUGE, shout out to one of our two sponsors that are making it possible for the 5 CHICKS to arrive at EVO in STYLE.   Downeast Basics, who can also be found on Facebook HERE is providing outfits for each of the 5 Chicks to wear at EVO this year and we can’t wait to share what [Read More…]

Movies on the House & Music

IMG_0049Spring Wreath

One of our favorite memories each summer is doing MOVIES ON THE HOUSE with all our neighbors.  This time we did a huge BBQ, then music, then the movie on the house.  MUSIC was new to the mix this year.  One of my favorite things is to play my guitar (and craft of course) and to sing.  My neighbor Troy is an AMAZING singer and much more seasoned performer than I, so I had a total blast performing with him.  We even whipped out the tambourine for a bit.  This is my little dude that was achin’ to put in his two cents at the microphone. The trick to planning this fun shindig (we planned this in two quick days) was to tell everyone to bring their own food and we would provide the BBQs, then one of my neighbors put the signs up around the neighborhood to advertise a bit.  All you need is a regular home projector and [Read More…]

Summer Fun Chart-Kirsten Edition :)

Summer Fun List copyweb2

So I thought I would share MY summer fun chart for 2011. I have had really great intentions in the past and have ended up with a small list of fun things to do in my journal. I’m excited to have an actual designed list to hang for the summer. It’s fun to see all the different lists that people make. Today I will be printing this on a 12×36 from Costco to fit in my Count Your Blessings Board frame.  I just took that design and tweaked it a little bit. So here it is!! What are you doing this summer??! Also check out THESE SUMMER FUN IDEAS from the other CRAFTING CHICKS: NIK’S SUMMER MERIT BADGES BROOKE’S SUMMER ACTIVITY JARS & GRAB BAGS & JAMIE’S SUMMER FUN CHART   Happy Crafting!! xo, Kirsten

3-Tiered Stand $6 + spray paint!

IMG_02473-Tier stand

Hey friends.  I shared this tutorial last week with Taylor over at Mary Jane and Galoshes, go and check out her blog, it’s really fresh and creative!  Thanks Taylor :). Today for you I have a thrift store remake.  I have wanted to make something similar to THIS for a long time.  I can’t stomach the $69 price tag from Pottery Barn.  I just barely told my husband that even if we had all the money in the world, I couldn’t spend $69 on something I could remake, NO WAY, I hope you would say the same.  So I spend $6 at the local Utah thrift store (the DI) and got these beauties, $6 TOTAL. So I purchased Rust-Oleum 2x spray paint, the same color used on this side table, I literally went on a painting rampage that day.  I used the lid of a sandwich tray to keep those suckers contained.  Rolling the candlesticks around and spraying seemed to work pretty [Read More…]


pink chairs 5

What can I say?  I can’t help myself when I see great wall hanging arrangements whether it be photos, paintings, silhouettes, whatever.  I am in the very preliminary stages of planning my own photo wall so I have been mildly obsessed with wall arrangements.  I must say that a couple of these have NO LINKS because I could not find them so if they are YOURS, please let us know and we will add you on the list.  Enjoy these BEAUTIFUL displays of art. 1.  LOVE the colors in this one, especially the pink chairs and the variety of colors.  Mmmmm. 2.  This was featured on Apartment Therapy awhile back.  It just works somehow with all the randomness.  I love the black painted behind the photos. 3.  I LOVE this Chalkboard Art Gallery from Jude at the blog ARTFUL ADVENTURES.  She did an amazing job with this and it tickles me to think that you don’t have to buy frames….ahhhhh, and [Read More…]

Pixelbooking Giveaway!!


You guys are going to love today’s giveaway! Pixelbooking has been a sponsor of The Crafting Chicks for about 2 months and now you get a chance to win some of their great products!  If you haven’t been a digital scrapbooker in the past, here’s your chance to try it out. Pixelbooking is giving away $50 worth of digital scrapbooking supplies to three (3) lucky Crafting Chicks fans. Not a digital scrapbooker? That’s okay! You can actually download and print their graphics and paper scrapbook with them (or create any other fun craft you can imagine!).   You can enter one of two ways: (Must be a follower of thecraftingchicks.com to enter.) 1) “Like” the Pixelbooking  Facebook Page and write on their Wall telling them why you think you deserve the prize. 2) Sign up for their Newsletter at pixelbooking.com and leave a comment on this blog post once you’ve signed up.   You can find many digital scrapbooking supplies you’ll [Read More…]

Spray Painted Side Table

IMG_0253Side Table Redo WEB

So I had a serious crafty weekend.  Have you ever had that itch that you couldn’t ignore and all of the sudden you find yourself crafting up a storm?  When I’m not totally exhausted from the regular day’s work (most days), I like to craft up a storm.  This last Saturday was similar to the day when I was so sick of my panel blinds and ripped them off the wall while my hubs was gone one night.  I had a curtain rod that was too long and whipped out my saw and cut it off hastily….can you say compulsive?  Anyhow, I had new curtains up even though they were too short, I still need to fix those.  So this was one of those weekends of compulsive haste! I have wanted a new side table for while now.  I have also wanted to spray paint a piece of furniture.  I had this turquoise on hand, so off the kids and I went [Read More…]

**Easy** & Tasty EASTER gift

IMG_0060Spring Wreath

Happy Easter this week.  To be honest, I haven’t even purchased any trinkets for my kids’ Easter baskets yet.  I hope Target’s dollar section has some goodies left for me, that’s so sad.  This is a fun and easy project.  I made 4 of them that I am giving to some of the ladies that I visit teach.  In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, that just means the ladies that I visit each month and share a spiritual message and make sure they are doing fine.   Oh and one for my sister that SAVED me yesterday while I pampered my 4 sick kids, she deserves a medal. HERE WE GO:  Grab some egg cartons.  This was perfect timing because I just put the unused eggs into a bowl so we can dye them this week. Empty them like so. Purchase a whole bunch of yummy Easter candy.  Those Cadbury Mini Eggs are naughty as we all know. [Read More…]

Sports Birthday Party :)

IMG_1241Sports Birthday Party

This year for Porter’s Birthday, he wanted a SPORTS BIRTHDAY PARTY. It’s pretty easy to do a party for a boy, although I ALWAYS miss all the frills and pretty things that you can craft up. SPORTS CUPCAKES: These darling cupcakes were made by my darling friend CELESTE.  She was a wedding cake business and her cupcakes are ALWAYS delicious. I love the bright colors. POPCORN:  There’s popcorn at sporting events, enter the popcorn.  I bought these blue and red paper sack from Wal-Mart in their party section.  They are pretty inexpensive.  You could also add a box of Cracker Jacks in there, that would be cute too. We gave these out towards the end of the party.  I just Photoshopped his head and added a couple of words.  Boys don’t really care about these details, but I thought it was fun ;). I printed these off at the UPS store for $.25 per/ sheet (4 to a sheet).  This [Read More…]


IMG_0705Spring Wreath

OK, so I can’t help but be excited about SPRING.  I also can’t help but laugh my head off when Jamie came up with the saying, “HIPPITY HAPPITY SPRING”.  If you don’t know Jamie Jo and the rest of the chicks, Nik, Brooke, Beck and I (Kirsten), we are kind of silly and crazy at times….cats out of the bag :).  Anyhow, I heard ducks honking and flying over my house in the middle of the night over to the ponds by my house….SPRING IS HERE!! Jamie JO JO and I went on Channel 2’s FRESH LIVING SHOW HERE where we appear once a month.  On Monday, we did Spring ideas and this wreath was on the show with us along with some crazy cute printable from Jamie (linked above.) SO THE WREATH…..EASY.  FAST.  FUN. 1.  I found these green pants ($2.30 from Downeast) and cut the legs up in strips…..wrapped them around a stray wreath form ($2 Hobby Lobby). [Read More…]

DIY “Lucky Charms” Notebook

IMG_0932Lucky Charms Notebook Cinch

Hey it’s Kirsten again, I’ve missed you all dearly!  This is the last you will see of my St Patrick’s Day stuff that was featured on Channel 2’s Fresh Living Show.  This is one of my favorites.  I love notebooks, I have MANY notebooks that serve many purposes.  I write my to-do lists in them, grocery lists, ideas and I LOVE them.  This allows you to get super unique and personalized with a notebook.  I know I have friends that would die for a Diet Coke one ;).  Anyhow, I can’t wait to make some out of some old books I bought at the thrift store, I’ll let you know when I finish those beauties :). Oh and I forgot to mention that this was done with my new favorite tool….THE CINCH BINDING MACHINE, which we got from ROBERT’S CRAFTS (ONLY IN UTAH).  You can also find the CINCH online. YOU NEED BINDING COIL (SOLD WHERE CINCH PRODUCTS ARE SOLD), [Read More…]

**Easy** St. Patrick’s Day Banner :)

IMG_0381St Patrick's Day Bannerb

The story of this banner is FUNNY.  Jaden, my neighbor who is 12 years old (surfer, cool clothes, totally creative) and is the idol of my young boys ages 6, 5, and 4….came over to my house one day with this darling paper wreath a couple days after Valentine’s day.   He said, “this would be cool for your site.”  We talked it over for a moment, with a smile inside I told him to try and make some shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day since Valentine’s is already over.  He said he would go back and try.  He came back minutes later with these darling shamrocks…..THE BOY IS CREATIVE.  I threw them on a ribbon, and we had a St. Patrick’s Day BANNER, how fun.  I told him we COULD feature these on our site, and he was beyond excited.  So everyone give a big shout out to my Jaden neighbor, who rocks in so many ways :). SO IF [Read More…]

EASY Arm Warmers…Leg Warmers…GOOD LUCK CHARMS :)


Here are one more of the items that were featured on the Channel 2 spot Nik and I did last Monday that you can find HERE. These are SO SO SO SO easy to make.  Really it took me less than 5 seconds to make these babies.  I like these because they are INEXPENSIVE, stylish and very easy to make. These are the ones WITHOUT thumb holes.  If you want the ones WITH thumb holes, check out the ones I made in Decemeber HERE. THE STEPS TO MAKE THESE: -Find cute socks (mine are from Target…$2) -Find a cute patch or fabric sticker (Shamrocks are from Roberts) -cut the bottom of the sock off -stick the dang sticker on I like these because when you cut the bottom of the sock off…it rolls up, NO SEWING.  Although i’m not opposed to sewing, it’s nice to NOT sometimes. These are fun to give away because they can become someone’s good luck charm…. I [Read More…]

Little Gifts for St. Patrick’s Day **Free Downloads**

IMG_0931TWITTER copy

Nik and I were lucky enough to be able to show these and some other fun projects on Channel 2 on President’s Day.  This clip can be see HERE.  These are some fun little treats you can give to your kids, your sweetheart, your kids’ teachers or whoever else you feel like giving a pot of gold to. This is so easy: SUPPLIES:  get your supplies-you can find these cute white buckets at Dollar Tree.  They are $1 for a package of three. HERE ARE THE EASY STEPS:  fill your buckets with Rolos, stick it in a cellophane bag, download the fun tags (below) that I designed especially for YOU and cut out with scallop or regular scissors, and use fun ribbon to tie the tag onto the bag, then deliver it to your favorite peops.  WALLAHH! There are 5 different downloads to choose from depending on what you feel like saying at the moment. THESE ARE ALL DIFFERENT:  TAKE NOTE [Read More…]

Delightful afternoon with some new friends :) & WHERE WOMEN CREATE


Yesterday I (Kirsten) got to spend the afternoon with some FANTASTIC ladies from the blogosphere, an event that was put on by Paige and Jo from WHERE WOMEN CREATE.  They put on the craftiest event call THE CREATIVE CONNECTION which is now a part of BLOG HER HANDMADE that is held in St. Paul, MN from Thursday, September 15 — Saturday, September 17.  I. WANT. TO. GO. SO. DANG. BAD. It’s like the mecca of craftiness.  I SO wish my fellow chicks and all of you could have been there with us.  There couldn’t be a nicer & more personable group of successful and sweet ladies.  Take a second to look at their sites because each one of their sites will just blow your mind with the amounts of inspiration bursting from their seams. Bottom from left: Margie from The Girls Paperie Jo from Where Women Create Paige from Where Women Create Shelley from The House of Smiths Brittany from One Charming Party [Read More…]

ONE MORE…SIMPLE Homemade Valentine Card & ***FREE PRINTABLE***

You Make My Heart Bounce

I made our 2011 Valentines finally. 2010’s silly Valentines are HERE. So I had to hurry and post this one so you can use it for Monday’s Valentine parties if you don’t have any yet (or if there are only lame ones left in the store). This is a really fun idea that was inspired by SUPERMOM MOMENTS.  Sometimes it’s hard to find Valentine ideas for boys.  Here is all you need: 1.  Download the printable below by clicking on the link at the end of this post. 2.  Have your child sign his/her name on the back. 3.  Buy the baggies that you use for hard suckers.  You can buy these at most craft store where the sucker molds are. 4.  Buy a whole slew of bouncy balls and fold paper in half then staple them together. Here is the link to download: You Make My Heart Bounce thecraftingchicks.com.jpg What are your fun Valentine ideas? Happy Valentines xo, Kirsten

{Silly & Simple Valentine Cards}

Valentine Ideas 2

THIS IS REALLY REALLY SIMPLE.   1.  Print out wallet-size photos- OPTIONS: -photoshop the writing right on there, but if you don’t use Photoshop… -cut out card stock that size and cut out head and write on card stock…OR -Print out wallet-sized photo (.39/4 at Costco) 2.  get some stick-on googly eyes -you can even do one big one for a cyclops, that would be so silly -you can do any size My kids’ friends LOVED these last year. For Porter’s, I picked a Halloween photo from last year. ENJOY…..I’m still not sure what I am going to do for this year Any ideas? xoxo, Kirsten

Vintage Paper Chandelier…{Valentines style}


Welcome friends to our community of crafters! If it’s your first time on our site, look around and stay awhile. We love new friends Valentines is still a handful of weeks away, but now is the time to think about decor, valentines for your kids, etc. Tune in to see Kirsten Wright on Studio 5 today and see some of these crafts LIVE, including the Valentines Paper Chandelier.  If you would like to see the ORIGINAL Paper Chandelier and FULL tutorial, click HERE.  This too will be featured today LIVE on channel 5 at 11am here in Utah.  I love this particular project because it allowed to me find all my favorite pictures again, and the kids go crazy to see their pictures hanging above the table. PHOTO TAKEN DURING THE DAY:) I added these pics because daytime photos are always better to me Other uses for the chandelier:  birthdays, other holidays, anniversaries, parties and more :).  For all the [Read More…]

{Start the year off right…”Count Your Blessings”}


Happy New Year friends! So with a Christmas Break, I feel like it’s been forever since I have posted. I’m excited to share this “Blessings Board.” Even though last year brought a handful of trials there is no doubt there has been blessings. There is no better way to feel better about any situation, than to look and be thankful for what has been given already. I’m excited to put this up all year so we can really focus on the many blessings we have. I had wanted to make one of these for awhile and then I saw THIS masterpiece, which really solidified more of the look I was going for.  BUT…..I didn’t have vinyl…didn’t have burlap….THEN…enter digi….like always.   I found this beauty at the DI for $8.  Sorry sweet little fashion collage, you are getting a makeover. The dimensions of this frame just happened to be 12″X36″ which is the size you can print at COSTCO for $4.99.  [Read More…]

Mod Podged Notebooks…EASY last-minute gift

1st pics

Hey it’s Kirsten. Are we all feeling the time crunch??? So it’s time to really scramble. Between now and Christmas I am still making HUGE picture frames, oil cloth aprons, vinyl aprons, and a whole lot of photo editing. Not quite sure how it’s all going to get done, but I’m sure with a couple of late nights I should be able to knock ’em out or knock ’em off my list of Christmas TO-DOs.  These notebooks are the perfect last-minute things to make for the kiddies.  My kids are really into drawing right now, especially in church.  I think they will LOVE drawing in their own personalized notebooks.  Here are a few EASY, and I mean EASY steps. The cute graphics on each of the notebooks are from CRYSTAL WILKERSON.  I love how simple they are.  She designs some crazy cute things. These white books worked a little better than the brown ones because they are hardback covers.  The [Read More…]

Photos on Canvas

deck the halls banner sm

Happy Holidays my friends out there in Blogland.  As I write this, I am on my way home from the Beehive Bazaar in Provo, Utah with my bestie Celeste and my bestie sister Jeannette.  What a fun girl’s night it was.  Ya know those nights when you have a billion things to do and you decide to bag it all and have a girl’s night, yea that was tonight.  Anyhow, this is a fun craft that you can do in a myriad of ways.  I chose to do it like this, using these supplies: 10″ x 10″ canvases Mod Podge Brown Spray Paint 4 photo collages I made in Photoshop Sponge brush I made these for my hubby’s office.  If you don’t want to fuss with mounting your own pics, check out the Canvas People link on our sidebar and they make BEAUTIFUL canvases that don’t involve you doing anything other than uploading your cute pics.  I made these BEFORE [Read More…]

The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner & Giveaway*CLOSED*

IMG_0764 copyweb

IF YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION TO FAMILY DINNERTIME: PLANNING, SHOPPING, COOKING, ETC. LOOK NO FURTHER. This is a complete treat for us to be showcasing the FOOD NANNY and her amazing cookbook, The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner, on thecraftingchicks.com.  This lovely lady not only has an amazing cookbook, but also has her own TV show where she rescues families from dinnertime disaster.  When you meet her in person, which Brooke and I separately have had the opportunity to do, you just know that she is a true believer in her system and the ability it has to bond families together through consistent family dinnertime.  She recently did a presentation in my area and everyone left with 2 or 3 cookbooks each.  It’s brilliant. As the Food Nanny, Liz Edmunds helps families with her theme-night solutions and strategies for successful family dinnertimes: Get past the “Yes, buts…” that are keeping you from cooking Plan meals the easy way: [Read More…]

Christmas Card Ideas with a twist

sm card 2007

Hey it’s Christmas Card time again.  My Christmas cards and I have a love/hate relationship.  I love to send out something cute and fun to wish our friends and family a Merry Christmas, but man…it takes some work, wouldn’t you say? Being a photographer and one who likes to design, I’m always feelin’ the pressure come September to get the ball rolling.  I must do it each year though because it’s really been a fun way to display some of our favorite pics of the year and to write our annual Christmas LETTER, as you will see down below.  Here are some fun Christmas Card ideas from three of us crafting chicks:  Jamie, Kirsten & Brooke. 1.  2007, this is when Jamie had just two little ones…twins.  I love the blue and red on this one.  Jamie has no idea that I am giving her family’s history.  If you are wondering if Jamie is supermom, she is. A handful of [Read More…]

Arm Warmers…Half Gloves…Baby Legwarmers…Cheap/Awesome Christmas present & Halloween Warmers :)

Arm Warmers

I can’t believe I just mentioned Christmas.  Well, I said it.  With Christmas around the corner and chilly Halloween nights for that matter, this is a cheap/fun present for any lady in your life from babies up to mamas and grandma’s if she’s hip.  These (without flowers) are also fun for boys, yes boys.  These are super popular at my kids’ school and they call them Spirit Arms.  These gray ones are fun for the boys minus the frills. STEP 1.   So I purchased these cute socks at Target in the ladies section.  They were $2 per pair.  That’s a great present for darn cheap, WOOT WOOT.  You can’t beat handmade either.  You can find these and others at Target.  There are also some that are $5 which are also really cute. STEP 2.  Take each sock and cute each one right above the ankle.  The best part is that you don’t even need to sew the cut end.  If [Read More…]

SUPER cute things around BLOGLAND!!!

The Pink Peony

So there have been a couple of ideas I have seen lately that have made me SWOOOOOON!!!  We are doing something new around here once a month and that is featuring some of the fun things we have seen around some of our very favorite blogs.  I am really really excited to share these DARLING ideas and give a shout out to our crafty friends out there in BLOGLAND. #1.  This first one comes from Robyn over at The Pink Peony.  I love the whole silhouette marries Halloween flair this year.  I love the frames she put them in.  She purchased the black frame at a yard sale, and the shutters at Goodwill.  This is re-purposing at its finest!  She has some darling ideas on her blog, check it out if you have a second. #2.  These cute monster eyes are from the blog IT IS WHAT IT IS.  They are treat pack and you wouldn’t believe what the treats [Read More…]

Vintage Paper Halloween Wreath

Paper Wreath 6web

Ok so it’s finally the beginning of October.  I have had my Halloween decor up for about 3 weeks, nerdy I know.  I am glad October is finally here to usher in all the fun fall things that happen around here:  visits to the pumpkin patch, cider and doughnuts, corn mazes, brightly colored fall leaves, and Halloween of course.  I needed some more Halloween decor for my house so I had to try out the paper wreath thing.  I saw the most darling boutique at Swiss Days in Midway, Utah.  They were featuring all these fun paper wreaths.  So here’s my version of it! Let’s start with the supplies: Supplies: glue gun & glue, old book, scissors, Halloween greeting for the center, cardboard circle measuring 14″ in diameter, ribbon, lace or ric rac for hanging This paper wreath is very easy to make, it’s unique, and it’s really inexpensive, who doesn’t love that!  Follow these simple steps: 1. Cut out [Read More…]

Pssst…Crafting Chick Brooke was featured on Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest!


So our very own Crafting Chick Brooke is away on vacation so I thought I would sneak this in because she’s WAY too modest to write this herself.  Brooke’s hutch redo was featured on Re-Nest recently.  Re-nest is one of Apartment Therapy’s sites, what an honor!!! Let’s really embarrass her by sharing what the editor had to say about it: “Hi Crafting Chicks! I’m an editor with Apartment Therapy Media.  I write for all of our respective sites and this morning I did a feature on your red hutch transformation.  It was simply out of sight!  It was hands down the best thing on my blog roll this morning and that’s saying something.  It made me instantly sad that I didn’t hang onto the hutch of my Grandmother’s that I could have done something similar with. I wish you all the best, you’re one of the best reads out there!” Thanks Apartment Therapy & WAY TO GO Brooke.  If you [Read More…]

{“SPOOKY” Accordian Halloween Banner}

trick or tweet banner2 copy

Trick or Tweet my SPOOKY friends out there…speaking of SPOOKY, I look pretty SPOOKY as I sit here and type, it’s a good thing my face isn’t being broadcasted across this page, that’s a SPOOKY thought.  Anyhow, I’m excited to share this spooky banner with you because it’s SUPER easy to make and I love how it turned out.  There are only a couple simple steps….(cute black and white frames designed by Crystal Wilkerson as well as elements in Halloween banner above, chick from Shabby Princess) 1.  Pick some cute letters that can be spray glittered or that are ALREADY glittered.  This is where I sprayed mine with the help of my five year-old. 2.  Make some fun accordion wheels out of old book pages (my pages were 5×8″-3 pages per wheel)…instructions with my Vintage Birthday Chandelier HERE.  Hot glue those to fun decorative paper that you trim to about 1″ larger than your wheel. Simple yea? Woot Woot! 3.  [Read More…]

Two Weeks of Trick or Tweet with The Crafting Chicks-HALLOWEEN ideas galore!

trick or tweet banner2 copy

SEPTEMBER 20TH-OCTOBER 3RD…JOIN US! Ghosties and Goblins and Girlies and More Halloween ideas and creations galore. Starting Sept. 20th for two weeks complete, Here’s hoping you find some tricks and a tweet!!! * Also in line for some Halloween bliss, Spooktacular September goes something like this: Spooky/darling ideas from eighteen25 We feel honored for our Chicklet Brooke to be featured on Oct. 29th!!! So gather your whosits and whatsits galore, and join us starting Monday, we couldn’t ask for more! Feel free to grab our Trick or Tweet with The Crafting Chicks button!



For camping, or any occasion for that matter Problem:  Girls couldn’t go down the river in flip flops, they fall off, and they HAD to wear shoes….. Solution:  My brain….hmmmm……ok….let’s fold tape in half, make strap that goes around the ankle, cross them in the front and tape to keep shoes on….wear flip flops anyway…. Craft some cute flowers to go on top…..it’s amazing what we can come up with when we have limited resources…the girls LOVED them 😉

Themed Girl’s Camp-“OH THE PLACES YOU’LL GO!”


So let’s just say up front that a WHOLE BUNCH of my creative energy from about NOV. ’09-JULY ’10 went into planning our ward’s Girl’s Camp.  I thought I would share the details with all of our friends here at The Crafting Chicks. In the LDS faith, Girl’s Camp (for girls ages 12-18 years of age) is a time to learn first aid and other camping skills, enjoy the outdoors, bond together as a group, be totally silly and crazy (I did my share of that) and best of all….to learn how to be closer to the Savior.  There are so many temptations in life for teens, it’s so amazing to have strong influences to combat those challenges and temptations, and to know the truth about it all…that the Lord loves them and has a plan for them.  I had the great opportunity to be the camp director this last summer and it was an amazing experience.  There is something [Read More…]

LOVE letters & Children’s Books


As you read this, try to keep yourself from thinking, “my man would NEVER do that.” Instead of buying each other cards for special occasions  (which isn’t really my style anyway unless it has something really ugly I can make fun of), let me say that last sentence over again.  Instead of buying each other cards for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Christmas, and any other day you would buy your “significant other” a card of some sort, we buy each other a children’s book.  Most of the time we buy a nice hardback one, and on the inside cover, we write each other a love letter which usually makes me laugh and cry and “””SENSOR—-wet myself—-SENSOR””” all at the same time. So if your man needs some ideas, let him choose a gross book first like THIS one and just go with it.  Also remind your MAN that your kids (or future kids) will [Read More…]

Scrabble Tile Necklace & PHOTOSHOP Tutorial

Scrabble Tile Necklaces low

The Scrabble tile necklace has been done a thousand times over, but here’s my rendition of the PHOTOGRAPH Scrabble Tile Necklace. The months between August and January hold a delicate string of birthdays that belong to some a set of women that are very dear to me. Each year at this time I have to get really creative when I think about what to get them all for their birthdays. I’m one of those people that either does something really sentimental and creative or nothing at all, they will all attest to this and for that I apologize ;). So the Scrabble Tile Necklace was the perfect solution to last year’s birthday roundup. All the gifts that are given from my fingertips routinely have something to do with pictures. WHY? Because I’ve been a photographer for ten years now. That means that I have pictures of everyone and their dog (literally), and who doesn’t like a picture of….their DOG, or [Read More…]

It’s really coming…First Day of School…Capture ALL of the excitement!

First Day of School Pictures 4 copy

Every mom wants to get good pictures of their kids on their first day of school.  Whether you’re a paparazzi mom or a single photo snapper, the Crafting Chicks BEGINNING OF SCHOOL photo segment will get the gears primed and ready for that magical first day of school that every kid remembers…ok every girl remembers. AS EVERY MOTHER KNOWS, THERE ARE A HANDFUL OF MEMORABLE MOMENTS TO CAPTURE THAT FIRST DAY, OR LEADING UP TO IT: . BUCKET LIST: #1 Back to school night photos=pressure free #2 Beforehand photos-individual pics, back pack pics, sibs, friends #3 Bus stop/Carpool-friends, coming and going #4 Senior photos-anything goes! . . FUN PHOTO OPP #1. back to school night=pressure free Back to school night is a great pressure-free place to take photos. Take a photo of your child next to mom or dad. This shows their size at the time and is usually just an all-around cute photo:  This is my son and my [Read More…]

{Tip Tuesday-Altoids Tins at SCHOOL}


THERE ARE SO MANY USES FOR ALTOIDS TINS!  I love them, in case you couldn’t already tell.  I love the candies inside, I love that the tins can be reused after, I love that those “curiously strong” little fellas leave such a sweet lingering scent on their handy dandy container. So for TIP TUESDAY this week, let’s discuss a couple of ways to repurpose these fun boxes of love and greatness. # 1 LUNCH MONEY CONTAINER:  This could be used by elementary kids and high schools kids alike.  Even as an adult this last week for camping, I stored my credit cards and DL in one, worked like a charm. # 2 GLAMOUR KIT– Thanks to my nieces Megan and Bri for all of the trinkets. This could be used by any age…namely high school and junior high girls.  The Glamour Kit can include hair accessories, earrings, clips, hair bands, bracelets and whatever else needed to have it all at [Read More…]

{3 Different Magnet/Message Boards}

Magnet Boards on Canvas 1low

Hey it’s me Kirsten.  I am sharing these fun magnet/message boards with all of you because they are SUPER easy and SUPER handy to have around.  I load up these boards with all kinds of pictures of our family old and new, quotes, and messages.  This first board I made for my sweet sister Jeannette.  She is so wonderful and just loves anything handmade. BOARD #1 SUPPLIES: FABRIC:  the black and white fabric is from HOBBY LOBBY (one of the best places to buy cute/cheap fabric). CANVAS: 16×20 SHEET METAL:  I purchased already cut from a local craft store 11×14 E6000 Glue:  industrial strength glue to use on metal or glass, I used it to glue the 11×14 sheet metal to the board RIBBON:  white 1/2″ grosgrain ribbon EMBELLISHMENTS: old buttons, jewels, silk flower TITLE NAME:  background is from scrapbook paper, and the name part is digiscrapped on Photoshop with Rhonna Farrer’s Parisian Flair Alphebet (my favorite), and the bird [Read More…]

*Welcome Maddie from Lil’ Magoolie*


So here’s a really fun guest feature we have today….MADDIE from the fantastic site LIL’  MAGOOLIE.  She was so kind to share the love and feature our  VINTAGE PAPER CHANDELIER a couple of weeks ago, and in turn we discovered her darling site.  Ok and I’m not going to lie, I’m a little jealous that she has been featured on APARTMENT THERAPY.  If you never been there, ooooohhh you must look, it’s divine.  So, welcome to Maddie and all of you Oh and one more thing I cannot forget, she’s sweet as ever so go check her cool stuff out. Five Random Things about Maddie from Li’l Magoolie.com – I was born in Australia, spent the last 3 years in Calgary, Canada and now live in beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand – I’m a Graphic Designer, Wifey and Mum to a 17 month old cutie named Aspen – I’m a complete colourphile (is that a word?). If it’s colourful, I’m there with [Read More…]

Great tips for 4th of July Fireworks!!!


I am not going to lie, one of the things I am most excited for during this wonderful 4th of July weekend is the opportunity to take some rockin’ fireworks photos with my new  Canon 5D Mark II. This is no paid advertisement ladies,  just a sweet little love affair.  This baby takes pics in the night and can reel in enough light to make it look bright outside.  This 21 mega-pixel monster can shoot at a really high ISO (camera speed) with little to no grain in the picture: BRILLIANT! But keep in mind…you don’t need the most amazing camera to take great pictures.  Check out these tip and tricks to shoot the best possible firework photos!  The Digital Photography School highlights some of the necessary techniques for shooting really fantastic firework photos…and really, this is just one way to do it, but if you are looking for a different effect you just need to experiment, experiment, experiment! 1. [Read More…]

The Vintage Birthday Paper Chandelier

So for Dave’s birthday I wanted to do something random and different. Enter the Vintage Paper Chandelier. I saw the idea of a paper birthday chandelier somewhere on the Internet…cheers to you whoever you are. I would tell you where I saw it but I just saw the pic awhile back, and only saw it once. I ended up creating my interpretation of it. (scallop brush created by the talented Katie Pertiet from Designer Digitals) Assemble like so: choose a book you can use for taking apart…I had an extra church manual. You could look at that one of two ways…wow that’s harsh that you would take apart your church manual…OR you could think, wow, that chandelier has some real important stuff in it. You can guess what I chose. This book’s pages were 6″x9″ with the diameter of the finished paper circle about 8 1/2″, and the diameter of the whole chandelier, 22″. You need three to make a [Read More…]


Ok, so Nikkala was talking about doughnuts, and my mouth is now watering and I am going to talk about these YUMMY, cupcakes now. So you may have seen these on Martha Stewart….but these are BETTER. This recipe was made by my darling friend Jeneece, who is a baking goddess. She tweaked Martha Stewart’s recipe by changing the chocolate cake part of the recipe into even more dark loveliness. Jeneece surprised me with these, and some others that were equally great, after I spent an afternoon at her house with some of her SWEET friends teaching a Photoshop class in her theater room: (RANDOM SIDE NOTE: WE WILL BE TEACHING MORE CLASSES LIKE THIS SOON….PHOTOSHOP, DIGI SCRAPPIN’ AND MORE!!!) When we were setting up, she was making these for her daughter’s class, and in not so many words, I demanded that she bring me a lovely set of these, PLEASE JENEECE! She did not disappoint. So here it is…please make [Read More…]

Early 4th of July ideas

So I recently saw these pages that I haven’t printed yet….from 2 years ago….go figure, and it reminded me of how much I love all the memories that surround the 4th of July. If I am being even more honest I would say that besides projects here and there I don’t really scrap all my photos, not enough time in the day. Now that I had my moment of honesty…….I can begin. A few of these pages were layouts I copied from the amazing crafting chick JAMIE. I love the way she digi scraps. These are digi layouts that are I will probably put in an 8×8 book one day. On fourth of July this year, take some cute pictures of the details of the the day, through all the craziness. These elements are from Shabby Princess and Designer Digitals. We really like to be nerds as you can see. It really is all about the treats for me… I [Read More…]

{Q’s Blue Play Kitchen}

Ana from Knock Off Wood so generously featured the play kitchen I built, on her AMAZING site last Sunday. If you haven’t ever been there you MUST check it out. I could easily say that it changed my life a couple of months ago when Cousin Brooke introduced it to me. So her site is full of DETAILED and EASY building plans of all sorts of great furniture from places like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and West Elm. I didn’t know ANYTHING about wood or nail guns before I started this project a couple months ago. Even Better, she posts plans EVERY DAY! I don’t know how she does it, but thousands of people who visit her site daily would agree that she’s an inspiration. I have 4 kids 6 and under, and found the time to make this. I am telling you that not because I am supermom, but because it’s really doable. I had to work on it [Read More…]


So Spring and Easter is all about rebirth, right. Well, I decided to allow the bakist (is that even a word) inside of me be reborn….ok so it was never born, so I could say birth to the bakist inside of me. So I saw these on Bakerella. Ok, so I’m not so sure why I haven’t seen her sit before, and furthermore, not so sure why I haven’t seen this glorious CAKE POP recipe. Oh I have to add that she randomly got chosen to be on Martha Stewart to make this very recipe. She was also featured making them into cupcake pops here on an amazing site called the Pioneer Woman. So I went to town on the cake pops. I love food that you can decorate, it’s kinda like crafting. The recipe is here… CAKE POPS But really all you do is bake a regular cake…..yellow, cherry chip (shown here), chocolate, confetti, whatever floats your boat, and [Read More…]


Hey this is Kirsten and I thought I would introduce myself since you probably don’t know who is contributing to this blog, but I am one of the crafters on this site and there are about 6-8 of us that contribute to this blog….we all LOVE LOVE LOVE to make fun new things and started this to share some of our ideas with each other and with you. Most of us are from Utah, Brooke is MY cousin, Jamie, is one of my old neighbors and dear friends, both AMAZINGLY AWESOME crafters. Coming up here soon, we will have more information about each of us….as for me, I have 4 kids-3 boys and a girl ages…BOY-5, BOY-4, BOY 3 1/2, GIRL 1 so I don’t have a whole lot of time to make things, although I usually find time because it’s a complete outlet for me. I am 29 and I am a professional photographer and have been for 9 [Read More…]


It’s Kirsten (finally)…it really has been awhile since I’ve posted, but I love love love Fall decor so for the last 3 years I’ve made a spooky Halloween tree. You find random branches from old trees, scrub oak branches are the best and easiest to find because there’s always dead ones here and there. I found mine in a field near my house (try and avoid your neighbor’s trees You can make a big one or a small one depending on your personal preference. Then you spray paint them black, stick them in green floral foam, stick that in a pot and call it good. From there you can either put that fake moss over the base, or you can find a fall-ish patterned dishrag and put it around the base. Then you decorate it with small ornaments you can find at craft stores. I got mine at the Rock Loft and Taipan. You could even make your own if [Read More…]

Entry Way Photo Gallery

Oh darn it’s been awhile. Since I had Quincie in October, life has been crazy, of course you all understand. It’s good to be back!  I finally hung some pictures in my house, I really wanted an Entry Way Photo Gallery. I have major commitment issues when it comes to walls and photos. So it you are feelin’ it too, just head on down to IKEA and grab their 22 1/2″ x 22 1/2″ frame for only $25, in fact, grab 4 of them and make a photo wall. This is the other angle. The bottom of the lower level of frames sits at about 2’10” off the floor. My goal with these pictures was to have a wall of photos that really portrayed our family, and since this wall is one of the most highly trafficked areas in our house, I really didn’t want plain pictures that didn’t have a purpose. So I went for random ones. One was [Read More…]

DIY Spooky Halloween Tree

I love love love Fall decor so last year I made a DIY Spooky Halloween Tree!  You find random branches from old trees, scrub oak branches are the best and easiest to find because there’s always dead ones here and there. I found mine in a field near my house (try and avoid your neighbor’s trees You can make a big one or a small one depending on your personal preference. Then you spray paint them black, stick them in green floral foam, stick that in a pot and call it good. From there you can either put that fake moss over the base, or you can find a fall-ish patterned dishrag and put it around the base. Then you decorate it with small ornaments you can find at craft stores. I got mine at the Rock Loft and Taipan. You could even make your own if you are on a budget, or wait until the week before Halloween and [Read More…]

Fun Little Projects for Mother’s Day

So I have to post things when crafty things happen at our house. First of all, I have to say Mod Podge is my new favorite friend. I used this on all these projects after hearing the raves from Jamie and Brooke. It gives a nice, smooth finish that protects the papers from all fingerprints. It also is the glue that holds the pictures on…amazing. For Mother’s Day I thought I would make a Fun Little Projects for Mother’s Day by using some of the projects we started at our scrappin’ weekend for gifts, and I was really excited about the results. I love the versatility of digital scrapbooking. Sometimes I get so excited about it that I almost can’t stand it and I jump up and down and make excited, high-pitched girl noises (Jamie, Brooke, and Celeste you know what I am talking about). So here are the projects. I am horrible at naming the kits I got everything from [Read More…]

Just a little Digi Birthday Invitation Idea

I came up with Just a little Digi Birthday Invitation Idea – I printed these invitations I designed on Photoshop at Smiths and then asked for 4×6 size envelopes. It was perfect because they were only 14 cents to print and the envelopes were only 5 cents. It was a pretty cheap custom invite if you ask me. Oh and I must say that I got the Diego paraphernalia by just taking a snapshot of one of his Diego books, hope that’s ok Nick Jr. Cheap and fun!!!