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Darling Zombie Apocalypse Throw Pillows

Darling Zombie Apocalypse Throw PillowsI’m so super excited to be posting this project today and i’m even more excited to talk about this awesome fabric from Riley Blake!!! Yes, it’s ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE fabric created by Emily Taylor Design for Riley Blake Designs, who would have thought!!! When I first saw this fabric when their yearly catalogue came out a handful of months ago, I knew I had to get my hands on some. I love it so much because it’s stylish and goes with my decor and it’s actually cute! You can see below, how fun it is. I also love this design because it’s Halloween-ish, but doesn’t look cheesy like most Halloween fabric. SCORE.

Darling Zombie Apocalypse Throw Pillows

There are a million and one pillow tutorials out there so I will spare you those details. I just wanted to share this fabric…isn’t it cute. I love the quotes on this one.

Darling Zombie Apocalypse Throw Pillows

Here’s the simple pocket on the back of the pillow. I purchased pillows on the clearance rack at Marshalls. The long pillow was $13 and the square pillow was $5. I took off the other pillow cover and used the down insert in the new pillow cover I created.

Darling Zombie Apocalypse Throw Pillows

I LOVE this one. All the zombies…so clever without being gross.

Darling Zombie Apocalypse Throw Pillows

Call me crazy, but they’re just so cute.

Darling Zombie Apocalypse Throw Pillows I love these so much and my kids do as well!! There’s just something unconventional and amazing about it. What do you think??

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  1. I really like the pattern.. its new and cute plus modern in a totally whacked out way.. just my kind of thing

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