#1 Best Thing About Wooden Shutters

#1 Best Thing About Wooden Shutters

I’m excited to share this one thing with you. I posted in June about the whole installation process and about Shutter 101 and all the things you should know before you do wooden shutter. I won’t go into that all here, because you can read all about it on that post…details of the install, things to watch for, things to ask your salesperson, etc etc. You can find that post HERE. I experienced these shutters this whole summer and found my #1 very favorite things about these wooden shutters that I found while working with Wasatch Shutters.


Wooden shutters can almost completely seal off your window when they are shut. I say almost only because when you shut them, there’s no actual seal, but there might as well be. These babies really do shut out light and heat!! They also let all the light in when you want to. I was most impressed with the ability that these puppies have to shut out heat. We have a MAJOR HEAT PROBLEM in the summer. This is my number one favorite things about these. We have direct perpendicular sun exposure from about 10am until the sun sets. The other part of the perfect sun that creates the head problem in our house is that our man entertaining room runs all along the back of our house. Summer entertaining has been unbearable until NOW. Now that I have wooden shutters along the back of our house.

I can’t believe these before pictures. You can see with the old blinds, there not a whole lot of opportunity to shut out heat or in the winter, shut out the cold. They don’t have a frame around them and don’t shut like the actual wooden shutters.


_MG_1569wooden shutters


_MG_1571wooden shutters BEFORE:
_MG_1562wooden shutters


_MG_1567wooden shutters _MG_1558wooden shutters

AFTER:  You can see how they seal off the heat much better.





I LOVE THIS PICTURE because it really shows how great of a job it does midday._MG_0721-24

Here’s another picture with the other windows open so you can really see.


If we want to watch a movie midday, we are in business.


Let’s not forget, it saves a TON of money. So they really pay for themselves over the long haul.


There you have it…keeps the heat/cold out and allows us to entertain in cool temperatures all summer. So awesome. You can find Wasatch Shutters serving Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. You can also find them on Facebook HERE! Find my previous post with the other details HERE.

(this post is sponsored by Wasatch Shutters and I was provided with these shutters free of charge. The opinions are absolutely my own.)


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