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Nobody can argue with the fact that wooden shutters are absolutely stunning from the inside and outside of your home. They are an instant curb appeal upgrade as well as a dramatic indoor upgrade. With a purchase this large, you need to know ALL the details about what to make sure you know and ask from start to finish. Wooden shutters are an investment of heart and money and definitely a long-term relationship. You want to ask all the questions and make sure the company and shutter you choose is a great fit for what you want and need.

If you know me, you know that making a large purchase and oftentimes small purchase warrants a CRAZY research process. I want to know that I am getting the best shutter for the best value. I have been so lucky to work with Wasatch Shutters on the project of installing shutters on the back windows of our home. We have A HUGE heat problem in the main entertaining, eating, and living area of our house that has made it difficult to entertain during the summer months. I have been wanting shutters for so long and knew that they would not only give our house a complete facelift, but would allow our A/C to keep up in the summer so we can have friends over.

I. Put. Them. Through. The. Ringer. I asked a million questions and actually even met with their owner to make sure that I knew what kind of company I was going to be working with and building this long-term customer/company relationship. I wanted to get the feel that they were being honest with me and wanted to make sure they could do the job I wanted.

The PROCESS with Wasatch Shutters:

  • Set up an appointment with a salesperson who comes to your home and shows you options and examples and also measures your windows.
  • If you have protruding window sills  and you want a full frame around your window, either they trim the window sills or you do. I chose to do mine on my own so they were flush with the wall.
  • Set up an install date that is usually 3 weeks away from the purchase date so they can be completely custom made.
  • Install day. Depending on how big or small the job is, it can last between half a day to a day and a half. Mine was half a day.
  • They serve the areas of Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.


  • The quality of their shutters is outstanding.
  • They are a family-owned company (gotta love that).
  • Customer service is their priority…it’s so easy to get a hold of them and ask questions.
  • From their owner to their saleswoman, to their installers, they were all so pleasant and kind. Nobody scary…who wants scary workers in their home? Not me. They even removed my old blinds for me, which were half broken.

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  • SALESPERSON:  Is their salesperson friendly or pushy. If they are pushy, it makes you think that they might have to be tricky to make a sale. Good companies let their good products make the sale. When I met with the salesperson from Wasatch Shutters, she was friendly, knowledgeable and didn’t try to hard sale me. I also asked her if she liked working for the company, she gave me numerous examples of their honesty and how she admires and loves working for the company. Always a bonus. This was actually the owner measuring my windows. He was so kind and knowledgable.

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  • PROCESS FROM START TO FINISH?  Ask about the process. How long does is take to make the shutters? How long does it take from the order date until the install date?
  • What MATERIALS are right for you?  There are 3 types of materials used to make shutters. Only a high-quality company will make sure you have the correct type of materials to matches the type of climate you live in and also matches the WAY it will be used in your home.
      1. Type 1:  BASSWOOD:  This is a North American product. It’s a great product for dry climates like Utah and other desert states. It can be painted or stained. Make sure that the quality of the Basswood is good since some
      2. Type 2:  POLYURETHANE :  This type of product is great for areas of high humidity and moisture. Polyurethane is a great product to be used for kitchen and bathroom shutters as well. They can be easy cleaned with a damp cloth with no worries of warping. This is the one I chose since I have children…enough said.
      3.  Type 3:  MDF/BASSWOOD COMPOSITE:  There is added strength and durability with the composite. The shape of the louver (which is the individual shutter pieces) is a little different. This type of shutter cannot get wet. This type cannot be used on larger spans of window due to bowing. To get around this, you can use more panels. Even though they are sealed well, they are not great for homes with kids and not as durable.



  • CAN YOU USE TWO DIFFERENT MATERIALS?  You can easily have 2 different types of materials in one house. You may want the Poly shutters in a kitchen and Basswood in the living room. Some companies only do one type of wood to make it easier for them, but the truth is, different rooms in your house may have different needs.


  • MANUFACTURING?  Does the company manufacture their own products or does another company manufacture for them? If a company manufactures their own products, they can charge YOU LESS. They also have more control over the quality.



  • PARTS:  Shutters are usually horizontal with a vertical bar placed in the middle to adjust the shutters. The vertical bar usually has a staple between it and the horizontal shutter. This is usually the place where shutters usually begin to have problems. Make sure that the company you go with has high-quality staples. Wasatch Shutters uses a high-quality staple to ensure a staple placement that won’t come lose.


  • PARTS II:  How are the horizontal shutters attached to the frame of the shutter? Shutters from cheap companies will quickly lose their grip on the frame so your shutters won’t be able to be adjusted just right or your shutters will flop shut. Wasatch Shutters have a patented tension screw that is adjustable and can hold the shutters exactly where you want them for a lifetime of use. Shutters are lose? No problem, just adjust the tension screw. This is only indicative of high-quality shutters.


Our installers were meticulous!!!


Our installers spent the majority of their time adjusting and adjusting the tension screws for the windows opened and closed absolutely perfectly. They also had to perfectly make each side match. This fine-tuning is done during installation.
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  • QUALITY AND TYPES OF PAINT?  What type of paint is used for the shutters? Most companies use a lacquer paint that won’t stretch with the different weather conditions causing the shutters to yellow and crack over time. Wasatch Shutters uses a conversion varnish that is not only 3x thicker, but also UV stabilized.


  • WARRANTY:  What is the warranty? Is the whole shutter under warranty, paint, parts, etc? Wasatch Shutters have a lifetime warranty on the shutter and parts and a 10 year on the paint.


  • OPEN FOR HOW LONG?  How long has the company been open? A new company might not be great because they don’t have enough online ratings to be sure they are a good choice. This company had been open for 18 years. This was important to me.


  • SLIDING DOOR SOLUTION. There are a couple solutions for sliding doors. You can either have regular shutters that swing out like a door or you can have sliding shutters that slide just like your sliding door. I opted for the sliding one. I LOOOOVE them._MG_0709-15

ADDED BONUSES:  OK AND ONE MORE THINGS…..THEY KEEP THE HEAT OUT. I can only imagine how much money this is going to save us in the long run. The rooms at the back of our house that get direct sun exposure! Look how darn is can get in my room? We feel like we have a theatre mid-day if we want one. Crafting Chick Jamie loves the way it keeps her kids’ rooms dark so they can have naps during the day. This is a must.

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The experience I had was amazing. Such a great experience!!!


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You can find Wasatch Shutters serving Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. You can also find them on Facebook HERE!


(this post is sponsored by Wasatch Shutters but the opinions are absolutely my own.)

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  1. Love them! What color of paint is that in your house? We are looking to buy another house and our stair railings are the same color. Your wall color compliments it well. The house has wood colored shutters in SOME windows and they are all busted. Looking into replacing them! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I thought your blog was on questions to ask but it was more an advertisement for a certain company.

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