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Colorful Burlap Wreath

colorful burlap wreath #burlap #wreath

Hello! I’m Ginger from GingerSnapCrafts.com, and I am so excited to be here today sharing this super easy & fun colorful burlap wreath! This wreath provides that fun pop of color to your front door that is perfect for spring. Who’s ready for spring? I know I am. So let’s get started! 🙂

burlap ribbon wreath

You’ll need a few supplies for this project:
foam wreath form
wide burlap ribbon
glue gun & glue sticks
4 burlap flowers

I found these (already made!) burlap flowers for a few dollars each at the craft store. They come in so many fun colors. I’m sure you can find some to match your home decor! 🙂

burlap flower

First I wrapped my wreath form with the burlap ribbon. I used the hot glue gun every couple of inches or so to secure the ribbon to the wreath. Be careful the hot glue is hot, & the burlap is pretty porous. You don’t want to burn yourself. I’m talking from experience. 😉

burlap wreath #burlap

After my wreath form was completely covered with burlap it was time to glue on the burlap flowers. I spaced them pretty close together, & then I glued them in place with the hot glue. That’s it! All done! I told you it was easy. 😉

easy burlap flowers

I love how it looks on my front door. It’s so nice & springy!
Now I’m just hoping the weather thinks that, too! ha! 😉

 burlap spring wreath tutorial

Thanks so much for letting me share this fun tutorial with you, and thanks so much to the Crafting Chicks for having me over! It’s been fun! 🙂

colorful burlap wreath #burlap #wreath

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