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10 Ways to Take a Bathroom From Drab to Fab

Items provided by Pottery Barn for this re-design.

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10 ways to take a bathroom from drab to fab

I’ve had this bathroom I’ve wanted to add a little spark too. I found this paint color, fell in love, but paint is as far as I’ve gotten. I searched high and low for inspiration and I’m excited to share with you my tips and tricks for taking a bathroom from drab to fab with 10 easy tips.becky-before-bathroom

  1. Paint Color— Make sure you pick a color that is neutral, light and airy. I love this color for my room. It is a custom color and for the life of me I can’t remember what I was matching, but it is WONDERFUL. Find something that you can live with and that you love. Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of any room. It may also be one of the least expensive ways too. Don’t be afraid to paint.bathroom-spa-like
  2. Purchase good staples–When you’re talking bathroom, you don’t want to buy something like shower curtain rings more than once. Let’s face it. They do their job but no one is really looking unless they aren’t performing. I think if you find great products and something that is not as trendy, it will go a long way. Make sure they are tough and will last for many years to come.bathroom-shower-hooks
  3. Towels–Every bathroom needs towels and why not have quality ones that will last a long time. I am very picky about having nice quality towels. I promise you will not be sad you did. Just start out by purchasing a couple at a time when you see them on sale. You can add to your stock pile little by little. I bought some Pottery Barn towels when we moved into our house 9 years ago and we still use them. They hold up unlike the cheap towels we got when we were first married.bathroom-towels
  4. Add life–I am a true believer in adding life to every room. I do this by adding a plant here or there. I think every room can benefit by this. I’m not saying they have to be alive either. 😉bathroom-plants
  5. Add Interest–Just because it is a bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t make it a little fun. If you need a clock, don’t use a normal wall clock. Find an antique or vintage looking clock for the counter (if you have the space) or a shelf. Use the unusual for interest.bathroom-clock
  6. Storage solutions–Find ways to add storage to your space. I love this ladder shelf from Pottery Barn. It is so useful and holds so much. I can have it be close to the shower so that everything is within reach.bathroom-storage-ladder
  7. Towel Hooks instead of a towel bar–Your bathroom will look so much better if you find great towel hooks like these from Pottery Barn verses the towel bar. If you want your bathroom to be functuional  towel hooks are the way to go. Not only do they make the space look better, but you can actually get towels to dry instead of having them just hanging there for decoration. (I’ll have to refer you back to #3 on this one.)bathroom-towel-hooks
  8. Use Glass Jars and basketsGlass jars don’t just make toiletries look fun, but they are a useful way to store these items. You know what’s inside and you just lift the lid to get it. Same goes for baskets. You can place extra hand towels, soaps, or loofas in baskets and it adds texture and color while keeping your items contained.bathroom-basket
  9. Use vertical space to add interestHang pictures along with your towel hooks on the walls. You can add some splashes of color this way without using up counter space.bathroom-frames-and-towel-hooks
  10. Be careful when using a theme–Let’s face it, fades come and go. With a bathroom if you redo it in today’s latest hip thing, in 10 years it will probably still be that way and you won’t like it. But will you really take the time to change it when you have all the other rooms in your house to work on? Probably not. Take it easy in the bathroom and add a theme very lightly. I wanted more of a spa feel and loved the idea of having seashells. I added these but just a touch. That way if this feels out dated in a couple years, I’m not fully committed to something. Yet, I feel like it’s getting the point across.bathroom-seashells

Hopefully you can use some of these tips to help improve your bathroom. What tips would you add?

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Fabulous Bathroom

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  1. Those are great tips. I’m in the middle of a bathroom makeover myself. I have a dark purple accent wall, but I’m having trouble finding a main color that will open the space but also not reflect a tint on my face when I’m putting on make up.
    Andrea, RealPracticalHousewives.com

    1. Andrea, try revere pewter by Benjamin Moore. It’s a light neutral gray that would go well with purple.

      1. I was thinking a gray too Andrea. Good suggestion Karen! I think the gray would pair nicely and could open up the space a bit.

    1. I could give you the code on the can if you want. Not sure if they are able to color match that way but seems like they could…
      Let me know if you want it. 🙂

  2. I love this! We just bought out first house and these are the kinds of updates I am hoping to do in the master and kids’ bathrooms. Thanks!

  3. Those are awesome tips!!! Our bathroom is very limited space wise but a plant, some hooks, and picture frames would be lovely additions! Thanks!

  4. This bathroom looks almost like ours! (layout-wise). We’re getting ready to paint it a similar color to yours, and am going to use your idea for towel hooks instead of a bar. I love the shelf but my kids would have it so full of junk in no time so I’ll stick with hidden storage. lol

    1. Yes. This shelving wouldn’t work for kiddos around. 😉
      In the kids bathroom I have a wall mounted medicine cabinet that I LOVE! I can keep it pretty but still useful. 🙂
      Glad you got some ideas from this post!

  5. I would add new knobs you your vanity or over the toilet cabinetry. Hobby Lobby has some light blue crystal ones that just look aquatic! Anything that is your style is good. Also, some of the Home Good stores have unique things to put useful items in like toothbrushes. Get one big enough to hold the tube of paste too! I have used a robe hook near the sink to put a hand towel on; so as, not to intrude into the area and to avoid using those ugly hoop towel holders. Also, I agree with Becky, add a clock! We are always on the go! Good luck bathroom makeovers!

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