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I Am Awesome Self Esteem Builder

I Am Awesome Self Esteem Builder

One of the most important concepts we are trying to teach in our home is self-esteem. This week on our Mother Hen Summer Series, we are sharing great ideas and inspiration for a Healthy Self.
As a mom, I can use all the help I can get on teaching my kids to be healthy both inside and out.

As my children begin a new school year, I want them to know how important it is to have good self-esteem, to know how loved and valued they are. I want them to be able to see the good in themselves, and focus on that.

I made a fun interactive printable for my kids to write on.

Before school begins, my kids will sit down and write some things they are awesome at! Cool things that make them special…and that make them feel valued. These things don’t have to be big. Some of the best ones are;  being a good friend, helping around the house, being funny, helping others, smart…etc! You get it…just letting each kid share 10 awesome thing about themselves.

Part of this family activity will be listening to each other share 10 ways they are awesome!

This printable is cute enough to display in your home…and will remind family members to look for the good in others and themselves!

Download Below. Personal Use Only Please. All printables and download designs are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP.

Orange, Green and Blue “I Am Awesome” Printable

Download Box

Pink, Green and Blue “I Am Awesome” Printable

Download Box


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