I am so thrilled to be kicking off our “DECK THE HALLS with the Crafting Chicks!”  I can’t think of a better way to kick off December than making your own Christmas Countdown Garland.  I LOVED making this project.  I was able to mix a little digi scrappin’ with some adorable paper, ribbon and my favorite, ric-rac.  But the best part was incorporating our family traditions in the Christmas countdown activity cards that are part of this adorable garland.  A treasure to have throughout the years.  SO…let’s get started with instructions:)

Christmas Countdown Garland:

Christmas Countdown Garland + Free Download

Supplies you will need to make a Christmas Countdown Garland:

-Cute Christmas numbers 1-25, download below

-Little cards with activities to do with your family at Christmas time (25  ideas or traditions)

Festive Scrapbook paper

Ric-rac and ribbon

Adhesive, scissors, and a paper cutter

Library book pockets (explanation below)

Miniature wooden clothes pins

ink pad to ink the edges just a bit

I loved how Brooke admitted that she was a craft hoarder/pack rat in one of her posts.  I am the same.  I always think, hmmmm…maybe I could use that.  And then I stow it away like a little rat in my craft closet.  Well, I must say this is one of those times that I am grateful to be a pack rat (my husband would not agree!).  I had these little library book pockets (remember how they would be inside each book cover and then the librarian would stamp a card with their date stamp and then put it back in the envelope?)  Well…I’m not even sure WHY I had these…(seriously could not tell you where I got them), and I had thought of throwing them out before….but I’m glad I didn’t because they sure made a cute project.   I think you may be able to find these at any office supply store/office supply aisle at a store.

On with the steps…

First:  Cut your paper into rectangles the size of your pocket front.  I then inked around the edges and glued them on.  Cut out your numbers and glue them on the front.

Second:  Print and cut out, or write on small cards your countdown activity ideas.

I made my activity cards using Crystal Wilkerson’s adorable Artisan Label Templates.  Goodness I love her digi stuff!  It is ALL adorable!

Here were some of my Christmas Countdown Activity Ideas:

Go sledding/ice skating, make a Christmas craft, make a home made ornament, family service project,  make hot cocoa, pajama/waffle day, list what you are grateful for, make a treat to share with others, decorate Christmas cookies, go see the lights, go caroling, watch a Christmas movie, read Christmas stories, sing Christmas songs by the tree, listen to the Nativity story, write letters to Santa, build a gingerbread house, build a snowman with daddy, visit Santa, make Christmas cards, and some activities to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Now you are ready for the fun part!  Stuff your envelopes with the activity cards.  I was able to decide which activity would work with each day.  Most were pretty easy, quick activities (I put these in week nights).  I saved the bigger activities for the weekend.

Next, use your clothes pins to attach your pockets to the ric rac or ribbon. 

I then found a place to hang my garland.  I had a hard time choosing.  It looked cute hanging across my doorway arch, above my fireplace and even just on my wall.  I decided to have it going down my stairs.  My kids are so excited for December 1st! 

They will love pulling out an activity card each morning.  It really is so much better than a treat! 

What are some of your Holiday Traditions?  We would love to know.

Now here is a Little Present for each of you!

Below is the link to the countdown numbers if you would like to make your own! (Personal Use Only Please:)

Download Black

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  1. Knocked it out of the park again…this is super! My kiddos would pull each one out before the assigned day, though, if I put it where they could reach it!

  2. Wow – what a fantastic project! They look so dang cute, thanks for the free download: I’m definitely going to make these!!!

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  4. I LOVE this–so fun and cheerful!

  5. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie….
    Could this be any more perfection?
    The answer is NO!!
    I LOVE THE COLORS! I love the designs. And those “book pockets?” Oh my!!

    I am giving you a standing ovation. (just imagine it.)

  6. lllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvve it! I’d love to see what your activities are! At our house we have a Christmas book each day and then a Christmas activity or craft or treat that goes with the book.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely Christmas Countdown Garland (in my country we call it “Adventni koledar” 🙂 and the numbers.

    hugs, moi

  8. OH Jamie you kill me. This is way too fun!

  9. Chastity Adams Says: November 29, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    We actually started making this today!! So excited to finish it, thanks for the # download, it is so cute!! Instead of library pockets I sewed small felt pockets to put my cards into 🙂

  10. Super adorable!

  11. Tiffany H. Says: December 1, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    I just found your site via write.click.scrapbook. I can’t wait to dig around your site! You’re amazingly talented! Thanks for sharing your creativity and printables with us!

  12. These are wonderful. What a great way to count down the days. Thanks so much for the printables.

  13. I’m kicking myself because I’m a librarian, and I just threw out a stack of book pockets a couple of weeks ago since we don’t use them anymore! Now I’ll have to see if we have some more lurking around here somewhere.

  14. Jennifer Molini Says: December 14, 2010 at 12:38 am

    Thank you so much for this adorable craft!!! I just finished it tonight 🙂 I was looking for something like an advent calendar to do with my 3 kids but the time got away from me (imagine that!). I decided to modify this for the 12 days of Christmas and put a Bible lesson theme to it as well. What I did was make the #’s 1-12 and inside the pockets I put scripture “addresses” (John 3:16, Psalm 23 ect.) When the kids pull out a card they get the address and look it up in the Bible and read it aloud. On a sticky note next to the verse they will find the special daily activity like you mentioned above. I think the kids will love it! I guess I will find out tomorrow 🙂

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  16. Thanks so much for this lovely idea and sharing with us the printables!

  17. Carrie Whiteley Says: November 27, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! This is PERFECT!! I am doing and advent calendar for my friend and her kids, and one for me and my kids and I have been majorly stressing about the actual “advent calendar” part. How to make it, what is should look like… and then I find this! You are amazing! Thanks so much for the free downloads! I will sleep much better tonight!
    Merry Christmas!

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  19. Thank you so much for this great idea! I bought the download for the Artisan labels and want to know how to change the colors, could you help me with this?

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  25. Thank you so much for this! I wanted an interactive countdown and there are many out there, but I love your pre-made pockets and thank you so so much for the printables! I didn’t want to spend extra money on library pockets so I sealed small envelopes closed and then cut them in half for the pocket. They are super cute and something I was able to do in an afternoon with my kiddos. Thanks!

  26. Hi! I also love these! I’ve been looking for simple, easy advent calendar activities and yours look like things I can manage this year (I’m 8 months pregnant). I’m not very computer savvy and I’m wondering if you would be willing to have a download of your actual activity cards so I could just print them off?? Thanks so much for sharing all your great creations!

  27. I found this on Pinterest and made it last night from scrapbook paper I found at Hobby Lobby. It turned out great! Thanks for the printable numbers!

  28. […] I  just bought the two pack of little Christmas stockings at the Dollar Tree.  I then use the free printable Christmas Countdown numbers & cut out all my numbers and glued a number to each stocking. Inside the stocking, we put that […]

  29. Hi i was on your website and loved this idea and got all my envelopes ready and when i got on today to print my numbers it now says that the files have been deleted and are no longer available. Did something happen? I really would love to have this file to finish my project. Thanks for your help.

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  32. Emily Jones Says: December 12, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    I would love the files. I went to download them as well and it says the files are deleted. Thanks!

  33. Mandi Roth Says: December 13, 2012 at 1:54 am

    I would really like these printables, they say they aren’t available. Is there anyway to get them? They are really cute!!! Maybe you can email me?? 🙂

  34. I see others have posted just what I was going to ask for. I would love the numbers as well. This is a DARLING project! I want to use it for an ornament exchange. My family will love it! Could I please get the printables?
    Thank you so much!!

  35. Dani Porter Says: September 6, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    Can I get the printables for this project? I have all my stuff and the printables are no longer available. Please let me know. Thanks.

  36. Is there anyway to get these printable numbers again? I love them and failed to print them in color last year.


  37. I would love to get printables too. Hoping I can start this traditon with my family.

  38. I was wondering if there was any way to get the numbers for this countdown. It would be perfect for our family this year! Thanks!

  39. I agree with the others. I thought I had downloaded the numbers last year but I can’t find them. Could I also get them because the link is invalid now.
    Thank you!

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  42. This is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!

  43. The links aren’t working for me. When I click them the site says it’s invalid

  44. can i get the links, please?

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