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If you’re wanting to spookify your home for Halloween, these fabric rosette spiders are a simple way to add a slightly creepy but somewhat classy flair to your decor! You might even have all of these supplies in your craft stash already. I love when that happens. 🙂

Here’s what I used to make my fabric rosette spider:

  • Body: Black fabric and felt to make a rosette
  • Legs: 4 black pipe cleaners (they make 8 legs)
  • Eyes: sparkly brads (like the kind you can use in scrapbooking)
  • optional: black lace or black ric rac for legs
  • optional: googly eyes

Take your black fabric and a small piece of felt and make a rosette. There are LOTS of tutorials out there for these, so I’m not going to show the step-by-step for this. Actually, Amanda has a great fabric rosette tutorial here! You can make these any size you want–it just depends on what size you want your spider’s body to be. 🙂

For the legs, twist 4 pipe cleaners together and hot glue them to the back of the rosette. Then I covered them by hot gluing another small circle of felt on top of the pipe cleaners (not shown).

Hot glue the sparkly brads or googly eyes on top of the rosette. Bend the pipe cleaner legs to look like spider legs. And that’s it! EASY! 🙂

I also made another spider a little more fancy-ish by using black lace and thick black ric rac for the legs—I glued black pipe cleaners on the black of the lace and ric rac to add stability and so I could bend the legs a bit. I made the rosette larger and used pearl brads for the eyeballs.

I think it’s a cute little critter, especially because of the pretty fabric rosette and sparkly eyes. 🙂 It’s an inexpensive and quick project that’s perfect for Halloween. These would be fun to make with your kids or an activity days group (with supervision while using the hot glue of course!). Add some string or even more lace to hang the spider on the wall or from a chandelier. You could also make some spiders using different colors of fabric and pipe cleaners or ric rac–lots of possibilities! HAVE FUN!

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