Saint Nicholas Day from One Charming Party {Christmas Tradition Series}

I LOVE this tradition that Brittany from One Charming Party is sharing today! Can’t wait to start this fun new tradition with my kids. You have to check out Brittany’s party ideas…AMAZING!


Do you leave your shoes out for St. Nick? December 6th is the feast day of the saint, St. Nicholas. My ancestors are of Scandinavian descent so every Christmas when I was growing up, we had a fun tradition that none of my friends celebrated. On the night of December 5th we shined our best Sunday shoes and put them by the front door with our Christmas list tucked inside. When we woke up the next morning St. Nicholas had taken our Christmas list and left us a few treats and surprises in our shoes. My kids love this as well and remind me about it every year. Do you celebrate this tradition?


See more Christmas ideas at Brittany’s blog One Charming Party.

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  1. We have celebrated this my entire life. He always left the best candy. It sparked the magic of Christmas I think. St Nicholas’s story is a great way to prompt the kids to be more about giving than receiving at this time of year.

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