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Banana Split Pudding Cups

With colorful layers of pudding, fruit, whipped cream and sprinkles, kids will love to help make these Banana Split Pudding Cups!

Banana Split Pudding Cups are an easy no bake dessert with all of the classic flavors of a banana split!

Well, Summer is in full swing and if yours is anything like ours, it involves lots of sun, swimming, sleeping in and snacks (oh my word, the SNACKS!). Hi there, friends! It’s Keri from Shaken Together and I am so glad to hang out with you all Summer long during the Chicks’ Mother Hen series! Since we’re in Cooking with Kids week I’m so excited to share a kid friendly recipe with lots of easy steps to get those kiddos in the kitchen!

Banana Split Pudding Cups

Banana Split Pudding Cups are an easy no bake dessert with all of the classic flavors of a banana split!

Any other banana split fans out there?! I’ve made Cheesecake Banana Splits and Banana Split Cookies and now … Banana Split Pudding Cups! These delicious pudding cups channel the flavors of a classic banana split: banana, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and pineapple! Bonus: no melty mess from ice cream!

Banana Split Pudding Cups are an easy no bake dessert that even the kids can help with!

Here is your shopping list:

  • Chocolate and vanilla pudding (either prepared from a mix or purchased pudding cups)
  • Whipped topping or whipped cream
  • Ripe bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Crushed pineapple
  • Sprinkles

Banana Split Pudding Cups are an easy no bake dessert that are perfect to get the kids in the kitchen!

And you will need a few simple items from your kitchen:

  • Clear plastic cups
  • Plastic knives
  • Plastic drinking straws

My boys love to help me in the kitchen. Since they are 14 and 17, my boys can pretty much help from beginning to end with most recipes. This easy no bake dessert (or snack) is perfect for little hands and there are lots of activities that the kids can help with:

  • removing the leaves/tops of strawberries (easy tip: use a plastic drinking straw pushed through the bottom of the strawberries to shove the leaves right off of the top of the strawberry)

Easy tip for making Banana Split Pudding Cups: a drinking straw pushed through the bottom of a strawberry is a quick and easy way to remove the leaves!

  • peeling and slicing bananas (ripe bananas can easily be cut with a plastic knife)

Easy tip for making Banana Split Pudding Cups: ripe bananas can be easily cut with a plastic knife. This is a great way for kiddos to help in the kitchen!

  • chopping strawberries
  • mixing up pudding
  • draining the pineapple (watch the sharp edges of the can)
  • layering the pudding, fruit and whipped topping in the cups
  • Sprinkles! Sprinkles are perfect for little hands!

The first step is to mix up the pudding if you are using instant pudding mix. If you really want to simplify, you can buy pre-made pudding cups. Let your kids peel open the pudding cups (and maybe even lick the lids!).

Next, drain the crushed pineapple. Use a colander with small holes so the pineapple doesn’t slip through the holes.

Then, hull and chop the strawberries and peel and slice the bananas.

Once all of your prep is done, it’s time to assemble the Banana Split Pudding Cups! Tip: use a cupcake pan to hold the plastic cups so they don’t tip over when the pudding cups are being assembled. (I used this same technique for these Oreo Red Velvet Pudding Cups.)

Easy tip for making Banana Split Pudding Cups: place your plastic cups in a cupcake pan to keep them from tipping over as you are filling them!

Layer sliced bananas, chocolate pudding, strawberries, vanilla pudding, crushed pineapple, whipped topping and SPRINKLES!

Almost there …

Banana Split Pudding Cups have delicious layers of fruit, pudding, whipped topping an of course - sprinkles!

Half the fun is letting the kids do all the work and the other half of the is eating all of their hard work – YUM!

Easy No Bake Banana Split Pudding Cups - these easy no bake dessert cups have all the classic flavors of a banana split!

These Banana Split Pudding Cups are a perfect rainy day activity or a great snack to prepare to take on a picnic … is there anything better than a sweet treat on a hot Summer day?!

Do your kids like to help in the kitchen? What are their favorite recipes to make? If you need a few more fun recipes and activities for kids in the kitchen this Summer, check out:

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Thanks so much for hanging out with me this Summer … can’t wait to see you again next month!!

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