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This month’s Michael’s Makers theme is Back to School….do you ever think it’s funny that we associate chalkboards with school, but you couldn’t find a chalkboard in a school these days if you tried!


School starts for us next week and I’m excited to send my boys back wearing these fun chalkboard T-shirts. They’ll be great to break the ice with and since we can change what they say every time their personalities can shine though. Plus they’re easy to make!



Chalk Board Paint
Freezer Paper
Paint Brush

 I cut a stencil out of freezer paper with my Cricut Explore to the lettering, but if you don’t have a cutter you can cut the rectangle shape with scissors. This is just freezer paper from the grocery store, that I guess you’d use to wrap  meat with. I just use it as a screen printing cheat like here.


It is fun to use, because one side is waxy so when you apply heat from the iron it seals it to the fabric. Which let’s you paint without bleeding and when you’re through you just peel it off!


After your freezer paper is ironed well, add the paint. I just used normal chalkboard paint here. Over the years I’ve learned that painting in from the edge helps keep the paint from sinking under the freezer paper since you’re pulling it away and not pushing the paint.


Once the paint is dry go ahead and “season” the shirt with chalk. I imagine we’ll have to do this every time it’s washed, but I like the look it gives.

And then be creative with what you share.


Send your kids back to school in style and show off their personalities!



Check out Michaels’ Back to School Pinterest Board to find fun and creative project ideas to kick the year off right!


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    1. Schools in my state will make him turn the shirt inside out. Ask any police department if having your kid’s name on their clothing is a good idea.

      1. Sorry, I should have specified that I was not promoting putting your child’s name on their shirt. “Joe” up there? Yeah his real name is nothing close to Joe – but he thinks it’s funny to have on his shirt. And I see no harm in that.

        1. I don’t see any harm either as long as it isn’t his real name. We had a PTA meeting here where a local investigator went through how having your kid’s name on his clothing is a very bad idea. She said how criminals can use that to lure your child into their car by saying “Joe! Your mom was hurt in a car accident and she asked me to pick you up from school.”

          Now, if the kid’s name isn’t truly Joe, then he’ll know it’s time to run to a teacher. Good call not putting his real name on it.

          1. I think it’s an adorable idea. Many of us who live in cities don’t have our preschoolers wandering the streets alone at any time without an adult. The panic over this sort of thing is getting out of hand, considering the number of child abductions from strangers is beyond minimal. Sorry to get off track…really, just came here to thank you for a fantastic tutorial! It would be a fun party craft or favor too.

  1. Great idea! I have been researching on how to do this best. I have all the materials: t-shirt, blackboard paint, ideas :))
    I just have on question: doesn’t the paint bleed on the other side of the t-shirt? I mean, I always put something between the 2 layers of the t-shirt, but the paint does bleed on the other side of the layer it is applied on. Is there any way to prevent this or to make it look less ugly?

    1. I placed cardboard inside the shirt to prevent it from bleeding through to the other side, but I don’t know of a way to prevent it from showing on the inside of the shirt.

      1. Yes, exactly my problem! The paint gets absorbed in the fibers (unevenly I might add) and I don’t like the way it looks on the inside of the shirt.
        If you find a way to prevent this, plssss let me know!! 😉


  2. Hi Nikkala!
    This idea is great. I have just a question: once you write on the chalkboard is easy to get dirty with the chalk? I mean, if I place the chalkboard on the back of a tshirt, it will make my jacket dirty once I wear it on the tshirt?

    Thank you!! F

    1. Possibly. The chalk wears off a little throughout the day on the front of the shirt, but I’ve never noticed the chalk getting on anything in particular.

  3. Would i be able to paint chalkpaint onto htv and then heat press it onto shirt? Would it affect the paint? Would the paint stick to the vinyl? Wash off in laundry?

    I want to solve the problem of the paint bleeding through short. My kids complain if shirt itches them. Also I think the prepainted chalkboard vinyl would be a cleaner line.

    1. I’m not sure how that would work. I would think it would wash off, but if you try it let us know.
      I did search for HTV chalkboard vinyl without any success.

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