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Cute and Spooky Halloween Porch

Looking for a way to have a festive Halloween without all the blood and gore? Check out this Cute and Spooky Halloween Porch.

I love decorating my porch for the holidays. It really seems to be fun when we hit the fall and winter months. In the summer I’m just not as motivate to decorate. But once October hits, give me Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and my porch becomes really fun.

This year, Jamie came over to help me style it. I’ll give you list where everything was purchased, so make sure to check for links if you want to snag something.

If you’re looking for spiders, spider webs, ghosts, witch hats or witches, this halloween front porch isn’t for you. But we still have an amazing display of outdoor halloween decorations that is sure to welcome and please all ours guests.

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Cute Halloween Porch Decor Ideas

I got the pillow covers on Amazon and they are amazing. The pillow covers come in 13 different color options. Make sure you snag some pillow inserts as well, if you don’t have any.

The pillows make the porch seem so welcoming sitting on my bench.

Plaid pillows on wooden bench

Under the bench we stacked faux pumpkins and lanterns.

The faux pumpkins are from Michaels and other random craft stores. And the lanterns are from Oriental Trading.

Add in a Creepy-Light up tree in the back ground and this side is complete.

I did put the Creepy-Light up tree in a black cauldron.

Cute Halloween Banner and Wreath

We found this “Happy Halloween” banner at HomeGoods. You could check for one there, but I found a few good options on Amazon for Burlap Happy Halloween Banners.

We clipped the banner/garland in half and took off some of the decorative penates. Then we used a glue gun to attach some black and white gingham fabric, that we cut into squares, behind the penates. We got the fabric from Joann.

We hung the banner using Command Strips Cord Keepers.

The Black Bat Wreath is from Oriental Trading. This wreath lights up and has a fun spooky feel to it. Plus it looks super great on my front door.

We layered this amazing “Haunted House” sign that we found at Joann. They are tied together with some black and white gingham ribbon. I think the sign just makes the halloween wreath even better.

I really can’t get enough of that sign. It is easily one of my favorite parts of the porch.

Cute and Spooky Porch Skeleton and Friends

I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of skeletons. That is until I met this matte black version from Oriental Trading. This guy is super fun and has just enough of the spooky factor for me. (I told you I’m pretty tame when it comes to spooky.)

Our skeleton looked so lonely, so we added a few friends for him. Say, “hello,” to Crow and Max the dog. Maybe I’ll add more crows next year.

Skeleton dog on Cute and spooky halloween porch

This is the only kind of pet I can really handle at this point in my life.

The Skeleton sat on a wooden crate that I use to decorate my porch all the time. It comes in handy for any holiday and seasonal porch displays.

We added in some more faux pumpkins and lanterns on the ground.

Copper Jack o Lantern for cute and spooky halloween porch

The gold pumpkin was another HomeGoods find. They had a variety of these in colors and themes. I had a hard time deciding which one to get. If you can’t find out, you could always spray paint a pumpkin pot and use that.

I am pretty much in love with my Cute and Spooky Halloween Porch. There are so many fun touches that make it super cute, with a tiny bit of spooky added in. I think it will be even better once we get our jack-o’-lanterns out there with candles inside.

I hope that the trick or treaters love it as much as we do. Of course candy is the the best hit with kids this time of year.

Did I miss anything? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Tell me what other halloween front porch decor ideas you have.

Hopefully we gave you some halloween decor ideas.

And who knows, maybe next year I’ll add in a giant spider, skulls, or broom here and there.

Happy Decorating!

Cute Plaid Halloween Porch

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