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Easter Egg Dye Kit

Easter Egg Dye Kit Free Printables

This Easter Egg Dye Kit printable is too cute not to share with your friends and neighbors! Emily from Sissyprint designed this cute little gift.

Help others build holiday memories by packaging one up and gifting it away! Help cut some of the work by preparing the boiled eggs ahead of time, and wrapping it up in this vintage egg carton sleeve. Here’s a great way to prepare a lot of boiled eggs at once, without smelling up your house. As a mom I’m fully aware at the chaos that comes with dyeing eggs, so aware that I’ve gotten really good at putting it off. But if I received this with everything we needed, including the eggs already to go, it would be so helpful! Cut out the colored egg printable and place on top of each egg, giving your friends a happy surprise when they open the box. If you want to gift them a bottle of vinegar, there’s even a coordinating vinegar bottle wrapper included in the kit, making it look perfectly festive for an upcoming egg decorating bash!

Easter Egg Dye Kit free printablesEaster Gift Idea free printablesFree Easter Printables for this cute Easter Eg Dye Kit

You could use the paper eggs to write little notes, or jokes, or even the instructions for dyeing eggs found here. It’s a little gift that will cost around $3, but so thoughtful and sugar free!

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Easter Egg Dye Kit gift idea including free printables

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