Easter Peep Houses

Peep Houses

Every year at Christmas time my kids look forward to decorating gingerbread houses…it is one of their favorite traditions…so I knew they would love make these Peep houses. They were so easy to prepare for…only a few items were needed, and the kids had so much fun adding their own creativity to their Peep House.

I love how our Easter Peep Houses turned out. They are so cute to display through the month. Or to use as a centerpiece. I love seeing their little creations around my house. Add the Easter Peep Houses to a cake stand…and place on your counter.

How-to Make Peep House

Supplies for Easter Peep Houses:

  • Graham Crackers (5 halves per house-look at picture below)
  • Paper plates (I like colored ones…green or yellow…or pink)
  • Peeps  (We used bunnies and chicks)
  • Edible Easter grass (Found near the Easter candy in the grocery store…just learned of edible grass this year!- The possibilities are endless with it!)
  • Jelly Beans
  • Larger Easter Egg Candy
  • Any other candy you would like

Graham Cracker Peep House

Secret weapon…Hot Glue! Before the kids decorate…I glue the houses together. You can see in the photo above how I constructed each house using hot glue. This does the trick!

Then the kids can add the frosting, jellybeans, edible grass, and Peeps! Such a fun, adorable Easter and Spring Craft!

Easter Peep House Little Peep HousePeep Candy Houses

Easter Peep Houses Kid Craft
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