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Father’s Day Questionnaire & Free Printable

Have the kids fill out a Father’s Day Questionnaire for Dad and Grandpa and see what they come up with! Great Father’s Day Gift!

Dad and Grandpa Questionnaire for kids to fill out for Father's Day. Free Printable on clipboard with pen.

Since the Mother’s Day questionnaire was a huge hit…I couldn’t leave out the guys in our lives right?! So today I am sharing the “Father’s Day Questionnaire” with you today. One for dad & one for grandpa!

These questionnaires are so funny and sweet.

Dad and Grandpa Questionnaire for kids to fill out for Father's Day. Free Printable on clipboard with pen.

This printable come with a dad side and a grandpa side.

Dad and Grandpa Questionnaire for kids to fill out for Father's Day. Free Printable on clipboard with pen.

Ask the questions to your kids and write their answers on the sheet. or if they’re old enough, let them write it down.

What they say will have you rolling! Kids say the darnedest things!

Dad and Grandpa Questionnaire for kids to fill out for Father's Day. Free Printable on clipboard with pen.

You can turn the questionnaire into a card, or just slip inside a large envelope to present to Dad or Grandpa.

Father's Day Questionnaire




Personal Use only Please. Please do  not resale. May be used for classrooms.

Download Box

EDIT** This link will download a PDF that will open full screen. Right click to save and then print the file from your computer.


Father's Day Questionnaire

Everyone will love reading to see what the little ones have to say about their Dad and Grandpa! We get a kick out of the answers every single year.

Printable Father's Day Questionnaire

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  1. This is too cute! Cannot wait for the grandchildren to fill out for their father.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. I used the grandma one and would really love to use this one as well, but it won’t download. Help!!

    1. Glad you like the downloads! The download link is working, just make sure you click on the link, download the file to your computer, but then you have to unzip or extract the file in order to use it. That should do it. Thanks!

  3. This is a great project. I tried to download the file, but got the following error:

    Sorry, the file link that you requested is not valid.
    Reasons for this may include:

    •Invalid link
    •The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of user

  4. it’s not working for me either..it’s in jpeg form right? and it won’t let me print…only view it…do you usually do pdf?

  5. i used the mother day downloads…they were a favorite! this file doesnt download correctly. my computer calls it a ‘zipped’ file..it allows me to veiw, but not print. and i tried all three download options. If this is something that could be corrected, from my end or yours, I would love to be able to use these too!

  6. Phewy! I can’t download the file either, says “Safari cannot download this file” message. I downloaded the mothers day one just fine though. But it’s a really cute idea and I imagine I could duplicate it myself. Thanks!

  7. I can’t unzip the file to print, HELP? I love these and want to use them for the weekend….

  8. I thought I was doing something wrong. I can’t get it to print either. I open the zip file & it only lets me look at it, not print. Do you have another link somewhere?

    1. You have to unzip the file to print. I’ve left directions on how to do this in a couple other comments so refer to those. 🙂

  9. I can only look at. Unable to print. do you have a link you send me? Really want my girls to do one for grandpa. Thanks!

    1. Click on the link to download the file. If you can’t get it, sometimes it works if you right click and open in a new window. Once it is downloaded, you will want to extract the file, by right clicking on the file and clicking on extract all. You will then need to rename the file and click extract. This will unzip the file on most computers.


  10. Can’t get it to print either, tried everything I know to “unzip” the file. Granted, everything I know is very little! 😉 Usually I wait for the hubby to get home and make it work for me but that won’t be possible. It looks like everyone else is having the same issue though?

    1. Do you have the file on your computer? If you do, right click on the file. It will say something like extract all. Choose that,then rename the file address and hit extract. This will unzip the file for you.

  11. I printed and used the Mother’s Day versions and they were a hit so I was excited to see that Father’s Day versions here. I am having the same problem. I’ve downloaded and unzipped the file, but I do not have the option to print. Hmmm…

  12. Once I opened the zip file that contained the document, I just double-clicked and it opened – the first time it wouldn’t let me click to print but the second time it was fine.

    Thank you, these are great!

  13. I can’t get it to save to my computer. I can’t even view it. It says that part of the file is missing or invalid.

  14. I’ve got it unzipped but is it one file? I can’t seem to separate the Grandpa from the Dad? So cute…looking forward to printing it. Thx!

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  16. Is there a way to just get the father’s questionnaire to fit an 8×11 sheet of paper? I love the one for grandfathers, but I’d really like just the one for fathers to fit on a single sheet of paper.

  17. I love these! Thank you so much for making them! Is there anyway to print the Fathers Day page on a whole page by itself?

  18. When you state for personal use only does this mean I shouldn’t use it for my class to make Father’s Day gifts? I don’t want to disrespect your wishes so I thought I should check before I download. I am always looking for cute things to do with my kiddos and this definitely qualifies!

  19. So love this printable. Just can’t get it to work. My expert is the one I am trying to surprise, so can’t go there! Right clicking does not give options you suggest. Help!

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  21. I was able to download, and unzip using Google Chrome. It is not formatted to print separately (Dad vs. Grandpa) as far as I can see, but you can easily reduce the image (to 30%) and adjust to landscape vs. portrait, and it prints the two side-by-side on a 8.5″X11″. 🙂 Perfect for me! So thank you so much, our “PopPop” is going to love this! 🙂

    1. How did you get this to work? When I hit the link to download, it does so on my computer and looks like it unzips on its own. When I open what was downloaded, it is just a jpeg image, and I can’t copy or print it. I’d love to get this to work! thanks

  22. Thx so much for this! I used the ones for Mother’s Day, well the grandma ones and my mom loved it! Now I can’t wait to use it for dad/grandpa! I also used your MOther’s Day cards with the cupcake liners and my little girls loved them so much they had to make a card for themselves 🙂

  23. I don’t understand how to do this either. I have extracted the files but it is just a jpg image. Not documents to actually print….

  24. I can’t get them to open correctly either. Can you re-save them as PDF’s individually so that everyone can? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for changing that! For some reason, when it was a jpg. image, I could not click on any of the top bars…. no printing, no copy/paste to word document etc… Now I was able to print it from the pdf file, and I’ll just cut off the grandpa portion and make the dad questions larger. Thanks so much! I’m glad I have the same questions now for Mom / Dad!

  25. Download doesn’t work. The problem is it’s seeing the clickable link as a photo to pin, so when it’s clicked, rather than downloading it pulls up an image to pin.

      1. I cannot get it to download either! I just printed out the mothers day ones…and I’d like to do the father and grandpa ones but I can’t get them to be a full page? The individual links for the mothers ones worked!

      1. When I click download it opens in a new tab. If I save the image, it saves both images on one page. any ideas?

  26. I’m assuming the Dad questionnaire link is no longer working. I tried but it just opens up a winder with the 2 questionnaires and it doesn’t give you an option to download either one. bummer. It’s very cute.

    1. It is working. When it opens up in a new window you need to save it to your computer. The download was made with one side being Dad and the other Grandpa. Thanks!

      1. Its not working for me either. When you click the download button it pulls up in new window as a jpg and then you can save to your computer but not as a PDF. So if I want to print a full 8×11 sheet with just one questionnaire per sheet it won’t work. I tried and it shows both questionnaires will print on the same page.

  27. Thanks for being willing to share your creative mind. These are so cute. The only issue I have is the questionaire is crooked against the chevron print. When they are printed onto paper and made into a cute card they are obviously crooked. Maybe that doesn’t bother too many people, but to me it is an OCD nightmare. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your amazing talents.

  28. Does not work, as others have stated. When you click “download” here, it does not actually download it or give you option to download. It just opens side by side with grandpa questionnaire in a a new screen. The only option is to save it as an image and it won’t print correctly that way.

    1. I am having the exact same problems with both this one and the mom/grandma one. Love the idea but unfortunately I can’t get them to work.

  29. Hi! I just started a personal blog and love your Father’s Day questionnaire. I wanted to know if it would be ok if I posted the idea on my page with a link to your blog?

  30. How do I get both files individually? When I click “Download Here” it is bringing up both pictures on one page. Whereas, I need them both on separate pages.

    1. The files were created to be on the same page. You’ll have to download it together and then separate your self. Sorry about that.

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