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Fingerprint Bugs

Fingerprint Bugs

Fingerprint Bugs!

I’m excited to kick off Bug Week here on our Little Red Hen Summer Survival Series. These Fingerprint Bugs are so simple and fun for the kiddos. I loved watching to see what my girls would come up with. Here’s what you’ll need.


First off, download the fingerprint bug jar printable below. I printed these off onto some card stock so the stamps would not leak through the paper. You could do regular copy weight if you’d like.
Grab some stamps or you could even use finger paints. I had a fun variety of stamps from Close to My Heart.

Download Box

If you also have a nice fine tip black pen or maker they work well for adding finishing touches to the bugs.

Start by reading your favorite bug book. We read Bugs Galore

bugs galore

This book gave my girls some fun ideas on what bugs to add to their fingerprint bugs.


Then I gave them the paper and stamps and they were off.


Of course girls have to add flowers right?



I was so amazed at their ability to make these bugs come to life. They made each jar a little cozy home for their bugs. The best part is it kept them busy for a solid 30 minutes. I’m sure I could print more sheets out and they would keep making bugs.


Stay tuned the rest of this week as we celebrate all things BUGS!


sm mother hen bugs

Be sure to check out the other bug projects as part of our Bug Week!

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