Free High Fives Teacher Gift

Free High Fives Teacher Gift Idea

Hello! I’m back with another teacher gift idea. I was looking for something that wasn’t the typical teacher gift…no apples, no schools supplies, but still exuded teacher when I thought of this saying from a Salty Bison sign (that isn’t currently available). Teacher are the best encouragers! And what student wouldn’t love knowing that their teacher has a unlimited stash of High Fives to give out! That’s how this free high fives teacher gift idea came to be.


First, I picked up this ornamental frame thing from Michael’s. I see them all the time but never knew how to use them…until I thought of the chalkboard. I spray painted the outside and waited for it to dry.


Once dry, I taped it off and rolled on some chalkboard paint.


It will take a couple coats to get it covered really well.

Free High Fives Teacher Gift Idea

Then I seasoned the chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over and wiping off. Then wrote the saying. I love it so much that I’ve hung it on our door to the house coming in from the garage!


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