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Handmade Christmas Cards {Christmas Tradition Series}

We sure love Jen from Craft-O-Maniac. She’s super fun and ultra creative.
Hello The Crafting Chick fans, Jen here from 
Craft-O-Maniac EEEP! I am thrilled to be here and to talk about a family tradition I have done growing up and still do to this day. I’m talking about “Handmade Christmas Cards.” There is nothing like receiving a handmade with “love” Christmas card. Growing up we would turn on some Christmas music, make hot cocoa, and then gather around our big family table and start making Christmas cards. I love making homemade Christmas cards and love that I am passing it onto my own children. Making handmade Christmas cards is special because you can personalize each and everyone. Plus you can do just about anything you want with them too. I love to give the cards textures and layers as well, it gives them personality. 


Its easy to make Christmas cards, just gather up your favorite craft paper, embellishments, and tools and start having some fun. 
Here is one of my favorite cards I have made so far this year. I am calling it a “Vintage Santa Card” 
 Gather up all your favorite card making supplies! 


I love it and I know my mom will too. She loves almost anything vintage not to mention a jolly plump santa! winks. 
Here is a picture of my most recent Christmas craft, my 
I love to meet new people and would love to meet you. You can find me on FB, and Pinterest too!
Thank you so much The Crafting Chicks, you ladies rock.
xo, jen

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