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Holiday Foil Banner

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Create this easy Holiday Foil Banner for your Christmas Mantle! Use our free printable designs to create a banner with some glam!


We are thrilled to be sharing a fun and new ideas for creating the cutest festive Holiday Foil Banner.

Add some “GLAM” to your holiday’s this year with the Glaminator and Holiday Colored Foil. We even have a free printable for you to get started on this fun project!

We love creating for the Holidays, and we love coming up with a new décor item for our Christmas Mantles! This year we created a Snazzy Holiday Foil Banner using the Glaminator from XyronInc. We love how the foil touch adds a bit of sparkle to our Mantle. To create your own Holiday Foil Banner, follow the easy steps below!!


Create this easy Holiday Foil Banner for your Christmas Mantle! Use our free printable designs to create a banner with some glam!

White Stockings on a mantle with adorable foiled Holly Jolly banner

Adorable green foiled banner for Christmas Decoration


To Make the Holiday Foil Banner, you will need:

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Steps to create Holiday Foil Banner:

1-Begin by printing and cutting out the Free Printable Holiday Banners. (Link Below).

2- Choose your foil colors. I chose red and green for this project.

3-Cut strips of foil to cover the pennants and words.

4-Follow the Glamintor Instructions, by placing the foil strips and paper in the Laminating Sleeve and using the correct heat choice on the machine.

5. After the foil piece has gone through the Glaminator, take out and peel off the foil, revealing a beautiful shiny word!

6. Punch holes in the top corners of the words and pennants.

7. String the words and pennants together with red and white baker’s twine.

8. Hang the Banner on your Christmas Mantle for all to see!

We loved sharing this fun and fancy project with you today!

And if you want to get in on the fun and foil all the things, use code CRAFTINGCHICKS35 for 35% Glaminator and Glamiantor supplies plus free 3-day shipping sitewide.

Holiday Foil Banner

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